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Work vans are essential to service industry workers. You chose your Ram ProMaster City for your business because it helps you transport your equipment without taking up too much space. Its compact frame boasts best-in-class storage capabilities so you can fit into tight spaces and still have access to all your essential tools.

The Ram ProMaster City has plenty of cargo space to meet your needs. But you can get even more out of your commercial work van with the right upgrades from Advantage Outfitters, LLC. Take your commercial van's capabilities to the next level with individual shelving units for your ProMaster City.

Why Invest in Shelving for Your Ram ProMaster City?

You'll experience several benefits when you invest in shelving for your work van, making it one of the best decisions you can make for yourself and your business. Look at the following reasons to understand why.

1. Find the Right Tool With Ease

Your job involves opening up your work van to find the tools you need to complete your task. Imagine rummaging through a haphazard pile of tools to find a single hammer or electric drill. Searching through your equipment for something you know you always bring to work could be a frustrating experience, especially if your client is standing there waiting.

You could avoid this scenario with the help of individual shelving units. Organize your tools on your shelves so you know where everything is at all times. When you need a specific tool for a task, you can open your van door and find it right away.

2. Enjoy Increased Productivity

Productivity is crucial in every job. The more productive and efficient you are, the sooner you can receive your payment and go on to the next job. You want to avoid spending time rummaging through tools and parts or sending an employee to your van to find something only for them to come back empty-handed.

Commercial van shelving can increase your productivity, leading to higher profits and more happy customers. You can label your shelves so you and your employees know where all your tools and materials should be. Setting up and tearing down the job site every day will go much faster when each piece of gear has a home on your Ram ProMaster City's shelving units. Plus, you can use a shelf for a van workbench, increasing your productivity even more.

3. Save Money

Installing shelving in your commercial van is different than a business expense — it truly is an investment. You can save far more money in the long run by installing van shelving in your Ram ProMaster City. Your shelves will protect your valuable tools, parts and other equipment, so the shelves to pay for themselves over time in money saved.

Without individual shelving units in your work van, your tools would be vulnerable to damage at every turn or bump in the road. You need your expensive equipment to make a living, so it deserves safe, dependable transportation. Protect your assets and save money with van shelving.

4. Experience a Safer Ride

Safety is critical in every business. You and your employees will spend a lot of time on the road in your Ram ProMaster City. Each ride should be as safe as possible, and you can achieve this with commercial van shelving.

Without shelving, your items are free to fly around your van as you drive. Taking a sharp turn or slamming on the brakes could result in an item flying forward and injuring someone or distracting the driver. Shelving can help keep your tools and parts secure so you can enjoy greater peace of mind while driving around town.


5. Give a More Professional Appearance

Your appearance on the job site impacts your clients' opinions of you. And that opinion can extend to how you maintain your van. A dirty van interior can cause someone to think you keep a disorganized job site. A tidy van gives off the sense that you care about the state of the job site — your client's home or business.

Commercial van shelving can help you achieve a better reputation for your clients. Your van will look neat and clean, signaling your professionalism and attention to detail. Your clients want to feel confident in their hiring decision, so make sure you have a van that shows you care about their job and doing good work.

Dimensions of Ram ProMaster City

Ram ProMaster City commercial vans are a great balance of ample storage space with a compact body. Let's take a look at this popular van's dimensions:

  • Cargo height: The Ram ProMaster City offers 4 feet, 4 inches of height in its storage area.
  • Cargo width: The Ram ProMaster City's 5-foot width means you'll have plenty of room to store and access your items on commercial van shelving units.
  • Cargo length: With 7 feet, 3 inches of length, the Ram ProMaster City can transport your long tools and materials. A 6-foot piece of lumber can lay flat with room to spare.
  • Maximum storage capacity: The total amount of storage space in a Ram ProMaster City is 131.7 cubic feet.

What's Included With Ram ProMaster City Individual Shelving Units?

Individual shelving units for your Ram ProMaster City come in a few varieties to meet your needs, including the following:

  • Aluminum shelving: Aluminum shelving offers lightweight strength if you want to save on gas in your Ram ProMaster City, which already boasts solid miles per gallon for a commercial work van. Options like a 36-inch aluminum shelving unit give you the storage and strength you need at an economical weight — this individual unit only weighs 38 pounds. Its three shelves offer usable space depths of 10, 12 and 14 inches, giving you excellent storage for your tools, parts and other equipment.
  • Steel shelving: Steel shelving is durable and dense, providing stability to protect your tools when you're traversing rocky, uneven terrain. Like the above aluminum option, you can buy a 36-inch aluminum shelving unit to protect your assets and free up storage space in your ProMaster City.
  • Shelf dividers: Increase your organizational skills with shelf dividers for your aluminum or steel shelving units. Give each piece of equipment a specific home on your shelves by using dividers to your advantage.
  • Shelf bins: Nuts, bolts, plumbing fittings, electrical grommets and other small parts will drive you crazy if they start rolling around your van's cargo area. Keep even the smallest items contained with plastic shelf bins that fit perfectly on your aluminum or steel shelving units.
  • Hardtop workbench: You spend a lot of time in your work van, from driving and eating lunches to making phone calls and paying bills. Install a hardtop van workbench to transform your ProMaster City into an office on wheels. Keep your files safe and secure at all times, write checks and draft proposals — wherever you are, at any time of day.

Other Products Available for Your Ram ProMaster City

Your van upgrades can go beyond individual shelving units. Shop an entire list of products for your Ram ProMaster City, including the following:

  • Shelving packages
  • Rubber floor mats
  • Wall, door and ceiling liners
  • Partitions and dividers
  • Accessories
  • Roof equipment


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