Legend Fleet ProMaster City Composite Wood Floor

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Roof Height:
  • Manufactured by Legend Fleet Solutions
  • 1/2" birch plywood core with heavy-duty coating
  • Textured surface for traction
  • Wear resistant
  • Water resistant
  • Interlocking panels for easy install - 2 pieces
  • Rear and side sills highly recommended - heavy-duty diamond plate aluminum / custom cut to fit
  • Floor weighs 80 pounds
  • Download installation instructions HERE!

Are you in need of a durable, custom-fit composite wood floor for your Promaster City van? Look no further. With a firm but lightweight birch plywood core tailored specifically to your vehicle and industrial needs, our Promaster City van plywood floor covering is exactly the surface you need for your cargo van. Whether you’re hauling plumbing equipment, HVAC materials or electrical appliances, you’re covered with this wear-resistant, water-resistant flooring.

With a textured surface built for traction, our Promaster City wood floor kit can handle anything you need to load, unload, transport or store, and its heavy-duty coating guarantees you avoid skidding or damage over time. In addition, our two-piece interlocking panels are easy to install, and you have the option of adding in our heavy-duty, custom-cut rear and side sills for extra protection. If you’re ready to receive your top-notch Ram Promaster City van floor mat, shop with Advantage Outfitters LLC. We offer sturdy, reliable wares, monthly discounts, easy-to-order processes and fast shipping on all our products. Order online today!