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Transit Floor Liners

A service vehicle is more than just a tool for plumbers, electricians, HVAC contractors and other service professionals. It’s like another member of the team — one that needs to be tough and ready for job after job on rough days. That’s why a Transit cargo van floor liner can be such a significant investment — it helps your vehicle operate with the toughness required, and it lets you move through your day much more effectively and efficiently.

Advantage Outfitters offers a variety of Ford Transit flooring for sale, including composite wood flooring and rubber van flooring. If you're looking for the best accessories to upfit your Ford Transit, choose Advantage Outfitters.


Why Buy Van Flooring for Your Transit Work Van?

Ford Transit commercial van floors provide benefits to everything from safety and organization to appearance and protection. When you install Transit flooring, you get:

  • Increased traction. Trying to move around on a slippery van floor can make any task unpleasant if not downright dangerous. Van flooring includes ridges and patterns that add traction to the bottom of the cargo space, making it easier to move around.
  • Wear and tear resistance. Between heavy and sharp tools, frequent access and the mobility of moving storage space, van flooring can take a beating. Durable Transit floor mats ensure that your flooring can stand up to these damages and stay looking good. The mats themselves are resistant to wear and tear, while they protect your van from the same damage.
  • Enhanced safety during loading and unloading. If you work with sharp and heavy tools, a slip could quickly turn dangerous. Avoid slips and falls with sturdy, high-traction surfaces beneath your feet.
  • Interior surface protection. Over the years, a work van can suffer many types of abuse, like scuffs and bumps from loading equipment in and out and wear from feet hitting the same areas day-in and day-out. Ford Transit floor mats can take the brunt of this damage, leaving the van itself in top condition.
  • Custom fits designed to perfectly match your Ford Transit. With a perfect fit, you don't have to worry about slipping floor mats or gaps in coverage. They'll fit into your Ford Transit beautifully. It also makes installation a breeze, since you don't have to cut out the right shapes or fight with putting them in place. 

Ford Transit floor kits keep your cargo space looking neat and safe from damage.


What to Look for When Purchasing Flooring for Your Ford Transit

When it comes to choosing your Transit's cargo van flooring, certain features can offer specific benefits. Start by identifying which are important to you, and then you can pick your material based on those characteristics.

Here are some of the most popular features that the right Transit van floor mats can offer.

  • Easy installation: Transit flooring should be easy to put in place, with simple panel designs and a quick process. Some configurations are more straightforward than others, but a custom-fit is necessary for smooth installation. We also offer instructional videos to help you install your liners easily.
  • Chemical resistance: Working with chemicals can entail spills and splashes at times. Everything from household cleaners to harsh, dangerous chemicals can eat away at the metal on your vehicle. It can also damage certain flooring materials. Substances that are already resistant to chemicals, whether through inherent properties or protective coatings, can keep your flooring in excellent shape and make it easy to clean up.
  • Water resistance: Whether you work with lots of water or just want to keep your floor safe during rainy weather, a water-resistant Transit floor lining can help. Water left on a surface can discolor the material or create a space for someone to slip. Floor mats can make your van easy to clean and provide extra traction.
  • Lightweight: With all the heavy equipment you may carry around, every pound can eat into your fuel efficiency. You may want the benefits of liners without much-added weight, which is where some light materials come in handy. Boost your mileage with lightweight Transit van floor mats.
  • Food-safe: While you don't want your food products touching the floor at all, some businesses will need to stack boxes of products or have other items come into contact with it. Food-safe flooring can avoid passing undesirable substances to your customers or into food-preparation environments.
  • Easy cleaning: Some floor mats offer easy cleaning since they won't readily absorb materials. If dirt, grime or spills are an everyday occurrence in your line of work, you may need something that's easy to spray down and wipe that won't become worn.
  • Soft: If you or your workers end up kneeling down a lot, a soft surface like rubber can be a lot gentler on the knees than wood. A van that also doubles as a workspace can benefit from this type of flooring.
  • Noise reduction: Rattling tools aren't good for your van, the tools or your drivers' sanity. A Ford Transit cargo liner can cushion the contact between tools and the metal paneling, making for a much quieter, safer drive.
  • Insulation: Looking to keep things warm or cool? An insulated van can help you keep tools, employees, and products at the right temperature. Some Ford Transit mats offer more insulation than others.

Our primary brand of flooring comes from Legend Fleet Solutions. This Transit Legend Fleet flooring includes a wide variety of materials that allow us to meet the different needs of various industries and businesses. These materials include rubber, composite blends, and composite wood, all treated and configured to support your work's needs, whether that's chemical resistance, noise-reduction, or something else.

Transit Flooring Options

Having the right floor makes all the difference in your commercial van. Fortunately, we offer many flooring options for your Transit, including:

  • StabiliGrip composite floors: StabiliGrip composite blend floors provide maximum moisture resistance and traction to keep your equipment from shifting during travel, even when the floor or cargo is wet. This Ford Transit StabiliGrip flooring is safe for food handling, chemical-resistant and easy to clean.
  • Composite wood floors:The composite wood floors we offer for Ford Transits consist of a sturdy half-inch birch plywood core with a heavy-duty textured coating that provides increased traction. This wear- and water-resistant flooring solution is easy to install in any Transit van.
  • Rubber floor mats: Rubber van flooring is an excellent economical option. Our quarter-inch virgin rubber floors are affordable, easy on the knees and resistant to stains and chemical damage.

As with all the products we sell at Advantage Outfitters, we offer only the highest quality flooring solutions from the most esteemed manufacturers. You can trust that our flooring is built with performance and durability in mind so that it can last for years to come. 

In addition to the floor mats themselves, we offer Transit wheel well covers to protect this often-overlooked component of your cargo van's interior. Wheel wells can easily get dented or scratched with regular use, and covers keep them safe.

Our Legend Fleet wheel well covers come in sets of two and are made of high-density polyethylene plastic and cross-linked polyethylene foam with foil. These materials make them a durable and robust addition to your Ford Transit floor solution.

Lastly, another option to add to your flooring solution is side and rear Transit floor sills. These covers go over the edge of the flooring to protect high-traffic areas. They can improve traction and safety for both side entry and your rear door.


Choosing the Right Flooring for Your Ford Transit

To choose the right option for your Ford Transit's flooring, you'll need to consider which features are most important to you. Each material has different benefits.

1. Ford Transit StabiliGrip Composite Flooring

Ford Transit StabiliGrap flooring is high-traction, easy to clean and chemical-resistant. Its rubberized cushioning is puncture-resistant and provides insulation and noise reduction.

As far as construction goes, it has a fiber-mesh inlay for stability and a texture similar to sandpaper. With a core made of low-density polyethylene, this Transit composite van flooring has a width of 1/2 inch.

For a Ford Transit composite floor liner that gives you a bit of everything at an affordable price point, StabiliGrib is an excellent choice.

2. Ford Transit Composite Wood Flooring

A durable Transit composite wood floor offers all-weather durability, a high-traction surface even in wet or oily environments. If anti-slip flooring in your Transit is your priority, composite wood flooring has phenolic resin texture, ensuring a safer, grippier surface in tricky conditions.

Part of its stability comes from its thick plywood construction with low expansion and contraction in extreme temperatures. This wood van flooring for Transit vehicles is 1/2-inch thick.

3. Ford Transit Rubber Floor Mat

Transit rubber floors offer easy cleaning and flexibility for a quick installation. It's also good at absorbing damage and providing extra traction with a checker-plate bar pattern.

One significant reason to use rubber floor mats is if you work with chemicals — this material is resistant to reactions and can stay in good shape even with repeated exposure.

How to Install Flooring for a Ford Transit

To install your Ford Transit floor liner or Ford Transit floor kit, you'll need a rubber mallet and a 1/2-inch or 13-millimeter socket, whichever fits your factory tie-downs.

Follow these steps to install your Transit floors:

  1. Remove any existing floor mats, sills, or tie-down rings.
  2. Place the first panel on the floor in front, ensuring it is right-side up. Then, tap the aluminum spline into a dovetail at the rear of the first panel.
  3. Place the second panel into the spline and tap it into place.
  4. Repeat as needed for the number of panels in your vehicle.
  5. Reinstall any sills and tie-down rings.

Keep in mind the value of interior equipment that is custom-fit to your vehicle. Installation is much easier, with no cutting or trimming involved. You won't need to find creative ways to keep it in place when it doesn't match up with your factory design. With Transit liners and accessories from Advantage Outfitters, you can trust that you won't have to cut your liners to shape or deal with odd gaps. They'll fit snugly in your Ford Transit and protect it.

Other Ford Transit Van Interior Equipment

If you're looking to fully outfit your Ford Transit, consider additional equipment that can further improve protection, insulation, and other factors to keep your van safe and easy to use.

  • Wall, door and ceiling liners: Keep the protection going across all sides of your van. Ceiling, door and wall liners for Ford Transit vehicles can keep the metal safe from dings and dents and can improve insulation and sound dampening.
  • Wheel well covers: Wheel well covers are easy to implement and provide added protection for your van. They also offer insulation through creating a thermal barrier to seal off your Transit's interior and cut down on road noise when paired with floor liners. 
  • Shelving: No work van is at its peak unless it's well-organized. Add shelving to the inside so you can sort and store your equipment and keep everything held down. No rolling equipment, no sharp edges jammed into the walls — it's an excellent way to keep everything in its place.
  • Bins: Another measure of organization, bins are great for holding an array of tools and supplies. They'll link up to certain shelving options for an integrated solution.
  • Partitions: Turn your van into a mini workstation with partitions and dividers that split up the van into multiple areas that you can use for different purposes. You can keep the driver's cabin quieter and separated from larger working space.
  • Accessories: Accessories like grab handles, lighting, drawers, hooks, and paper holders can take your van setup to the next level. These small items can be surprisingly helpful in your daily work.

Make sure your van is ready for whatever the next job entails. Whether you need to keep your tools organized or reduce the damage they can cause to your vehicle, a suite of liners and equipment can help.

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