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Ford Transit Commercial Van Floors

A transit cargo van floor liner is a worthwhile investment — it helps your vehicle operate with the toughness required, and it lets you move through your day much more effectively and efficiently. Advantage Outfitters offers a variety of Ford Transit flooring for sale, including composite flooring and rubber van flooring. If you're looking for the best accessories to upfit your Ford Transit, choose Advantage Outfitters.


What to Look for When Purchasing Flooring for Your Ford Transit

When it comes to choosing your Transit's cargo van flooring, certain features can offer specific benefits. Start by identifying which are important to you:

  • Easy installation: Transit flooring should be easy to put in place, with simple panel designs and a quick process. We also offer instructional videos to help you install your liners easily.
  • Chemical resistance: Chemicals can damage your van’s floor and the body of the vehicle itself. Substances that are already resistant to chemicals, whether through inherent properties or protective coatings, can keep your flooring in excellent shape and make it easy to clean up.
  • Water resistance: A water-resistant Transit floor lining can help keep your floor safe during rainy weather or when transporting wet cargo.
  • Light weight: With all the heavy equipment you may carry around, every pound can eat into your fuel efficiency. Boost your mileage with lightweight Transit van floor mats.
  • Durability against cleaning: Some floor mats offer easy cleaning since they won't readily absorb materials. If dirt, grime or spills are an everyday occurrence in your line of work, you may need something that's easy to spray down and wipe that won't become worn.
  • Soft surface: If you or your workers end up kneeling down a lot, a soft surface like rubber can be a lot gentler on the knees than wood.
  • Noise reduction: A Ford Transit cargo liner can cushion the contact between tools and the metal paneling, making for a much quieter, safer drive.
  • Insulation: Looking to keep things warm or cool? An insulated van can help you keep tools, employees and products at the right temperature.

Transit Flooring Options

Having the right floor makes all the difference in your commercial van. Fortunately, we offer many flooring options for your Transit, including:

  • StabiliGrip composite floors: StabiliGrip composite blend floors keep equipment from moving during travel, even if the floor or cargo is wet, thanks to enhanced moisture resistance and quality traction. This Ford Transit StabiliGrip flooring is safe for food handling, chemical-resistant and easy to clean.
  • Rubber floor mats: Rubber van flooring is an excellent economical option. Our quarter-inch virgin rubber floors are affordable, easy on the knees and resistant to stains and chemical damage.

In addition to the floor mats themselves, we offer Transit wheel well covers and side and rear floor sills to protect these often-overlooked components of your cargo van's interior. Wheel well covers protect these dent-prone areas from becoming damaged as you or your workers move items in and out of the van, while diamond plate aluminum sills add lightweight durability to high-traffic areas.

The Benefits of Transit Flooring

Why do you need floor mats in your Ford Transit as a working professional? Getting flooring for your Transit work van has many practical advantages that can make your daily tasks easier, including:

1. Adding Another Layer of Protection

You probably store heavy equipment in your work van, whether you work in construction, catering or another industry. Adding a padded floor mat protects your floors from scuffs and protects your valuable tools, supplies and products from striking a hard floor. The mat absorbs impact and keeps dirt, liquids and chemicals from sticking to your van's floor.

Accidents can happen in a work van, and adding insulated flooring can protect its resale value by limiting potential damages. A floor mat is a good investment if you have equipment or products that might leak onto the floor or items that could cause damage if you drop them or fall off your shelves if you have to make a sudden stop. Your mobile workstation should be as safe and secure as you can make it.

2. Enhanced Safety

Floor mats add traction and prevent slips, making your cargo area safer for employees or yourself. The enhanced safety lowers your vocation risks. Rubberized flooring helps you keep a foothold even when conditions are wet and muddy.

Flooring helps keep workers safe and also makes the loading process easier. It's better to have floor mats that will stand up to moisture than to have a bare floor where an accident like a slip could happen.

3. Superior Insulation

Rubber floor mats help keep temperatures under control and reduce the noise of your cargo. Mats also help ground your shelving system, preventing loud rattling noises during bumpy rides. Your shelving system could be the best available, but items will still move around and make noise. Rubber flooring insulates the floor and dampens sounds in the cargo area, making traveling between jobs more comfortable.

4. Easier Cleaning

Covering the floor with a specially designed mat protects the underlying metal from debris, grime and moisture. If you track mud into your van, you can easily clean the mat instead of your bare floor.

Your work van is often open to the elements, but metal floors are difficult to clean and require compatible products. It's easier to clean a Ford Transit floor liner that is designed to withstand grime.

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How to Install Flooring for a Ford Transit

To install your Ford Transit floor liner or Ford Transit floor kit, you'll need a rubber mallet and a 1/2-inch or 13-millimeter socket, whichever fits your factory tie-downs.

Follow these steps to install your Transit floors:

  1. Remove any existing floor mats, sills, or tie-down rings.

  2. Place the first panel on the floor in front, ensuring it is right-side up. Then, tap the aluminum spline into a dovetail at the rear of the first panel.

  3. Place the second panel into the spline and tap it into place.

  4. Repeat as needed for the number of panels in your vehicle.

  5. Reinstall any sills and tie-down rings.

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