Shelving Packages

Mercedes Metris Commercial Van Shelving

The Mercedes Metris is a popular choice in the commercial market for tradespeople and businesses looking for a powerful, reliable and versatile van. If you’re looking to make even better use of your Metris and add increased functionality, consider adding a van shelving system from Advantage Outfitters. We offer model-specific shelving racks and storage solutions for the Metris that take advantage of all of the useable space.

Our commercial van racks are made from steel for added strength and coated for corrosion resistance. You’ll get years of dependable service out of your Metris shelving racks and benefit from safe and organized storage. Instead of leaving your valuable tools, equipment and materials loose in the back of your commercial van, store them properly and safely with a combination of intelligent storage options.

Van Shelving Packages Designed With Your Trade or Business in Mind

At Advantage Outfitters, we don’t just optimize our storage racks for your van — we also optimize them for your trade. We offer unique packages with the type of shelving and storage your business needs. Consider specific trade options such as: 

  • Electrical/Telecom Metris Van Shelving: This model of Metris storage rack includes a variety of storage bins and drawers, including a locking compartment to protect your valuable electrical and telecom components. You also get a wire reel holder for fast and easy access to your wire and cables.
  • Plumbing/HVAC Metris Van Shelving: Designed to help store and organize all of your various plumbing or HVAC parts and components, this shelving system also includes rattle-free dividers to keep the noise down when you’re on the road. You also get convenient gas bottle and refrigerant storage.
  • General Service Metris Van Shelving: If you’re looking for a great value and tons of storage options, our general service package covers a wide range of needs. You get a mix of fixed and removable bins, drawers, hooks, dividers and cabinets to accommodate all of your tools and equipment.

When you buy your Mercedes Metris van shelving from Advantage Outfitters, you're getting quality construction as well as our competitive prices. We offer fast shipping to get your shelving to you quickly so you can install it and start benefiting right away.

Custom Solutions for Your Unique Business

While many of our customers enjoy our range of well thought-out trade packages, your business may require some additional storage and organization options. If that’s the case, give us a call or contact us online. We can help create a custom van storage system for your Metris that includes all of our best storage racks and features such as hooks, bins and drawers. We’ll also propose floor, wall and ceiling liners that help protect and insulate your cargo area for safe and comfortable use.

Start browsing our Metris upfitting products now and choose the Metris van storage system that suits your needs — or let us know what custom options you need by calling or chatting online. We offer monthly specials and fast shipping to make choosing us an even easier decision to make.