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Mercedes Metris Work Van Shelving Packages

If your company employs Mercedes Metris work vans in your operations, you'll likely benefit from shelving packages designed specifically for your vehicles. Instead of wasting time looking for a missing tool or worrying that your equipment will be damaged during transit, you can use Mercedes Metris van shelving systems and products to store your materials, tools and equipment safely.

As you consider making an investment in Mercedes Metris cargo van shelving, you should know the reasons so many add shelving to their vans. In addition to being aware of why you should invest in shelving, you should also understand what your shelving options are and who you should trust for your shelving.

Why Invest in Shelving for Your Mercedes Metris Van?

If you're unsure about the need for Mercedes Metris van shelving, learn the advantages that come with installing shelving into your work vans. Once you get a taste for the ways van shelving provide greater organizational abilities and superior protection, you'll likely find that the case for shelving is quite strong.


Consider the following benefits of adding interior shelving for Mercedes Metris work vans:

  • Greater organizational ability: When you choose shelving for Mercedes Metris cargo vans, you're giving your staff the ability to organize your equipment, tools and materials better. Shelving systems accomplish this by securing your worksite items, giving them a storage place where they won't come loose during transportation and where staff can quickly find them.
  • Reliable protection: If your equipment is left loose in the back of work vans, you risk the chance of it crashing into each other, falling over and hitting the sides of your vehicle. By being unsecured, your equipment is likely to become damaged. The loose tools and materials can also dent your van's flooring and walls. Shelving ensures that your equipment stays in place, doing no damage to itself or the van.
  • Display professionalism: Making a positive impression on present and potential clients is crucial to the success of your company. Part of making that positive impression is through coming across as professional. A disorganized, messy work van sends the message to clients and those that see it that you aren't dedicated to excellence in everything. In contrast, an organized work van sends the message that your company can be trusted to handle any aspect of a job, down to the smallest detail.
  • Save time: After you've installed shelving and organized your tools, you'll find that your staff can find their tools and equipment more quickly. This ability to find equipment fast will lead to your staff completing jobs with greater efficiency and speed. 
  • Maximize productivity and revenue: As a result of the time-saving benefits of organizing your work van more effectively, your staff will increase their productivity, causing them to cut down on the time it takes to complete jobs. With that greater productivity, you can increase revenue as you'll be able to get to more clients each week and open up the time for new clients.

With all of the advantages of implementing Mercedes Metris van shelving plans, you should think of shelving as an investment in your business. You'll increase employee satisfaction, raise productivity, showcase your professionalism and maximize revenue for the longterm.

What's Included in Mercedes Metris Van Shelving Packages?

While shelving packages vary based on their type, interior shelving for Mercedes Metris vans generally has a few main features. Most obviously, a shelving package includes shelving. There are several types of van shelving for Mercedes Metris vans that can meet the demands of many different industries. The most common shelving unit you'll find in shelving packages, regardless of industry, is a 45-inch tall by 72-inch long unit that features three shelves. 

You'll also often find shelf dividers and plastic bins offered along with packages to help you better differentiate storage areas within the shelves. Additionally, fixed and swivel hooks come standard with most shelving units, giving staff a place to hang equipment, tools and work uniforms on. 

Industry Shelving Package Options 

Depending on the industry you operate in, there are a few different packaging options that are ideal for the work that you do. As you consider shelving options, you'll want to ensure that you're aware of all of the packages available to you. 

Below you can find some of the best shelving packages for Mercedes Metris work vans:

Base and General Service Packages

The Base Package for Mercedes Metris is a common choice for companies that need plenty of storage options without commiting to a specialized shelving package. With this package, you get a three-shelf 45-by-72-inch shelving unit on the driver side and a three-shelf 45-by-36-inch shelving unit on the passenger side. Optionally, you can also add variously sized shelf dividers and plastic bins to customize your organization solution.

Another option for those who don't need a specialized system is the General Service Package. It features the same shelving units that the Base Package offers, but it adds a fixed hook on the driver side and a swivel hook on the passenger side. The General Service Package also includes accessories for better organization. You get 10 rattle-free 3-inch dividers and two 18.5-by-10-inch cabinets that have two drawers for the driver side. Additionally, three plastic bins are also included on the passenger side. Like the Base Packages, you can still purchase additional shelf dividers and plastic bins.

Plumbing/HVAC Shelving Packages

If you do any plumbing or HVAC work, the Plumbing/HVAC Packages are built for your needs. The packages rely on Mercedes Metris steel van shelving that arrives in the form of a driver-side three-shelf 45-by-72-inch unit and a passenger-side three-shelf 45-by-36-inch unit. They also both have a fixed hook and a swivel hook.

Both the Plumbing and HVAC packages come with unique storage features that help to organize the tools and components typically used in plumbing or HVAC jobs. Consider what the packages offer to decide which one is right for your plumbing and HVAC needs.

The HVAC Package incorporates two smaller two-drawer cabinets on the driver side. The driver side shelving unit also has multiple plastic bins and a large holder for gas bottles. On the passenger side, the HVAC package really sets itself apart from others with a four-tier 43-inch tall by 10-inch wide refrigerant rack that stores bottles and temperature-sensitive materials. Finally, the passenger side also has 10 rattle-free, adjustable dividers.

The Plumbing Package features many of the same features of the HVAC package, such as a gas bottle holder and a two-drawer cabinet on the driver side. However, the packages do differ in a couple of key areas. For example, instead of having a refrigerant rack on the passenger side, it features a second large gas bottle holder. Additionally, the driver side features a three-drawer cabinet, while the passenger side uses several plastic bins.

Electrical/Telecom Package

The Ranger Design Electrician Van Shelving Package is ideal for the work of electricians. This package includes a 45-by-72-inch shelving unit on the driver side and a 45-by-36-inch shelving unit on the passenger side. It also comes with a wire reel holder on the driver side that can be used to hold any wiring you regularly need to complete jobs.

Along with the wire reel holder, this package includes six plastic bins, two locking cabinets and a three-drawer cabinet on the driver side. You can also find 10 adjustable, rattle-free dividers on the passenger side. The supplementary options for this package include shelf dividers and plastic bins. 

Delivery Van Shelving Package

The aluminum made Delivery Package is perfect for companies who regularly deliver items from one place to another with their work vans. The driver side shelving is a two-shelf unit that's 45 inches tall by 72 inches long, and the passenger side shelving unit is a two-shelf unit that's 45 inches tall by 36 inches long. To meet your ever-changing shelving needs, these shelves are foldable, allowing you to make more room in your aisle if you have a particularly large item to transport. 

The shelves themselves are 17 inches deep, and they have a capacity of 40 pounds per linear foot. They also use gas shock to keep the shelving in an up or down position, meaning that you don't have to worry about dealing with latches or rattling.

Shelving Material Options

The two main materials used for shelving are aluminum and steel. While most of the Mercedes Metris van shelving packages are made with steel, there are some aluminum options available.

As you decide between the two materials, you should know the benefits they give users. Both aluminum and steel are incredibly durable. The difference starts with the weight, as aluminum shelving is typically lighter than its steel equivalent. As there's less weight when you use aluminum shelving, you'll get better gas mileage and gain some fuel-cost savings. In contrast, steel has a lower upfront cost.

Besides choosing between aluminum or steel, you also need to work with a company that knows how to put together shelving packages that are durable and functional. The brand that Advantage Outfitters trusts for our Mercedes Metris van shelving systems is Ranger Design. By working with Ranger Design, you'll know that you're getting the toughest and lightest shelving on the market today backed by a quality degree. 


How to Install Shelving in Mercedes Metris Van

Installing shelving in Mercedes Metris vans is a straightforward process that almost anyone can complete. Advantage Outfitters makes this installation process even more streamlined by offering estimated assembly and installation times for all of our shelving packages. 

In addition to the estimations, we have a variety of easy to follow installation guides. To help users better visualize the installation process, we've also produced a variety of relevant installation videos that show how to install shelving safely.


Mercedes Metris Shelving Ideas

Mercedes Metris shelving has the capacity to handle a wide collection of materials, equipment and tools. To help you visualize what you can do with shelving, consider how you can use these shelving systems to store:

  • Wires
  • Tubing
  • Fasteners, like nuts, bolts and nails
  • Raw materials
  • Spare parts
  • Worksite tools
  • Sensitive information, especially if shelving includes a lockbox
  • Worksite technology
  • Paperwork

No matter your company's storage needs, you'll be sure to find Mercedes Metris shelving that works for you. 

Other Shelving Products

While you consider all of the things you can do with work van shelving, you should also be aware of the other products that can upgrade your work van into a storage machine. One popular option for storage needs that might not fit in the back of a van includes a Metris Cargo Rack, which is made with aluminum and can be used to tie down ladders, among other materials.

For the interior, consider purchasing a partition to keep the cab and back of the van separate. A partition increases the usefulness of your Mercedes Metris cab organizer and keeps drivers safe by preventing loose materials and equipment from sliding into the front. There are several kinds of partitions, with solid steel, composite and mesh made options available for your needs. 

To keep your van's interior safe during transport, many companies look to wall, door, roof and floor liners. Any good liner will keep your van's interior free from denting and reduce the noise in the back of your vehicle.

For floor liners, one good option is the StabiliGrip Composite Floor. It provides maximum traction for those walking in the vehicle and is chemically and moisture resistant. A leading wall liner is the Insulated Duratherm Wall Liners by Legend Fleet. This wall liner is sound deadening, with the half-inch plastic wall including a layer of insulation to provide extra wall protection.

Why Buy Mercedes Metris Van Shelving Systems From Advantage Outfitters

Now that you know just how impactful Mercedes Metris van shelving can be for your staff and company, you might be wondering where you should purchase shelving. As a leader in the industry, Advantage Outfitters has the best quality products on the market today. Consider some of the reasons why customers trust us:

  • Speedy shipping: One of the benefits of purchasing with Advantage Outfitters is the speed in which we ship our products. Since we own the warehouses that hold our merchandise, we ship all orders out within 48 hours.
  • Exceptional pricing: We take a lot of pride in making our products available to companies on a budget. To ensure that we maintain our excellence, we offer a price matching guarantee, where we match the price of a product offered for less by a competitor.
  • Higher max capacity: Our shelving is simply unbeatable when it comes to max capacity. Where most shelving offered by competitors only holds around 200 to 300 pounds, our shelving regularly holds over 900 pounds with ease.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction: All of our products are backed by a satisfaction guarantee. If you're not totally satisfied, you can exchange your products for a full refund or trade it in for a product of equal value.
  • Unbeatable warranties: Where competitors typically only offer warranties under three years, Advantage Outfitters gives customers the opportunity to select an industry-leading 10-year warranty. With this kind of warranty, you can be confident that your products are going to be with you for the long-haul.

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