Shelving Packages

Ford Transit Shelving Packages

Need racks, shelves and bins to fit your Ford Transit van or vans? The right combination of shelves, bins and racks can decrease the risk of damage to your valuable tools and supplies and make them easier to access, while helping you get more storage out of your commercial vans. We offer many different Transit shelving packages to fit general use or more industry-specific needs.

Our Transit General Service Package is available in steel with a partition, or in aluminum without a partition. Depending on which you choose, these shelving systems can include shelves, bins, rattle-free dividers, a locking cabinet, cabinets with drawers and more ways to keep your tools and supplies securely stowed for transporting to the customer site.

Custom Organization Solutions for Transit Vans

Our Ford Transit shelves are customizable to suit your specific industry. We offer packages tailored to meet the needs of HVAC, plumbing and locksmith companies — our HVAC and plumbing offerings are available in steel and aluminum with and without partitions, while our locksmith package is offered in aluminum without a partition. 

In addition to our van shelving options, we also provide drawer systems, grills, bumpers, grill and bumper protection and more. Our inventory includes products that fit a diverse variety of commercial vehicles — and should your organization acquire a van of a different brand, we’ll still be able to help. We’re happy to work with you to determine which of our products would help make your vans more convenient to use.

Reliable Transit Shelves

With plenty of Transit shelving options to choose from, our selection gives you plenty of ways to transport your equipment, tools, products and supplies in a safer and more space-efficient way. Don't wait to equip your Ford Transit vehicle with safe, strong, secure shelving packages, contact us today at 866-925-4844 to learn more.