Shelving Packages

Commercial Van Shelving Available at Advantage Outfitters

Van shelves are a smart way to equip your vehicle with a handy storage option that can prevent damage caused by unsecured tools and materials jostling about in its cargo bay.

Advantage Outfitters' online store offers a wide range of commercial van storage systems that are engineered to fit a variety of different vehicle brands. Let's take a look at each of the products we offer to learn more about the solutions we can provide for you.

Commercial Van Shelving Packages

Advantage Outfitters, LLC offers cargo van shelving packages for several different van brands, including:

Sprinter Van Shelving Packages

Multiple packages are available for Sprinter vans, specially tuned to your organization's particular trade, including:

  • Base Package: Our basic Sprinter van shelving racks are an excellent way to outfit your van with a galvanized steel end panel unit that offers convenient equipment storage. Available in two different wheelbase varieties, the product usually ships within two business days.
  • Delivery Package: With a capacity of 40 pounds per square foot, our Sprinter Delivery package racks offer folding shelves to help keep your aisles clear when they’re not being utilized.
  • General Service Packages: Available in either steel or aluminum varieties, these contractor van shelving units offer rattle-free dividers in every shelf and swivel, plus fixed hooks for multiple storage options.
  • Electrical Packages: Shelving for electrical vans is an excellent way to store your high-value tools and materials for transportation to and from project sites. Available in steel and aluminum varieties, these packages can be engineered to fit your van's wheelbase.
  • HVAC Packages: These contractor van shelving products can be manufactured from aluminum or steel and offer handy gas bottle holders that optimize your HVAC team's storage capabilities.
  • Locksmith Packages: Our aluminum locksmith packages are an excellent choice for tradespeople seeking van storage equipment that will help keep their tools in one convenient location. Each shelf features a series of removable bins in various sizes for easy, advantageous placement.
  • Plumbing Packages: Need plumber van shelving packages that will help increase convenience and promote safety in your vehicle's cargo bay? These commercial van storage tools are available in steel and aluminum and feature extruded aluminum shelves for strong, durable operation.

ProMaster Shelving Packages

If you own a ProMaster van and are looking to outfit it with trade-specific equipment to optimize your driver's experience, here are a few options for you to consider, all of which are available here at Advantage Outfitters, LLC:

  • Base Package: Our ProMaster base package is a great way to provide protection for your tools and the interior of your cargo bay. Manufactured from galvanized steel end panels, three wheelbase options are available, sure to offer a great fit for your van.
  • Delivery Package: These aluminum commercial van shelf racks offer folding shelves to provide clear access when they aren't being used. In addition, a gas shock holds the shelf in either an up or down position, with no need for latches and no rattling.
  • Electrical Packages: Choose from van shelving racks manufactured from aluminum or steel, available in different wheelbase configurations to suit your particular vehicle. Hooks and wire reel holders help secure electrical equipment, protecting it and the cargo bay of your van from damage.
  • General Service Packages: Choose a General Service package for a great all-purpose option that’s suitable for a wide range of professional trade applications. They’re available in aluminum and steel varieties.
  • HVAC Packages: Consider purchasing these van racks, available in aluminum or steel, for your HVAC vehicle fleet. With a pipe channel cut-out, swivel/fixed hooks and gas bottle holders, these packages will aid in safe, convenient transportation of your tools and materials.
  • Locksmith Package: ProMaster van owners working in the locksmith trade will benefit from this aluminum shelving system, available in two wheelbase sizes and offering a variety of removable bins.
  • Plumbing Packages: Our ProMaster plumbing packages are available in steel and aluminum varieties and feature gas bottle holders, pipe channel cutouts and cabinets for your driver's convenience and safety.

Ford Transit Shelving Packages

If your organization owns a Ford Transit van and you're looking to increase convenience and safety, shelving is a great choice. Here are the van shelving packages Advantage Outfitters, LLC offers for Ford Transit vehicles:

  • Base Package: Our Ford Transit base shelving package is offered in three different roof heights and can be configured to fit straight and swing door partitions. This package features galvanized steel end panels for durable, long-lasting strength.
  • Delivery Package: Our Ford Transit delivery package, an aluminum shelving system, is optimized for drivers who regularly transport cargo from point to point. Featuring 20” shelves, folding shelves and a gas shock that holds the shelf in either the up or down position, this package will secure and protect your important materials time after time.
  • Electrical Packages: Steel and aluminum electrical shelving packages are available for purchase through our online store. They can be customized to fit different Transit van roof heights and partitions and offer a variety of features that are sure to optimize your electricians' travel.
  • General Service Packages: Need a no-frills van shelving solution for your company's fleet? Choose a Transit van-optimized general service package, available in steel or aluminum, available with rattle-free dividers for quiet operation.
  • HVAC Packages: HVAC packages from Advantage Outfitters, LLC offer tradespeople hooks, gas bottle holders and pipe channel cutouts for optimal efficiency and convenience.
  • Locksmith Package: An aluminum shelving package optimized for locksmith professionals, this system is offered in three different wheelbase sizes and provides removable bins for ease-of-use and maximum storage potential.
  • Plumbing Package: Choose a steel Transit van shelving package to take advantage of a nifty partition, or select the aluminum plumbing package featuring angled shelves to prevent spills in your van's cargo bay.

Advantage Outfitters, LLC — Your Source for Van Shelving Solutions

Advantage Outfitters, LLC provides a wide range of van shelving systems for your Transit, ProMaster and Sprinter vans that are sure to help your drivers better organize their tools and materials and protect from damage inflicted by unsecured equipment.

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