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Van partitions are helpful ways to organize the interiors of your fleet and protect your drivers from flying tools in the event of an accident. They’re a smart addition to your vehicles that will enhance their ability to serve your staff by increasing convenience, safety and organization.

If you’re in the market for contractor van partitions, cargo van partitions, commercial van partitions, steel van partitions or aluminum partitions, the team here at Advantage Outfitters, LLC is happy to help provide you with products that meet your needs. Our company retails specialty equipment via our online store to provide convenient solutions for your work vehicles, helping your employees load and unload materials swiftly and safely.

Read on to learn how Advantage Outfitters, LLC can help you with your vehicle fleet’s needs.

Our Partitioning Products

Advantage Outfitters, LLC can offer your organization a full range of van partition equipment. Our partitions are fitted with your drivers’ comfort in mind and will be contoured to your fleet’s particular dimensions. Multiple brands can be selected from in our online store — we offer partitions for Sprinter, Metris, ProMaster, ProMaster City, Transit, Transit Connect and Savana/Express vans.

Let’s take a look at a few of the many van partition products we offer to learn more about the particular benefits they can offer your fleet:

  • Aluminum Contoured Partitions w/Windows: This valuable piece of equipment is available for Sprinter vans. It can be configured to function in a van featuring either a high or low roof. The partition’s contour allows your drivers more room to move their seats back and the tempered glass window offers clear, durable visibility.
  • Contoured MaxView Partition w/Window: Available for purchase for Metris vans, this unique example of partitioning equipment is manufactured from a composite material comprising thermoformed ABS and polycarbonate. It features an 8” setback for driver comfort and floor space and offers excellent visibility into your van’s cargo bay.
  • ProMaster Pass-Thru Partition: Add a strong, easy-to-navigate portal to your ProMaster van’s cargo bay. This galvanized steel partition offers a 5” setback for seat travel and allows your drivers easy, convenient access to tools and materials from the van’s cockpit.
  • Straight Partition: For a basic, no-frills divider that separates and protects your drivers from your van’s cargo bay, choose a straight partition. Available for a variety of different van brands, straight partitions are manufactured out of durable steel with gratings that provide optimal visibility.
  • Wire Mesh Partition: As a basic alternative to a straight partition, wire mesh partitions offer excellent visibility, allowing your drivers to actively monitor tools and materials in your cargo bay. Available for multiple van brands, wire mesh partitions can be contoured to offer optimal seatback travel and maximize floor space.

Need to add additional accessories to your van or truck? No problem — we also supply shelving, safety partitions, drawer systems, grills, bumpers, grill and bumper protection and more.

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The Advantage Outfitters, LLC online store is available to provide your organization with superb partitioning equipment. Your vans will benefit from increased organization, and your employees will be grateful to have extra convenience and protection from tools and materials moving about in the cargo bay.

Contact us online or at 866-925-4844 to learn more about how we can be your one-stop shop for all your van partitioning needs.

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