Mercedes Sprinter Individual Shelving

Mercedes Sprinter Individual Shelving

Individual shelving units are some of the best outfitting equipment you can add to your Sprinter van. Since they can help your team stay more organized, they're essential to any company looking to improve their team's efficiency and productivity out at a client's site. At Advantage Outiftters, LLC, we carry several individual shelving units to help you pick the perfect option for your company's needs.

Find out more about the benefits of individual shelving units and why you might want to turn to us for our selection of van shelving.

The Benefits of Installing Sprinter Individual Shelving Units for Vans

When you invest in individual shelving units for your company's Sprinter work vans, you can receive several advantages. Many companies choose to outfit their vans with shelving units due to their ability to increase your team's organization, productivity and efficiency. Additionally, shelving units can also improve your staff's comfort and safety.

Some of the many advantages of installing shelving units in your Sprinter van or fleet are:

1. Enhanced Organization

The first benefit people typically think of when they're looking to invest in shelving units is their organizing ability. Instead of allowing tools and supplies to sit unsecured on the van's floor and tossed in a pile, you can use van shelving to store materials in designated locations. You can also add shelf dividers and small bins to your Sprinter shelving units to better organize smaller parts and tools.


2. Upheld Professionalism

Additionally, shelving units reflect well on your company, as clients will see your team is organized and prepared to work without delay. Having professional shelving in your van or fleet can take your company to the next level of professionalism. If you are starting out as an independent contractor, it will ensure your customers that you are serious about doing good work. With better organization, you will quickly gain a reputation for doing efficient work.

3. Improved Efficiency

Sprinter van shelving's ability to improve your team's organization can also lead to increased efficiency. Since your most essential materials and tools are in set locations, your team won't waste time looking for supplies when they're out in the field, reducing their overall downtime. Additionally, shelving makes it easier for your team to keep track of their inventory, allowing them to plan for the next job easily and add or remove items as needed before heading to a client.

4. Boosted Safety

Van shelving reduces the chances of an accident and boosts safety by ensuring supplies stay in one place and don't make lots of noise. When crews leave loose supplies and tools on the cargo area's floor, these materials can end up sliding to the cab and getting under the driver's gas or brake pedal. Unsecured materials can also make lots of noise and distract drivers while they're supposed to be paying attention to the road. Shelving units for your Sprinter van will boost your team's safety while out on the road.

5. Increased Productivity

Another primary advantage of investing in van shelving units is how they can raise your team's overall productivity. For example, workers don't have to spend time searching for needed equipment, helping them stay focused on a job. When you eliminate the time spent searching for tools and parts, your team can complete jobs faster and potentially raise your company's profitability due to the ability to take on more clients.

6. Upgraded Comfort

The movement created by loose tools can create a lot of noise that's likely to annoy your team and raise their stress level before they arrive at a job. Shelving units increase your staff's comfort by securing tools in one place and lowering the amount of noise their supplies generate.

7. Improved Security

When you install shelving units and storage devices in your van's cargo area, your tools and supplies will stay securely in place instead of shifting around. Without an organization system in your cargo area, tools can bang against the side of your van or fly into the cabin. You want your equipment to stay in place so you can avoid damage to the walls and floor of your vehicle. You also want your tools to stay in a good condition. Frequent banging around might result in your tools needing to be replaced.

Shop Our Selection of Sprinter Van Shelving Units

At Advantage Outfitters, we carry a broad selection of Sprinter van shelving units. You can find fold-away shelving units in several widths, ranging from 36 inches wide to 72 inches wide. These fold-away shelving units give you greater storage flexibility, as you can fold them if you need to make more space in your cargo area.

We also ensure all of our shelving units feature incredible structural integrity. Their strong construction protects them and any equipment in the event of an accident. Our shelving units also put less stress on your Sprinter van, meaning your van will need less maintenance. Additionally, our shelves' high max capacity sets us apart from the competition, as some can hold more than 900 pounds, while the competition can usually only handle 200 to 300 pounds.

Below is more information about your options for individual shelving units:


Types of Shelving

The shelving is customized to fit the model of van. When you choose new individual shelving units with Advantage Outfitters, you have many options, including:

1. Steel or Aluminum Materials

Our durable aluminum and steel shelving units range from 36 inches wide to 96 inches wide. This wide selection of sizes allows companies to pick the right amount of shelving for their storage needs.

Our steel shelving units excel at handling variable weight loads and terrain changes. Steel shelving sets are highly durable and keep your cargo safe if you frequently drive over rough terrain. 

Our aluminum shelving units are lightweight, helping you keep your gas costs low. The Aluminum products we use are also durable.

2. Variety in Functionality

We have a variety of shelving units in various size options and with different functions. You can purchase fold-away shelving units or shelving with a hardwood top, allowing staff to use it as a van workbench and a storage device. Shelving comes as individual units that you can order as needed, or you can buy a package deal that includes accessories.

We have Sprinter shelving units designed specifically for the Mercedes brand, but we also have shelving units for other work vehicle models. You can order shelving of 36, 48, 60 inches or longer, depending on the needs of your work van.

3. Shelving With Additional Accessories

If you want to organize the cargo area of your Sprinter van, you can install additional accessories to go with your Sprinter shelving systems. For example, a partition can improve the security of your cargo area and keep your equipment out of the cabin. You can also purchase shelf dividers and bins for all of the Sprinter shelving units we offer to improve your organizational ability.

4. Quality Guaranteed

All Sprinter shelving is made from durable materials that provide the best in quality. Our product warranties are unmatched, offering up to 10 years of protection. You can also order a professional installation, so your products will function as they are designed to.

5. Customizations for Sprinter Vehicles

It's important to get shelving that will fit your work van and that serves the important functions it's intended to. If you're looking for shelving that is specifically tailored to fit your Sprinter van, the available options for Sprinters will meet all size requirements, whether you prefer steel or aluminum shelving. If you have another work van, you will also find shelving options for other popular makes and models.

Advantage Outfitters Service Is Fast and Simple

In addition to our high-quality products, we're committed to providing our customers with exceptional service. We ensure our customers receive the best experience possible by offering unparalleled price match guarantees and product warranties. We also make the process simple with in-depth customer support, and we ensure our products get to you as fast as possible.

Check out some of the benefits of partnering with Advantage Outfitters for your shelving needs:

  • Unmatched product warranties: Usually, our competitors only offer warranties for up to three years for their products. At Advantage Outfitters, we're so confident in our products that we offer a 10-year warranty for our Sprinter shelving units.
  • Exceptional price match guarantee: We're dedicated to providing our customers with products at the best price possible. If you find a competitor selling one of our products for a lower price, our price match guarantee ensures we'll sell it to you at that same price.
  • Fast shipping and order fulfillment: We don't allow backorders, so you can immediately buy any products you see on our site. When you order from us, we'll ship your order to you within two business days, meaning you'll get your order fast.
  • Incredible technical support and customization: If you need help finding the right Sprinter shelving unit in the best size for your requirements, our team is ready to provide you with in-depth technical and customer support that simplifies the buying process. Additionally, when you purchase a shelving package, our team can customize it for you.

Choose Advantage Outfitters for Your Sprinter Individual Shelving Unit Needs

If you're ready to receive high-quality van shelving and all the benefits of working with us, browse our selection of Sprinter van individual shelving unit options and shelving packages today. If you are looking for something other than shelving units or if you would like to try a Sprinter shelving package instead, we have several additional work van accessories to add to your inventory. If you have any questions or need more information, please feel free to contact us.

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