Benefits of Work Van Flooring

28th Oct 2021

Benefits of work van flooring.

When you think of upfitting your work van, what are the first features that come to mind? You may have thought of a ladder rack, shelving or conduit carriers. These features are useful and can help keep your van organized, but many business owners forget about cargo van floor liners. Work van flooring is the base of where all upfittings should start for several reasons.

Work van flooring can provide a strong visual appeal to your van, but it goes well beyond aesthetics when it comes to its benefits. This article covers work van flooring benefits and how they play a crucial role in providing a safe work environment and in protecting your investment.


The safety of you and your employees should always be of the utmost importance. When you invest in safety, you also invest in efficiency and productivity. For example, if you are using your work van on a rainy day and do not have work van flooring, you are going to have to be much more conscious about your footing and not slipping. However, if your van is equipped with work van flooring, the risk of slipping is much lower, and workers can increase productivity, safety and peace of mind.

Slipping itself can be dangerous and harm you or your employees. When you consider that many work vans carry metal tools and caustic chemicals, the risk and danger increase significantly. Safety is never an area that should be skipped to cut costs or save money and can actually cost you more in the end.

Noise Reduction

Noise can be a significant distraction when you are on the road. Work vans are loud in general, and even with the highest quality shelving and equipment storage out there, items will still rattle around. However, rubber floor mats and wheel well covers can minimize noise while you are on the go, decreasing the number of distractions.

For example, when something falls or is banging around in the back of your van, causing loud noises, it is a natural tendency to look back and make sure everything is okay and that nothing is damaged. However, this noise causes one big problem — your eyes aren’t on the road. Investing in work van flooring makes your trips more peaceful and can increase your safety levels even further.

Work van flooring is easier to clean.

Easier to Clean

No matter what industry you work in, work vans are going to get messy. If it is raining, and you hop in the back of the van, you might track in mud. The bare metal floors of a van are not designed to be cleaned and can be even more difficult to clean if they are worn down and beaten out of shape.

When you purchase work van flooring, it is molded to fit the specifications of the vehicle and provide a flat floor. This makes the back of the van much easier to clean because you do not have to get into every little crevice that standard work van flooring has. Van flooring also protects your original floor from dirt, grime and dust.


A professional appearance plays a key role in gaining repeat customers, and your work van represents your business. Clients can often see into the back of your van, so making sure that it is well kept, clean and organized is crucial. In addition to making the van easier to clean, work van flooring is also much more pleasing to the eye as opposed to the original bare metal van flooring. Custom van flooring provides you with a clean, polished and well-maintained look. In general, a company that takes pride in caring for its equipment and tools also takes pride in providing its clients with superior customer service as well.

Protecting Your Investment

Whether you work in HVAC, construction, plumbing, or landscaping, your van is going to take a beating. The floor will likely take the brunt of this wear and tear as tools get dropped, chemicals get spilled and you get in and out of your van multiple times daily. Your work van is your mobile workstation, so you should treat it with the same amount of care as your stationary workspace.

Extending the working life of your van will save you money in the long run and help it maintain its resale value when you upgrade your fleet. Work van flooring is a wise investment that can help you achieve these savings. It will absorb the damages of daily wear and tear and prevent moisture and chemicals from causing major damage to the metal flooring, which can be very costly in the long run.

Types of Flooring

Now that you know the benefits of van flooring, you'll want to know what types of floors are available. Here are the two main van flooring types and the benefits of each.

Rubberized Cargo Van Mats

Flooring mats are cut precisely for each different work van model. Rubber work van mats are an excellent option if you need to protect your van floor, provide increased traction and make it easier on your and your workers' knees. Rubber flooring also provides improved shock absorption and substantial strength to maintain its good looks and professional appearance. Shock absorption can help minimize noise and protect your equipment if it falls.

Composite Van Flooring Material

Composite floors take your van flooring to another level. This material utilizes anti-slip safety and contains enhanced absorption to increase the protection of dropped tools and general wear and tear. This flooring is typically three layers: a rubberized top for increased traction, a mesh center for increased flexibility and a TPO bottom for strength and durability. It also provides easy installation, coming in sets of two or three panels, depending upon the model and wheelbase of your work van.

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