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RAM fans know the performance of the ProMaster City offers you ample space to store all the equipment you could imagine. With the ProMaster City accessories available, some of our customers might wonder why an outfitter is the best choice. Simply put? Economy and customization. RAM went to great lengths to create a versatile work van capable of filling many roles. Now, allow Advantage Outfitters the chance to tailor those features to your specific needs.

Enjoy all the benefits of customizing your ProMaster City equipment:

  • Keep your tools and supplies organized
  • Protect the interior of your work van
  • Save time on jobs hunting for the right materials
  • Look and feel more professional

When your commercial van is put together nicely, jobs flow smoothly. You’re able to concentrate on the job at hand instead of worrying whether you have the right tools on site. You’ll know as soon as you step inside.

You won’t have to worry about trips and spills, either. The top cause of accidents on work sites is struggling to stay on your feet. Prevent injuries — and a bruised ego — by investing in our no-slip ProMaster City accessories for your van’s flooring. Our rubber matting resists oil and chemical spills and cushions your feet and knees when you’re hard at work.

Electricians, plumbers, HVAC technicians and other service workers will enjoy the shelving solutions we’ve designed specifically for your needs. Our working knowledge of the home service and construction industries helps us create solutions our customers never realized they needed. Surprise yourself by speeding up on the job and feeling more confident and prepared all day long.

Monthly Specials and Expanded Services

We’re a leading ProMaster City outfitter, but certain things aren’t included in your purchase price. We offer you sturdy yet lightweight customized shelving, wall and floor protection. We carry a number of rack-mounted products, as well, but we don’t install them. Get in touch if you need help putting our products to work. We will help connect you with a qualified pro with the tools and know-how to perfectly install your accessories.

Keep an eye on our site, too. Every month at Advantage Outfitters, we offer special sales for our customers. A drop in price might give you enough incentive to try out new ProMaster City accessories you’ve been eyeing, or to purchase customizable organization kits for other vehicles in your service fleet.

Meeting the Changing Needs of Your Business

With so many entrepreneurs going under, you may be wary of putting too much customization into one vehicle. You won’t have to worry about making permanent changes to your cargo van. Our products change right along with your business plans, adjusting for the changing demands of your job.

Premier Source for ProMaster City Accessories

We strive to provide you with a fast and easy ordering experience and superior customized products, and if you listen to what our customers have to say, we’re doing an excellent job of meeting those benchmarks. Whether you use your ProMaster City for lugging around your equipment or you pack it with the supplies needed for absolutely any job, we have the precise solutions to make your vehicle safer, more fuel-efficient and more effective at keeping your supplies ready whenever they’re needed.

Not sure where to begin? Ask for our expert advice. We know firsthand what problems service people face — some of which they don’t even realize until they have better options. We’re here to serve you, and we take our responsibility for commercial van outfitting very seriously. At Advantage Outfitters, we’ve addressed organizational and vehicle protection problems from every angle so you can benefit in multiple ways every time you make a single purchase.

Take a look at our ProMaster City shelving, wall, roof rack and floor kits. To place your order, contact us for more information online or dial (866) 925-4844 to find answers to all of your outfitting questions.

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