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Explore a Range of Van Upfitting Products From Advantage Outfitters for the Ford Transit

No matter what kind of work you do, you rely on your Ford Transit to get you and your equipment from job site to job site. This vehicle may even be your base of operations, allowing you to organize and access your tools and complete necessary paperwork all in one space. To create the most functional work van for your needs, you may consider upfitting it with certain products.

Advantage Outfitters supplies high-quality van upfitting gear to help you get the most out of your work vehicle. With our array of products made specifically for the Ford Transit, you can customize your van to your unique needs. It’s never been easier to create your ideal work van.

Ford Transit Upfitting Products

Below, take a look at our range of product categories for the Ford Transit to see what you can add to your van for better access, safety and organization.

Shelving Packages

Installing shelves in your Ford Transit allows you to take full advantage of its large cargo space. Rather than haphazardly arranging your equipment, our Ford Transit van shelving packages ensure you have a complete system to keep everything in the right place. An organized space means you and your crew can find items faster, improving your productivity at each job site.

Floors/Rubber Mats

Are you looking to add traction to your van’s floor? Advantage Outfitters offers two kinds of Ford Transit flooring — StabiliGrip composite floors and rubber floors. Ford Transit StabiliGrip flooring helps prevent gear from moving during transit, even when the floor is wet. For a more affordable option, rubber mats help soften the floor of your van and are resistant to stains. Add insulation, noise reduction and durability to your van with our flooring options.

Wall/Door/Ceiling Liners

Use wall, door and ceiling liners to provide better insulation and protection for the interior of your van. With our customizable, lightweight options, you can easily install the liner kit of your choice. As a result, the inside of your Transit will be more comfortable temperature-wise and won’t sustain as much wear and tear. These liners are made specifically for the Transit, meaning you don’t have to worry about any ill-fitting sections or materials.


When you want to keep the cargo part of your van completely separate from the cabin, use our Ford Transit partitions and dividers. Though we offer numerous options, such as steel partitions and swing door partitions, you can rest assured that any one you choose will fit snugly in your Ford Transit. The result is a higher degree of security for your work van.

Individual Shelving Units

If you only need a few shelving units to store your equipment and products, we offer individual storage solutions for the Ford Transit, too. These smaller setups are the perfect way to add further organization to your van according to your needs.

Ladder Racks

If you and your crew rely on ladders to complete work, you need a secure and accessible place to store them on your van. By installing our Ford Transit ladder racks for the Transit, you’ll have a safe way to store your ladders, so they’re equally out of the way and easy to pull down.


Adding a few accessories to your Ford Transit can provide the final touches to create a functional, organized work van. For example, light strips can ensure you and your team see inside of the van clearly, even in overcast weather or at night, and document holders make it much easier to securely organize and store important papers. Altogether, our upfit and storage accessories for the Ford Transit can be just what you need to take your van to the next level.

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