How to Organize Your Commercial Van

15th Mar 2017

If you’ve just purchased a van for your organization and are looking to maximize its storage capability, or your drivers are finding they’re running out of cargo van storage, you should consider investing in van organization products. These handy tools can help optimize your vans and increase safety, convenience and resale value.

Let’s take a look at how to organize a work van using van organization products, to learn about how they can help your drivers make their day-to-day duties easier.

Van Equipment Containers

If your drivers transport small, specialty tools on a regular basis, you should take a look at purchasing van equipment containers. These containers can help keep your valuable materials from damage caused by sliding around, and make it easier for your drivers to locate them.

Van Roof Racks

Ladders are often essential components of your work crew’s equipment, but can take up quite a bit of storage in your van’s cargo bay. Installing roof racks on your van is a great, secure way to transport your ladders while keeping your van’s cargo bay free of obstruction.

Drop-Down Ladder Racks

For an even more convenient way to access ladders, install drop-down ladder racks. Drop-down ladder racks allow for increased storage, freeing up your roof racks to be able to haul additional tools and materials.

Van Partitions

Are your drivers at risk of impact from loose tools or equipment? If so, a van partition is a great way to protect them from harm. Available in multiple varieties — windowed, windowless, etc. — van partitions allow your drivers separation from cargo while offering the option of monitoring your materials during operation.

Van Shelving

Provide your operators with an additional tool to help them get organized by outfitting your van with shelving. Shelving is a great way to keep things in a consistent location to save time when unloading at a job site and can help when the time comes to take an inventory.

Gas Bottle Storage

If your organization regularly transports volatile compressed gases, gas bottle storage is a safe, secure way to ensure they’ll arrive at your destination unharmed, preventing possible punctures and helping to keep your gas bottles in a consistent place for your drivers to access when they need them.

Final Tips

Van organization products are helpful tools that your drivers can take advantage of to make their workdays easier, but they’re not worth much if they aren’t used consistently and in an organized fashion. Be sure to instill in your drivers the importance of establishing and maintaining dedicated spaces for equipment.

An easy way to accomplish this is by drafting a guidebook for your drivers to follow that outlines where specific things should be stored in your vans. This will help set ground rules that all drivers can abide by.

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