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ProMaster Flooring

The flooring is enough to make or break your ProMaster van. A high-quality van floor can stretch your ProMaster's lifetime, while poor flooring is detrimental to a van's overall ability to operate. And if your work van can't perform its job, you won't be able to do yours either.

So what can you do to ensure your ProMaster's flooring is able to sustain hard wear and serve your specific needs? In this article, we cover the benefits of van flooring, what to consider when shopping for van flooring, the ProMaster flooring products available and how to decide which one's right for you.


Why Buy Van Flooring for Your ProMaster Work Van?

Your ProMaster van is a valuable investment for you to preserve, and it is also a necessity for your line of work — it does everything from providing transportation to housing the tools you'll need once you get to a job. Something that crucial to the success of your business should be protected from preventable damages.

One of the easiest ways to maintain your ProMaster work van's pristine condition is to install flooring inside of it. Outfitting your ProMaster in the right flooring will keep your vehicle from deteriorating prematurely and give you the best conditions to do your job, safeguarding your supplies and increasing safety features.

Here are the top five reasons to buy van flooring for your ProMaster work van:

1. Increased Traction

A major fall while on the job is the last thing anyone needs. The flooring that a ProMaster van comes with does not offer much traction and lends itself to slippage no matter what type of shoes you wear. But buying van flooring to specifically increase the traction within your ProMaster will save you from any future slip-ups whether you're rushing to get a job done or happen to be walking haphazardly.

2. Wear and Tear Resistance

From accidental spills to dropping heavy items on it, your ProMaster van's floor is bound to take a beating over time. Your job demands a lot from your vehicle, and you won't always have the time to treat it with as much care as you ideally would. But if you purchase a fresh, more durable type of van flooring that provides insulation from the elements, you can get the most out of your ProMaster for years to come.

3. Enhanced Safety During Loading and Unloading

Through gaining some extra traction, new van flooring will allow you to load and unload your ProMaster van more safely. Instead of being a slippery or uneven surface, the flooring you buy for your ProMaster will make each trip to and from your work van smoother.

4. Interior Surface Protection

While safeguarding your ProMaster van from larger issues of wear and tear, new van flooring will also protect the interior surface of your ProMaster. More superficial and cosmetic damages to your work van may be prevented if you install the right kind of flooring, such as water-resistant or easy clean up.

5. Custom Fits

The kind of flooring you need will depend on the size and function of your ProMaster van. Luckily, many options are available to suit your specific needs. When shopping for new van flooring, you will discover customized flooring products designed to fit your Ram ProMaster perfectly.

What to Look for When Purchasing Flooring for Your ProMaster

Considering all of the benefits that come with buying van flooring for your ProMaster, it can be easy to get overly excited about the prospective purchase without fully knowing what to look for. To be an informed van flooring shopper, here are the five biggest features to be on the lookout for when assessing your flooring options.

1. Chemical Resistance

Depending on your line of work, you may be storing chemical substances in your ProMaster van. In that case, you will want to purchase van flooring that is resistant to chemical contamination to protect your ProMaster's interior surfaces. That way, if there is ever an incident in which your supplies spill or leak, your van's floor will not be corrupted and your ProMaster will be spared.

2. Lightweight

For those concerned about gas mileage, keeping your ProMaster van's floor lightweight is essential. While browsing through van flooring choices, take into account that a heavy material will weigh your van down more than a lighter material, which will contribute to your ProMaster getting fewer miles per gallon.

3. Insulation

Providing your ProMaster van with extra insulation will be most important to those working in more extreme temperature zones. Without proper insulation, it could get very uncomfortable to work from your van, and an abundance of condensation could lead to rust or corrosion of both your vehicle and the tools you store inside it. An additional advantage of insulating your ProMaster is the resulting decrease in road noise.

4. Moisture Resistance

There is no point in insulating your ProMaster van's floor if it's not moisture resistant. Wet insulation will lead to mold and mildew, but a moisture-resistant van floor will combat the damaging effects of water to some degree. Moisture-resistant van flooring will also help increase the traction in your ProMaster and keep you from slipping even when your shoes are wet, making it an essential safety feature to have for loading and unloading.

Similarly, you will want to find van flooring that is rot-proof. By using van flooring that resists both moisture and rot, you will avoid exacerbating the wear and tear that your ProMaster will already have to endure over the years.

5. Easy to Install

None of the previously listed benefits will matter if you can't install your new van flooring. Pick a variety of flooring that is customized to fit your ProMaster perfectly so you won't have to spend hours struggling to install it. Instead of trying to force the wrong flooring dimensions to fit your van, you'll enjoy the many advantages of upgraded van flooring headache-free.


ProMaster Flooring Options

Now that you recognize the benefits of purchasing ProMaster flooring and know what qualities you're looking for in your new cargo liner, it's time to explore some of your options. Many work van flooring products are on the market, but most will likely find what they need among these main five ProMaster flooring solutions from Legend Fleet.

1. StabiliGrip Composite Floor

If your job consistently presents opportunities to fall, StabiliGrip might be your new best friend. Made of a 3/8-inch thick composite blend, StabiliGrip is an extremely anti-slip van flooring that's as firm as a wood floor. Its rubbery surface offers exceptional traction while being both moisture- and rot-resistant, so you won't run into any mold or splinter issues.

With ProMaster StabiliGrip flooring, you won't need to worry about expansion or contraction because it is dimensionally stable. This StabiliGrip flooring has seams joined by an impact-resistant aluminum "H" channel and is typically sold in just two or three pieces, making installation as easy as possible.

2. Composite Wood Floor

Many people choose ProMaster wood van flooring based purely on its looks alone, but this cargo van flooring offers many advantages in addition to aesthetics. A composite wood floor is sturdy and durable, meaning it can withstand general wear and tear for years. Aside from being wear-resistant, composite wood floors are also water-resistant and textured for traction.

If you bolster your composite wood floor with heavy-duty aluminum side and back sills, you'll protect your ProMaster's interior even more. Once again, this van flooring is usually available in two or three pieces, so installation is a snap.

3. Rubber Floor Mat

Rubber floor mats are great for ProMaster vans because they're resistant to both oil and chemicals. Traction is another main selling point of a ProMaster rubber floor mat, which is designed to maximize traction yet remain spongy. As a shock-absorber, a rubber floor liner can save knees by cushioning the joints of those who spend much of their time kneeling while working. A rubber floor mat provides comfortable ProMaster anti-slip flooring.

Additionally, rubber ProMaster van floor mats resist wear and tear well due to their strong and sturdy material. They also come in all sorts of sizes, so finding the right type of ProMaster cargo mat for your van will be no problem.

4. Side and Rear Floor Sills

Side and rear floor sills are important for your ProMaster van because they protect a vital structural component of your vehicle. Corrosion of its sills could impair your work van's ability to function, so making sure your ProMaster's sills are guarded is imperative. Side and rear floor sills keep your van from rusting and add cosmetic value by enhancing your ProMaster's look.

5. Wheel Well Covers

With ProMaster wheel well covers, you can protect more of your work van's interior as well as boost your vehicle's visual appeal. In addition to damage prevention, wheel well covers offer insulation through creating a thermal barrier to seal off your ProMaster's interior. Wheel well covers also cut down on road noise, and installation is easy, taking no more than 10 minutes of your time.

Choosing the Right Flooring for Your Ram ProMaster

How can you know which ProMaster flooring option is right for you? Begin by asking yourself what you use your ProMaster for most and how its flooring could affect your ability to work. Think over potential factors like these:

  • Do I need the intense traction offered by StabiliGrip composite floor liners?
  • Do my legs need the cushion of a rubber floor mat?
  • Do I put so much wear on my ProMaster that I need the stability of composite wood flooring?

After deciding which flooring works best with your occupational demands, think about how much looks matter to you. Try questions like these:

  • Even though one type of flooring might match your job needs slightly more, would you prefer the look of another?
  • Can you afford to prioritize appearance, or do you need a specific flooring for your business to run smoothly?

Finally, compare lists of what each type of ProMaster flooring has to offer overall to be sure you've made the right choice:

StabiliGrip Composite Floor's Top Qualities

These are some of the top benefits of a composite van flooring:

  • Maximum traction
  • Moisture-resistant
  • Rot-proof
  • Chemical-resistant
  • Safe for food handling
  • Decreases road noise
  • Easy to clean and install

Composite Wood Floor's Top Qualities

Benefits of composite wood floors include:

  • Water-resistant
  • Wear-resistant
  • High traction
  • Prevents cargo from sliding
  • Interior protection
  • Easy to install

Rubber Floor Mat's Top Qualities

Here are a few of the advantages of rubber floor mats:

  • Oil-resistant
  • Chemical-resistant
  • Water-resistant
  • High traction
  • Gentle on joints and limbs
  • Easy to install


How to Install Flooring for a Ram ProMaster

Once you've chosen and purchased your ProMaster flooring, it's time to learn how to install it. Installing commercial van flooring is straightforward because everything you need will be in your ProMaster floor kit, which will include the flooring, hardware for installation and optional rear and side door sills. Once you've assembled the items in your kit, follow these three simple steps:

  • Place the flooring in your ProMaster.
  • Align the sills with the rear and side doors.
  • Install the sills using the hardware from your kit.

Because the commercial van floor will be sized to suit your ProMaster's dimensions, putting the floor in your van will be easy. Just remember to completely clean your van's floor before laying down the new flooring, then be sure to get the new floor as in line and smoothed out as possible before securing it with the hardware. When in doubt, check your kit's illustrated instructions, which are specific to your type of flooring and will walk you through the process step by step.

Other ProMaster Van Interior Equipment

Although flooring is a significant part of your ProMaster, your van can benefit from many other fundamental pieces of equipment. Check out these ProMaster products to see what your work van might be missing:

  • Wall, door and ceiling liners: The floor is not the only part of your ProMaster that benefits from being lined. Protect your interior and increase the insulation by lining your van's ceiling and walls. Wall, door, and ceiling liners also decrease road noise and keep your ProMaster looking as new as possible.
  • Shelving: No matter what your job, the shelving in your ProMaster is essential. Your work van's shelves will help you locate the right tool quickly while on the job, saving you time and increasing your productivity. Available as individual shelving units or shelving packages, shelving is one van accessory you won't want to go without.
  • Bins: Once you have shelves for your ProMaster, you'll need bins to put on those shelves to stay organized. Keeping your tools and parts in bins will keep them from getting lost and protect them from the damage they might incur if left laying around as well as increase organization to enable you to find the tools you're looking for faster.
  • Partitions and dividers: Adding partitions and dividers to your ProMaster van will create a better separation between the seating area of your van and the cargo area. These barriers prevent the cargo from moving into the cab section so the driver can focus solely on driving.
  • Roof equipment: Roof equipment for ProMaster vans covers everything from ladders to cargo racks. If you plan on transporting anything on the roof of your van, be sure you've got the right hooks, carrier tubes and tie-down systems to keep it secured.

Get the Van Liners You Need Fast and at the Best Price Today

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