Savana/Express Partitions & Dividers

Savana / Express Partitions & Dividers


The Chevy Savana and GMC Express are two reliable vehicles that many contractors choose for their work vans. From plumbers and electricians to maintenance supervisors and general contractors, these two vans support various working professionals who need a vehicle they can trust. At Advantage Outfitters, LLC, we believe one of the best ways to maximize the effectiveness of your Savana or Express van is by installing a partition. We're proud to stock five fantastic partitions perfect for your GMC Express or Chevy Savana.


Why Buy Van Partitions for Your Express or Savana Work Van?

When you're on the job, you want everything to go as smoothly as possible, and the last place you should encounter an inconvenience is your work van. Let's take a moment to highlight many common problems that Savana and Express van owners face and discover how partition dividers provide effective solutions.

1. Chance of Projectiles During an Accident

As you drive your van from the shop or home to the job site, there's always a chance that you'll be in a car accident. You should always be prepared in the safest manner possible. Unfortunately, loose tools and equipment can instantly become projectiles in a crash.

  • Partition solution: Increased protection in an accident: Express and Savana bulkheads can offer you a solid, sturdy line of extra protection. In a crash, any items in your cargo hold that may become projectiles will be stopped by the partition. Many Savana and Express cargo van partitions consist of galvanized steel for exceptional durability.

2. Cargo Moving Around

Risk of projectiles aside, you don't want your tools and supplies moving around the back of your van during your commute. As these pieces of equipment slide around, they can harm each other, damage your van and get into your cab.

  • Partition solution: Keeping cargo contained: One great advantage of partitions is that they keep your cargo and your cab separated. This is ideal for contractors, especially those who transport dirty or messy items. Some Express and Savana van partitions come with convenient features to allow easy access to your cargo area, such as pass-throughs and swinging doors.

3. Needlessly Wasting Fuel

Here's one problem that no vehicle owner wants: bad fuel economy. In many ways, it's inevitable, but there are ways you can reduce your fuel consumption. One way is to control the heating and cooling of your van. Without a partition, your heat and A/C have a tough task of making sure the entire interior of your van is to your comfort level.

  • Partition solution: Lowered fuel costs: Installing a partition in your van can help lower your fuel consumption. Some manufacturers design Savana and Express partitions with heating and cooling in mind to help prevent heat transfer so you can keep your cab at the temperature you desire. Best of all, these partitions are made from lightweight materials so they won't weigh down your van and contribute to more fuel loss.

4. Limited Rear Visibility

One hesitation some van owners may have when considering a partition is the loss of rear visibility. This is a valid concern, especially for drivers who are used to checking their rearview mirrors. Is it possible to benefit from a partition's many advantages without limiting rear visibility? You bet it is.

  • Partition solution: Increased visibility with versatility: Installing an Express or Savana partition with a window gives you the best of both worlds. You retain the fantastic benefits of a partition and can still see clearly out of the back of your van.

5. A Loud Ride

A loud ride is common for many contractors. Even if you only have a few tools in your van, there are days when the slightest bumps in the road can sound like a trainwreck in your cargo area. Just because many contractors deal with this problem doesn't mean that you should too.

  • Partition solution: Noise dampening capabilities: Many of the GM Express and Chevy Savana partitions have designs that limit the noise transferring from the cargo area to the cab. Partitions can make your ride much quieter, especially when you combine them with floor mats and wall, ceiling or door panels.

What to Look for When Purchasing Partitions for Your Savana or Express Partitions

Now that you know some of the benefits of partitions for your GM Express or Chevy Savana, it's time to consider what features will help you the most. We believe these five features are essential for all van owners thinking about purchasing a partition.

  • Ease of installation: You could pay someone to install your partition for you, but there's no sense in spending extra money if you don't need to. By selecting a high-quality partition with easy installation, you ensure that you get a reliable product that you can install and remove without much more than a few simple tools and an extra set of hands.
  • Safety factor: Safety is paramount in every investment you make. No matter which style of partition you choose, you need to ensure that it's made with sturdy materials that won't breakdown under pressure. Look for options that retain the strength and durability you need.
  • Impact on fuel economy: It may be an afterthought, but we believe that no partition is truly a valid resource if it costs you money in the long run. Thankfully, many partitions are made with lightweight materials and can help you regulate the temperature inside your van, both of which can reduce your fuel consumption.
  • Proper visibility: If you're searching for a partition with a window, it needs to provide clear visibility. Foggy glass or constant glares will impede your visibility more than not having a window at all. Make sure your GMC partition with a window provides the proper visibility you need to travel safely.
  • Partition brands and materials available: You need a partition you can rely on, and there's no better way to ensure you're getting the solution you need than by choosing a partition manufactured with strong materials by a trustworthy company such as Ranger Design.


Savana and Express Partition Options

One of the benefits of using an Express or Savana van is that you have access to many great options for partitions. We're pleased to offer several unique Ranger Design van partitions that will cater to your needs no matter what industry you work in. Our diverse styles include:

  • Contoured steel, solid or with a window: Our Savana contoured partition is made from galvanized steel and weighs only 53 pounds. Its contoured design with an 8-inch setback offers maximum seatback travel and floor space. It's manufactured with a mesh upper for visibility into the rear or available as a solid partition.
  • Pass-through steel: If you're searching for a convenient way to access your cargo from your cab, look to our steel pass-through partition. Made with galvanized steel and offering economical protection, it weighs 47 pounds and includes a 5-inch setback for seat adjustment.
  • Steel straight partitions: Our straight galvanized steel partition is our most popular model. It's outfitted with a mesh upper for visibility into the rear and a 5-inch setback for seat travel.
  • Steel swing door partitions: Another exceptionally convenient solution, our Savana steel swing door partition is outfitted with a latching door. Though this extra piece is designed to move easily for entering and exiting, once it's latched, it stays quiet thanks to its rattle-free design.

Choosing the Right Partitions for Your GMC Express or Chevy Savana

Looking at all of our Chevy Savana and GM Express partitions, it's easy to see why each of them is a reliable solution for your work van. As you consider which is right for your needs, we wanted to take a moment to quickly highlight the most significant benefit of each of our partition options:

  • Steel contoured partition with a window: The addition of a window to the Savana van steel partition offers exceptional visibility. This partition is a great choice for van owners who want to maximize their safety while driving.
  • Steel solid contoured partition: The Express and Savana steel contoured partition offers a perfect fit and provides an 8-inch setback to maximize floor space while still allowing seats to move back freely.
  • Steel straight partition: The galvanized steel of the Savana straight partition offers fantastic reinforcement, however, its convenient mesh upper provides the added benefit to see into the rear of your van.
  • Steel pass-through partition: Van owners looking for economical protection will enjoy the Savana pass-through partition, as it also features a 5-inch setback for seat movement.
  • Steel swing door partition: With a latching door and a rattle-free design, the GMC Express swing door partition provides exceptional convenience.

If you're still unsure of which Chevy Savana cargo van partition or GM Express van partition is right for your vehicle, we're here to help. Feel free to give us a call so we can help you compare the benefits of all of our options side-by-side so you can choose the best partition that's right for you.

How to Install Partitions for a GMC Express or Chevy Savana

Are you a van owner who prefers to take care of your vehicle upgrades yourself? Then you're in luck when it comes to installing partitions. Whether you're installing a Savana swing door partition or GM Express bulkheads, you should have no trouble completing these projects in a matter of minutes. You likely already have the tools required for the job. To finish this project even more quickly, grab an extra set of hands to help.

To install a partition, you will need:

  • An impact driver
  • A drill
  • A 5/16-inch drill bit
  • A 3/8-inch lag driver
  • A 1/2-inch socket
  • A T25 star bit

Here are the general steps to follow when installing your partition. Be sure to read the instructions that come with your particular model.

  1. First, remove the lower portion of the wall panel. Remove the T25 screws and tuck the partition wing behind the panel.
  2. Line up the back edge of the panel with the factory seam that moves vertically along the van wall. Fasten the wing moving from top to bottom.
  3. After you've fastened the wing on one side, repeat these first two steps on the opposite side of the vehicle.
  4. Place the partition panels in from bottom to top.
  5. Push the panels together so they are flush and screw the bottom panels into the flooring.
  6. Tighten all of the bolts and screws around the entire partition on both the front and back sides.

If you'd like to view a helpful tutorial showing one of our expert technicians installing a partition panel in a cargo van, check out our installation video.


Other Express and Savana Van Interior Equipment

Your van needs to be operating at its peak performance inside and out. As you take on more clients and increase the scope of your work, you'll need to make sure that your van can scale to your needs. We're pleased to offer many Savana and Express van solutions in addition to our partition dividers. Whether you're looking to maximize your storage and organizational possibilities or enhance your protection in the cargo area, our equipment will help you achieve that goal.

  • Organization: Our GMC Express and Savana partition dividers are great tools to keep your cab and cargo area separate and orderly. Improve the organization in your cargo hold with our helpful shelving units and ladder racks. Our shelving solutions are sold as individual units as well as full packages to outfit your cargo area. Installing our ladder racks to your van's roof maximizes space in the cargo area while keeping your equipment secure overhead.
  • Protection: You need to protect your equipment and supplies, but you must also keep the van itself protected from unnecessary damages. We carry several exceptional van liners for walls, doors and ceilings. Our composite flooring offers increased traction, noise reduction and fantastic surface protection. Our wall, door and ceiling panels are easy to install and help you completely customize your cabin and cargo areas.
  • Accessories: We also stock a number of miscellaneous accessories. Though these items can be quite small, many contractors will agree they're also vital. We offer everything you need to organize the interior of your van, from bins, hooks and shelf dividers to drawers, bottle holders and cab organizers. You can also get items to make your work easier, such as worktops, handwashing stations and worker protection gear. No matter the job, we've got what you need.



Get the Partitions You Need Fast and at the Best Price Today

If you're searching for reliable partitions for your van, look no further than Advantage Outfitters. We are a fast-growing vehicle upfit solution provider specializing in commercial equipment and accessories for cargo vans like the GM Express and Chevy Savana. Our selection of GM Express bulkheads and Chevy Savana van partitions is backed by our extensive knowledge and dedication to making your work vehicles the best they can be.

With over 14 years of experience serving contractors in nearly every industry, we're known for our great value products and exceptional customer service. Contact us today and discover the advantage of purchasing partitions from Advantage Outfitters.

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