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Sprinter Van Commercial Accessories Guide

Your Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is like a team member, playing a vital role in daily operations. It simultaneously serves as transportation and storage, carrying you and your equipment from one job to the next. But what if your van could do even more?

With the right accessories, your Sprinter van can make your workday easier and more efficient. Advantage Outfitters, LLC, has a wide selection of custom-fit products that can improve your vehicle's utility regardless of your trade.

Keep reading to learn how upfitting your Sprinter with the right accessories for your business can enhance your safety, organization and productivity.

Why Invest in Commercial Accessories for Your Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van?

When ordering Mercedes Sprinter van accessories, it helps to know what you're looking for and how the particular items will help your business. You can enjoy the following benefits of Sprinter van accessories with quality products.

1. Enhanced Productivity on the Job

Investing in the tools of your trade makes your work faster and easier. The same is true for your Sprinter van. Outfitting your work vehicle with the appropriate products for your business promotes organization for a more productive workday.

With accessories for Sprinter vans, you can cut down on time spent searching for the correct tool or part and get the job done faster. Store all your tools for easy access at any time instead of trying to find the required items in a messy, disorganized cargo area. An efficient team can get more done in a week, which means more revenue for your business. 


2. Better Professionalism

An orderly van prevents frustration for your crew and sends a message to your clients that your business is organized and professional. Having a space for all of your equipment will help your team recognize when supplies are running low, ensuring you are always ready for whatever the day brings. Your customers will notice and be grateful for your speedy, efficient service.

3. Improved Safety

Storing your tools in a heap in the back of your Sprinter can be dangerous. Loose tools can damage the interior of your van when you make hard stops or sharp turns, and the tools themselves can sustain damage if they get flung around in your van.

Keeping your equipment in its designated places can also protect your employees from unsecured tools that can go flying during a sudden stop. Getting van accessories that facilitate proper storage will prevent your tools from damaging the walls and floor of your van.

4. Savings on Tools Over Time

Make lost or broken tools a thing of the past with organizational accessories, extending the life of your equipment and saving you money. When you use Mercedes-Benz Sprinter accessories, you invest in long-term solutions for storage, organization and protection.

5. Custom Solutions for the Mercedes-Benz

Advantage Outfitters offers an extensive selection of work van accessories so you can find the perfect combination for your business. Outfitting your Mercedes-Benz Sprinter helps protect your employees and keep your tools secure, so you can focus on getting the job done.

How to Choose the Best Commercial Accessories for Your Sprinter Van

Choosing the best commercial accessories for your Sprinter van can be overwhelming. The industry experts at Advantage Outfitters can help you select the appropriate products for your needs. Benefits of our products include the following.

  • Durable materials: Our storage solutions and accessories are sturdy and durable, constructed from aluminum and other high-quality materials.
  • Price matches: You can depend on our products for fair pricing. We will help you find an affordable solution that works for you.
  • Shipping: We provide fast shipping for your convenience.
  • Warranties provided: Most of our products have warranties, and we provide a 10-year extended warranty for your peace of mind.


All you have to think about is deciding which products will work best for your van.

The industry you're in and how your business operates will determine the type of accessories that will benefit your work van the most. It requires thought and planning to equip your van for maximum functionality. Brainstorm the types of tools you use and how much space they take up.

Below are some options for specific purposes.

  • Organization for multiple small parts or tools: If you use many tiny screws and nails, an eight-piece parts case could be useful. Parts cases are ideal for transporting items that can get lost easily, making it simpler to keep track of your supplies and take inventory if needed.
  • Electrician work: If you use wires and cables daily, one of our electrical wire reel holders may be essential.
  • Lighting: Note common problems you have. Does the dim light in the cargo area of your Sprinter make it hard to find the right tools? Consider adding an LED light strip to your order.
  • Organization for the cab area: If you need to keep several things secure in the cab, you might want an organizer box to mount between the seats.

With professional help, you can enhance your van with practical accessories that can benefit your business.

What Commercial Accessories Are Available for Sprinter Vans?

At Advantage Outfitters, we have accessories to solve your frustrations and provide added convenience to your van. You can install our products to help safeguard, organize and enhance your Sprinter work vehicle.

Safeguards for Your Work Van

03-window-grill.pngConsider these accessories to improve your vehicle's safety.

  • Grab handle: Choose from several grab handle options to make entering or exiting the van easier. Grab handles make your van safer for workers, especially when your work vehicle is large and can require a high step to get into. Using this tool can prevent slips when workers enter the van.
  • Steps and running boards: Prevent falls and make it safer to access the van with a step or running board. This item provides a solution for a high step up, making your van more accessible.
  • Window grills: Secure your cargo with a window grill to prevent break-ins. By making your van's interior safer, you will feel more secure while traveling and at job sites.
  • Shelf locking door: Protect your equipment from theft or hold your items in place on your shelves with a shelf locking door. This locking system will provide maximum security for your expensive equipment and supplies.

Organization for Your Work Van

If you want to improve organization inside your van, here are some accessories to consider.

  • Tool drawers: Choose from our selection of tool drawers to store various-sized tools and equipment. These accessories are ideal for multiple types of tools that span industries and smaller tools that can be challenging to organize without a system.
  • Parts drawers: Keep track of small fasteners and other compact items in a parts drawer. This drawer is the best for small parts and pieces of your equipment. Without a secure place to organize these supplies, they will easily slide underneath other items and go missing.
  • Bottle holders: Fasten any size bottle with a bottle holder to prevent spills. Your vehicle could always use more drink holders, but if you carry bottled containers for your commercial operations, having bottle holders is better than having to stack these items or store them insecurely.
  • Paper holders: A paper holder will organize all your contracts and project notes for easy reference. If you carry paperwork for your customers, having a tool specifically designed to store these files is helpful.
  • Hooks: Fixed, swivel and ladder hooks can hang your tools for easy access.
  • Bins and dividers: Create a space for all your supplies with bins and dividers. This universal item is suitable for organizing anything you like.

Enhancements for Your Work Van

We also carry various accessories to improve your van's interior more generally.

  • Seat covers: Keep your seats looking clean with a set of washable seat covers. Using cover accessories helps protect your seats from spills. These can come in handy in many industries, especially if you work as a painter or transport other messy materials. 
  • Hand-washing station: Install a hand-washing station in your van for added convenience. You can wash your hands after performing your duties instead of wasting time stopping at gas stations before moving on to each new job.
  • Worktop: Create a functional wooden worktop for added utility in your work van. If you need to work on equipment with tools, adding a worktop provides enough space in your work vehicle to complete your tasks.

Browse all our premium accessories, custom-fit to your Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van.

Other Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Accessories

Many of the accessories Advantage Outfitters offers pair perfectly with our other Sprinter van products. Complete your work van upgrade with shelving, floor mats, wall liners and partitions for added safety and convenience.

We provide custom shelving packages specifically designed to outfit your Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van. If you would prefer to create a custom package for your particular needs, we also offer individual shelving units.

To protect your van's interior from scuffs and scratches and prevent falls, floor mats can provide an extra layer of traction. Wall and ceiling coverings are also available to extend the life of your van's interior. You can even maximize the exterior surface of your van with roof racks to carry ladders and other large equipment.

Our products are tailor-made for your Sprinter van, so you can outfit your work vehicle to safely and efficiently meet your trade's unique requirements.

Upgrade Your Sprinter Van With Advantage Outfitters

Sprinter commercial accessories can boost your company to the next level with increased organization and productivity. Investing in these products can improve your van's convenience and functionality. Our experts are ready to help you choose from our wide selection of Sprinter van upgrades so you can get more done. A one-time installation can improve your daily operations and impress your clients.

Start experiencing the benefits of commercial accessories for your business! Contact us to upgrade your Mercedes-Benz Sprinter today.

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