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RAM ProMaster Accessories

You rely on your RAM ProMaster van for your work operations. Our accessories allow you to upgrade your fleet to make your vans easier to use and more convenient for employees.

Popular Cargo Van Equipment From Advantage Outfitters, LLC

At Advantage Outfitters, we sell numerous accessories for RAM ProMaster vans. Some of our popular options include:


You can choose partitions made from aluminum or composite that fit either low or high ProMaster roofs. These partitions help you improve driver safety, maximize floor space and reduce noise. We also have options with and without windows and sliding doors.

Bins and Shelf Dividers

These deep plastic bins allow you to store and secure your tools and equipment. Some listings have dividers, but you can also purchase dividers separately to organize each container.

We also stock shelf dividers in sets of five for 12- to 18-inch-deep shelves. 

Drawers and Paper Holders

You can find several drawer options for RAM ProMaster vans at Advantage Outfitters. Store tool bags and cases inside drawers that come in an array of sizes and shapes, as well as quality materials like aluminum.

We also offer aluminum and steel paper holder attachments. These products come in several dimensions so you can determine which is right for your vans.

Grab Handles

Make it easier for workers to get inside their vans with mountable grab handles. Attach these accessories to the vans' interiors to help crews enter and exit their work vehicles safely.

Parts Cases and Bottle Holders

Parts cases help you keep everything in your van organized. Buy a single case to mount or stack or choose an option with four removable bins. We also sell parts cases that come with eight bins and feature two optional shelves.

Hold bottles large and small in our bottle holders. These purpose-built accessories secure items like refrigerant, MC, nitrogen and B tanks.


Add an area for your employees to get work done inside the van with a worktop. Our worktop is 18 inches by 48 inches and has a hardwood butcher block top and aluminum backsplash.

Handwashing Stations

Make it easy for employees to keep their hands clean with a handwashing station. This equipment provides water, soap, garbage and paper for convenience. You can easily hang it wherever you need it for convenient handwashing.

Find the Right Cargo Van Equipment at Advantage Outfitters

Find other accessories, including shelving, flooring, interior lighting, locking doors, seat covers and running boards, when you shop with Advantage Outfitters.

When you need new accessories for your RAM ProMaster, trust our team to help. We'll help you determine which equipment will work best for your needs. Browse our online store today, or contact us to learn more!

ProMaster Accessories

Ram ProMasters are known for their low load floors, which make moving heavy equipment in and out a cinch, but what condition is that floor in after a few years of use? Prevent future damage by ordering a floor protection kit from a trusted ProMaster outfitter. Our line of products tailored to RAM’s mid-range commercial van helps avoid the types of damage that come from daily use, and helps maximize your business efforts.

Benefit From Third-Party Solutions

Contractors and service providers benefit big time from quality third-party ProMaster accessories. Our products are less expensive than OEM components, but they’re often a better match to your needs. Why pay more for a substandard solution? We have stock geared specifically toward plumbers, electricians and other providers.

Personalized storage and barrier packages help you stay organized and more efficient. You can stay focused on your responsibilities instead of worrying over whether you’ll be able to find your supplies in a timely fashion. Don’t waste more than a moment grabbing the right tool from your truck with one of our ProMaster storage systems.

Perhaps you’ve known for a while you needed extra help but were overwhelmed by your choices? You don’t have to spend hours picking out your own storage or barrier packages. Take a look at the pre-made packages we have in stock that are simplified based on your profession. Still not sure which option is right for you? Don’t waste any time calling our office. We aim to give you the most effective tools for your trade, and that may not be possible without feedback from you!

Staying Safe on the Job

Some of our ProMaster equipment is designed for safety’s sake. Our floor kits, for instance, are made of durable rubber and resist the types of spills that create lasting slickness on walking surfaces. Avoid one of the most common causes of injury at work by installing one of three flooring options. The rubber mat surface is a no-slip budget option that also provides minimal padding for whenever you crouch or kneel in the back of your cargo van.

Our birch flooring panels are easy to install and come coated in a heavy-duty, moisture-resistant texture that provides all the traction needed to stops slips or falls. Finally, our aluminum flooring products are puncture- and impact-resistant and capable of handling any type of gear you need to haul.

ProMaster Partitions, Wall Kits and Roof Equipment

We really go the extra mile when it comes to ProMaster storage and other accessories. Why? Because it’s one of the most popular commercial vehicles on the market. Affordable and capable, it’s a work van of choice. We’re here to help you enjoy the full benefits.

Our roofing storage options span every price point, from budget deck catwalk systems to impressive shock systems to move and shift ladders in place and out of the way with a single movement. Take total advantage of your van’s real estate by using exterior storage.

From interior barriers with windows and doors to wall and lighting kits to provide the protection and functionality your job requires, Advantage Outfitters goes the extra mile to provide for all of your ProMaster needs. Order online today or call (866) 925-4844.

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