Ford Transit Individual Shelving Units

Ford Transit Work Van Individual Shelving Units

The Ford Transit and Ford Transit Connect are two very popular van options. You can configure this type of vehicle in many different ways with the right accessories. Transit vans also have dual sliding doors and rear cargo doors, making retrieving tools for a job easy and convenient. With shelving units, you can make the most out of your vehicle.


The Benefits of Individual Ford Transit Van Shelving

Advantage Outfitters has a variety of shelving units that can help organize the cargo area of your Ford Transit van. The greatest benefits of installing Transit individual shelving units include:

1. Staying Organized

Installing shelving in your Ford Transit van will help keep your tools organized, so you can avoid having to sort through a pile of tools in the back of your van on every job. You will always know where the right tool is when you need it for a client. You will be able to complete your jobs quickly and efficiently.

2. Boosting Efficiency

The organization provided by shelving will keep your job routine at its most efficient. The minutes you will save on your jobs will give you extra time for more jobs each week, resulting in higher revenue.

3. Saving Money

Without proper organization, you will inevitably lose or misplace your tools. Stolen tools or supplies will go unnoticed. Shelving offers superior protection for your products, preventing damages and reducing the need for replacements. 

4. Reducing Your Risk of Injury

Your tools pose a danger on the road when you make a sudden stop. You want to ensure your tools are put away to keep them from flying out of the cargo area. With your tools stored in shelving — and with the addition of a partition for your work van — you can avoid this hazard entirely. 

5. Reducing Noise

Loose tools bang around and make a lot of noise. Shelving keeps your tools in place so you can focus on driving.


Types of Shelving Available for Your Ford Transit Van

Ford transit individual shelving comes for models with 130” WB and 148” WB. We have high-quality Transit shelving units manufactured by Ranger Design. You can order shelving in either steel or aluminum.

Steel vs. Aluminum Ford Transit Shelving

Steel and aluminum are both effective materials for Ford Transit vans. The type of shelving you choose depends on the equipment, tools and products you will store in your work van. It also depends on your needs.

Since aluminum is lighter, it helps with your fuel economy. This can be especially helpful if you have a wide range for your service area. It will provide the best possible gas mileage and is good for frequent city driving. Although aluminum is lighter, it is not any less durable than steel. 

Steel is a good option if you want a smaller upfront cost. Steel shelving units are probably your best option if you often drive through rough terrain, uneven lanes or road construction. For travel through rural communities, steel shelving helps protect your equipment from damage.

Order Ford Transit Shelving Today

Do you need individual shelving units for your Ford Transit van or fleet? We have plenty of options for Ford Transit accessories, including racks and bins. Make sure you get the right combination of shelving, partitions and other accessories to lower your risk of damage and give you the best possible access to your tools.

Several options for Transit shelving to fit industry-specific needs are also available:

  • Ford Transit shelving is customizable, so you can order the individual units as extra shelving after getting a shelving package, or you can order the units separately. Also, look at the shelving units for HVAC, plumbing and other industries.
  • You can get steel or aluminum shelving with or without the partitions.
  • Our wide selection for Transit shelving allows for plenty of options for space efficiency. Equip your Ford Transit vehicle with a shelving package that fits your needs.

We are happy to help you find which products you need for your van. Our products are diverse in variety, and our shelving is also available for brands of work vehicles other than the Ford Transit. If you have questions, you can call us at 866-925-4844, go to our live chat form or visit our contact page to leave a message about your needs.

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