4 Reasons to Choose a Cargo Van for Your Business

21st Sep 2023

4 Reasons to Choose a Cargo Van for Your Business

Cargo vans are ideal fleet vehicles for businesses looking to transport tools, appliances, equipment and technicians like HVAC contractors, delivery companies and caterers. Since running a business from an open truck bed can have drawbacks, cargo vans are an excellent alternative to pickup trucks. Fully enclosed cargo vans offer added protection against the elements and allow better organization capabilities. 

They also have generous interior space, which you can customize to cater to your business' unique needs. Let's explore why cargo vans are among the fastest-rising work vehicle options.

1. Cost Efficiency

New cargo vans cost between $25,000 for compact options like the Ford Transit Connect and up to $40,000 for large vehicles like the Ford Transit. The right choice depends on the size you're looking for and where you'll use it. While commercial vans require a significant upfront investment, they boast a lower ownership cost than trucks. 

They are also less expensive to outfit with shelves, lockers and roof racks. Equipping your small business van with aluminum shelving and accessories boosts fuel efficiency because the material is light and does not weigh down the van. 

Purchasing a new cargo van is often more expensive than a used cargo van, but saves you a lot in maintenance costs in the long run. It also minimizes operational costs for small and medium-sized businesses because they are cheaper to maintain compared to large trucks. 

The best cargo vans for businesses are as fuel-efficient as full-sized sedans. Examples of fuel-efficient cargo vans are the 2022 Chevrolet Express and GMC Savana, with 14 mpg in the city or 17 mpg on the highway. 

2. Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security

If you need more reasons to upgrade your work vehicle to a cargo van, consider the safety, security and protection these vehicles offer. The enclosed interior space gives you ample room to safely keep your tools, equipment and appliances without worrying about theft or weather damage. It also limits access to the things you store and carry, which makes them less susceptible to theft or loss when driving. 

While truck bed covers improve security, they are ineffective and limit your carrying capabilities for large or valuable tools, cargo and equipment. Additionally, you can boost security in your cargo van by installing anti-theft devices such as cameras, locks, metal screens and security systems to deter thieves.

Storing and ferrying work tools and equipment from an open-bed truck makes them more susceptible to damage because it exposes them to the various elements. For instance, they get roasted in the sun and drenched in the rain. A cargo van protects your tools, cargo, appliances, equipment and even workers from all the elements. 

You can enhance the interior by upgrading it in a way that stores and transports everything in optimal conditions. For instance, shelf dividers can prevent smaller items from sliding when in transit, and wire reel holders keep wires and cables neat and avoid tangling. You can also add a secure storage unit to secure valuable equipment and supplies.

3. Allows Customization to Fit Your Business’ Needs

A cargo van allows you to customize the interior and exterior as you wish to fit your business' needs. For instance, if the van will be transporting technicians alongside tools and equipment, you can partition it into separate areas. One area can have seating for four to 12 people, and the rest can include shelves, drawers and lockers for storage. 

Aluminum is an outstanding material for cargo van storage because it is light. Its nature makes it ideal for storing heavy tools without weighing down the van. Add overhead lights to the van interior to ensure you can quickly find the equipment and tools you need. You can also make your van soundproof with wall and ceiling liners or add traction and protect the floors with rubber floor mats.

Consider personalizing your van exterior to maximize your investment. You can add cargo racks, conduit carriers and solar panels to the roof and have ladders and exterior awnings installed on the sides.

4. Free Advertising Space

Your cargo van's exterior offers expansive real estate you can use to advertise your business and boost your brand's reputation. Consider displaying your logo, services, contact information and tagline on the sides and back of the van to use the blank canvas as your mobile billboard. 

A well-designed vehicle wrap grabs the attention of passersby and other drivers when your vehicle is in transit, stuck in traffic or parked. It's an effective form of local marketing that puts your business in front of potential clients instead of waiting for them to stumble upon your TV, radio, newspaper or social media advertisement.

Vehicle advertising's unobtrusive nature easily piques potential clients' interest and invites them to learn more about what you do when they need it and have the time for it. You can also maximize the returns from this form of advertising by changing the wrappers with every new campaign to supplement the other marketing strategies you're already using.

Even better, laminated car wraps add an extra layer of protection against the elements, scratches and nicks, ensuring your paint job lasts longer and the van maintains its resale value.

Advantage Outfitters Can Help You Update Your New or Used Cargo Van 

Advantage Outfitters Can Help You Update Your New or Used Cargo Van

Are you interested in upgrading your work van? Advantage Outfitters van can help you maximize your investment by providing you with the highest quality equipment and accessories for your work cargo van.

We have a wide selection of storage solutions, ladder racks, roof racks, partitions, shelving units, floor mats and interior liners to enhance your van's safety and usability. You can order shelving, equipment and accessories from our online store and enjoy fast shipping to your preferred address for self-installation.

Contact us today if you're looking to learn more about how you can customize the interior of your business cargo van for increased efficiency and productivity.

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