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In the course of a work day, your company’s fleet of tool vans can take quite a beating. Rough roads, unexpected short stops and the normal wear and tear of moving equipment into and out of your van can scuff it up considerably. Take into account the loud rattling of tools, and your drivers can be exposed to quite a bit of occupational noise throughout their workday.

One way to protect the interior of your van and keep your driver’s anxiety at bay is to outfit it with van liners that absorb much of the damage inflicted upon it, deaden loud sounds and help maintain its resale value. 

Whether you’re needing commercial van ceiling liners, commercial van wall liners, cargo van wall liners, van wall liner kits or wall liner packages, Advantage Outfitters, LLC can help. We are a retailer of specialty van equipment to help make your fleet more convenient and accessible. Our online store contains a wealth of accessory solutions that address nearly every facet of your van’s structure.

Read on to learn how we can help supply your vans with quality liner equipment to protect your investments.

Our Wall Liner Products

We offer a wide variety of liner products sure to protect every nook and cranny of your van’s interior. These liners help extend the life of your van and help maintain its resale value. Depending on the configuration you choose, liners can provide your van with added efficiencies to reduce energy usage.

We offer van liner products manufactured for Sprinter, Metris, Transit, GM Savana/Express and more, customizable to fit your vehicle’s particular dimensions. 

Let’s take a look at a couple of examples of our van liner products to learn more about how they can benefit your fleet:

  • Ceiling Liners: Manufactured from ¼” heavy-duty gray plastic, these precision-cut liners deaden sound and protect against scrapes and scratches. They are easy to install, utilizing pre-drilled holes and self-drilling screws. If combined with wall liners and door panels, this product can create an R4 thermal barrier, providing increased energy efficiency for your van.


  • Door Panels: Much like their ceiling liner counterparts, these are manufactured from ¼” heavy-duty rigid gray plastic and can help minimize sound in your van’s cargo bay. They include rear door window area panels and sliding door window area panels.

In addition to our van liner products, we also offer shelving, safety partitions, drawer systems, grills, bumpers, grill and bumper protection and more. Whatever your van equipment requirements may be, we’ve got you covered. Let us know what you need, and we’ll be happy to work with you to determine a solution.

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Van wall and ceiling liners are an excellent way to provide your van fleet with protective coatings that minimize damage to your cargo bay, deaden loud sounds and promote energy efficiency. Advantage Outfitters, LLC is ready and eager to work with your organization to supply your van fleet with outstanding van liner products and fast shipping. Our vast array of products is sure to increase your vehicles’ convenience and resale value, while reducing the risk of injury to your staff. Don't forget to take advantage of our monthly coupon codes for online purchases!

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