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Work Van Pricing: A Few Commercial Vans That Offer High Resale Values


When you’re looking to buy service vans for your organization, you’ll want to focus on vehicles that offer a combination of affordability, a reputation for reliable operation and a strong resale value when it’s time to renew your fleet. Cargo van value is a critical factor in determining a purchase, as a commercial van investment is a crucial component of your business that deserves close scrutiny.

Let’s take a look at a few of the models commonly recognized as offering high van resale values, to consider which might work best for your needs.

Ford Transit

The Ford Transit ranked #2 in Edmunds’ 2015 Best Resale Value Awards, offering a strong return five years into ownership. One of the outstanding features owners have valued in this particular car is its choice of powerful engines, including a 3.7L V6, a 3.5L V6 EcoBoost and a 3.2L Power Stroke diesel.

Available in regular and long wheelbases, this van is an excellent choice for a driver seeking a solidly-built, durable vehicle that excels in a wide range of applications.

RAM ProMaster

Dodge has long been renowned for building strong, long-lasting utility vans, and the RAM ProMaster proudly maintains this tradition. RAM ProMasters are equipped with front-wheel drive and can be outfitted with a 3L eco-diesel engine that puts out 174 horsepower and offers excellent fuel economy.

In addition, the Ram ProMaster offers several excellent safety features that are sure to provide extra protection for your operators: electronically controlled traction and stability, six air bags and an assist mode to help you avoid mishaps on particularly treacherous hills.

GMC Savana/Chevy Express

The GMC Savana/Chevy Express is a classic, American-made van that has been trusted by countless drivers to provide power, durability and convenience. The van’s standard package features a strong V-8 engine that can haul a mighty load. OnStar can be added to the van to provide assistance in the event of an emergency, and a stability feature that’s electronically controlled can help protect your operators in especially slippery situations.

Nissan NV/NV200

Nissan has long established itself as a leader in manufacturing high-quality performance machines, and this van is no exception. Outfitted with a V6 engine as its standard option, the Nissan NV series vans are nimble operators that offer your drivers comfort, speed and strength when hauling cargo. Options include Bluetooth connectivity, keyless entry, chrome fenders, a V8 power plant and more.

Advantage Outfitters: Your Source for Quality Van Equipment

When you’ve found the van that suits your organization’s needs, contact us here at Advantage Outfitters, LLC at 866-925-4844 to learn about how we can help improve its convenience factor and maintain its strong resale value.

We offer a wide range of add-on equipment, including cargo racks, van flooring, van ladders, van partitions and van storage containers. These materials will help increase your drivers’ safety and protect your vans from damage caused by loose tools and cargo. We strive to help make your work vehicles work better.

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