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You're tired of the constant noise from the back of your cargo van and the danger the equipment could pose to your vehicle's passenger and driver. With a ProMaster partition, you don't have to worry. You add safety and other benefits to your work vehicle, all with simple installation.

There are many ProMaster partitions available, and selecting one for your van may seem daunting at first. Use this guide to learn more about this equipment and how to choose a ProMaster partition for your van.


Why Buy Van Partitions for Your ProMaster Work Van?

If you've never used a ProMaster bulkhead, you're probably wondering why you should buy one. Adding partitions to your vehicle comes with several benefits for you, your passenger, your van and your cargo. ProMaster partitions enhance your vehicle's:


Safety is an essential consideration for anything you add to a vehicle. Ideally, the equipment will meet safety standards and enhance the protection for anyone in your van. ProMaster safety partitions can protect your van's driver and passenger:

  • During an accident: No one wants to think about the likelihood of getting into an accident, but it's best to be prepared. In the event of an accident, a partition protects drivers from tools and equipment that would've flown into the cabin without a divider.
  • During your drive: Even under normal driving conditions, your equipment and tools could shift around as you drive. A divider will keep cargo contained so it cannot move into the cab during your drive. That prevents it from interfering with the driver or passenger.


You should strive to work smarter, not harder, and the partition you choose should let you and your van do just that. Ram ProMaster bulkheads and partitions help create a more efficient ride with:

  • Fuel efficiency: A partition helps you save on fuel costs by keeping the temperature in your cabin steadier. Without a divider, the heater or air conditioner works harder to maintain the temperature of the entire vehicle. ProMaster solid partitions keep the temperature control limited to your cab.
  • Visibility: Partitions with windows allow visibility through the back of your van if the rear doors have windows. That lets you keep an eye on your cargo, but it also makes driving and parking easier. You won't have to rely only on your mirrors or make your passenger get out to help you park when you can see through the partition out the back of your vehicle.


You shouldn't underestimate the power of a comfortable ride. It'll eliminate stress and help the driver focus on driving without any distractions. ProMaster partitions add comfort to your vehicle by offering:

  • A quieter ride:  The sound of cargo sliding and clanging around is distracting, no matter how long your drive. A divider isolates sound from the cargo area from the cabin, making your drive quieter and more comfortable.
  • Cabin comfort: ProMaster contoured partitions create setback space in the cabin. That means you can move your seat back as you like while still getting the other benefits of ProMaster safety partitions.

What to Look for When Purchasing Partitions for Your ProMaster

If you've never purchased partitions for your Ram ProMaster before or you want to ensure you buy the right ones, know what to look for. The exact qualities and materials you get will depend on your needs. No matter your other needs, you should look for these qualities in your partition options:

  • Easy installation: One sign of a quality bulkhead is easy installation. It shows that the manufacturer carefully considered the design of the partition. They made it easy to install and created the perfect custom fit for your Ram ProMaster.
  • Safety: Ensure you choose Ram ProMaster bulkheads and partitions that make your ride safer. Choose a trusted manufacturer and an equally trustworthy supplier. They should meet the highest safety standards in the country and use quality materials and construction to create their equipment.
  • Fuel efficiency: While ProMaster solid partitions will already reduce your fuel use by helping temperature control in the cab, a divider can promote fuel efficiency in other ways, too. A lightweight design will help make your van more fuel-efficient. Look for a durable yet lightweight model that doesn't add too much weight to your van. You can then prioritize packing all your equipment without worrying about how much weight it all adds.
  • Rattle-free design: A bulkhead will keep sounds from the cargo area out of your cabin, but you don't want the partition itself to be noisy. Select quality equipment made with a rattle-free design. A thoughtful and quiet design is particularly essential with ProMaster sliding door partitions and swing door models. Rattling from your partition can be a distraction, so eliminate the possibility with a quiet design.
  • Efficient design: A ProMaster contoured partition should provide benefits for your cabin and your cargo area. You don't want to compromise on space in either section of your van, and a smart design will help you avoid that issue. Select a contoured partition that allows setback space for your driver and passenger seats while maintaining as much space as possible in the cargo area.

ProMaster Partition Options

When you shop Ram ProMaster partitions with Advantage Outfitters, LLC, you select from the Ranger Design brand. This manufacturer engineers its partitions to meet rigorous crash test and safety standards. You'll get maximum impact resistance and a secure, solid divider for your vehicle.

Every Ranger Design ProMaster partition fits both high and low roof vehicles, making your selection a bit easier. All you have to do is decide which material and style you want for your van. Learn more about the dividers we offer at Advantage Outfitters by partition material below.


ProMaster Aluminum Partitions

Aluminum is a lightweight yet durable material that's well-suited for van dividers. Contoured designs come in at 59 pounds, while the ProMaster aluminum bulkhead in the sliding door option weighs 76 pounds. Any of those models would be the perfect addition to your van, so consider these aluminum styles:

  • ProMaster contoured partition: Don't compromise between floor space and seatback space. The aluminum contoured partition features a smart design that allows for seatback travel while maintaining floor space in the cargo area. With a ProMaster solid bulkhead, you also have noise and thermal protection in the cabin.
  • ProMaster contoured partition with a window: Combine the benefit of a contoured divider and visibility in a ProMaster bulkhead with a window. The tempered glass window lets you see to the rear of the van and maintains the durability in your partition.
  • ProMaster sliding door partition: A door partition gives you the convenience of passing between your cab and cargo area. With a ProMaster aluminum sliding door partition, you won't have to worry about opening the door into your cargo space because of its compact design. The door also locks to protect your cab and stay closed as you're driving.

ProMaster Steel Partitions

Steel is another strong and durable material. A ProMaster steel bulkhead will protect your van's driver and passenger from cargo in the back, all in a versatile and economical design. With ProMaster steel partitions, you'll have 5 inches of setback space so you can still adjust the cabin seats. Consider these steel bulkhead styles:

  • ProMaster straight partition: If you want the most popular choice for your van, consider the ProMaster straight partition. It features a steel mesh upper to allow visibility into the back, giving you the convenience you'd get in a ProMaster partition with a window.
  • ProMaster pass-through partition: This divider style lets you easily go between your cab and the back of your van. The pass-through partition a lightweight option because it only consists of driver side and passenger side panels.
  • ProMaster swing door partition: Get the convenience of a pass-through partition with the protection of a straight bulkhead in a swing door model. The ProMaster steel swing door partition features a latch to close and a mesh upper to let you see into the back.

ProMaster Composite Partitions

Composite is designed to provide the most impact resistance. That means you can store your tools and equipment in the back without worrying about your divider. If your cargo slides around, it won't damage the composite divider. Thanks to the material, you won't hear clanging and sliding from the back.

The ProMaster composite partition is also made to be thermally stable in any weather condition. Whether you're working in the cold of winter or heat of summer, your divider won't crack or become damaged in extreme temperatures. The secure fit also helps regulate your cabin's heating and cooling, making it the ideal all-weather addition to your ProMaster van.

The contoured design will keep you comfortable, as well. Get maximum seatback travel and floor space in this 64-pound ProMaster composite bulkhead.


How to Choose a ProMaster Partition

When you've decided to add a divider to your vehicle, you need to know how to choose a ProMaster partition. With so many possibilities to consider, it helps to evaluate your specific uses, needs and desires for your work van. As you select a Ram ProMaster bulkhead, consider:

  • Your storage needs: Certain partition designs allow you to customize the divider further. Add shelves or bins when you consider bulkheads that will let you attach them. You can also prioritize a sliding door or partition design that lets you retain as much of your cargo space as possible.
  • Your budget: Your budget is essential to consider when getting any equipment for your van. Compare prices, but get the divider that will meet your needs without cutting corners.
  • Your preferred material: If you have a preference for the weight or appearance of your divider, take time to compare materials. ProMaster steel partitions are often white, aluminum ones are silver, and composite comes in black. Aluminum can be the most lightweight of the three, but it will depend on the overall design of the bulkhead. All those materials provide strength and durability for your partition, so it will come down to the look.
  • Your other needs: You want the ProMaster bulkhead you select to meet all your needs. With so many design options available, you'll need to think about what would be the most convenient for you and your business. Consider whether you'd need ProMaster partitions with windows or openings between the back and the cabin.

How to Install Partitions for a ProMaster

Installing a ProMaster partition is typically a two-person job. You'll want someone to help you lift the panels and hold them in place as you attach the hardware. The installation process will then vary based on the type of partition you choose for your van, but it can take as little as one hour.

Start by gathering the tools. You may find a list of what you need in the bulkhead's installation guide. Rely on the manual but know you could need these tools and supplies:

  • A cordless drill
  • A cordless driver
  • A hole saw
  • A marker
  • A cross-nut tool
  • Sockets
  • A tape measure
  • Wrenches

No matter what divider you purchase, some steps and tips will be the same. In general, your installation instructions will include steps like these for your new partition:

  1. Unpack all your partition components and ensure you have them all.
  2. Identify the assembly and installation fastener bags.
  3. Attach necessary components, like the grab handle or support brackets.
  4. Prepare the ceiling, floor, driver side and passenger side by creating holes, adding hardware or attaching brackets as necessary.
  5. Put the partition or panels in place to ensure everything lines up, and make adjustments where needed.
  6. Install the panel as directed, either in sections or in one piece.
  7. Ensure components like sliding or swing doors function and close properly, making adjustments where needed.
  8. Apply the partition's warning label and add other accessories, like the grab handle, if you haven't already.

Other ProMaster Van Interior Equipment

Enhance your van's customization with additional interior equipment. There are lots of options for your ProMaster van that will make your transportation safer and more efficient. Consider additions like these in your vehicle renovation:

  • Shelving:Shelves for your ProMaster will make being efficient easy. No more time wasted as you dig through your equipment to find what you need. No more money wasted as you buy a tool you thought you lost but was simply misplaced. Shelving provides additional vertical storage space and keeps everything organized.
  • Flooring and mats: Rubber mats and flooring for your ProMaster give you additional traction in the back. That'll save you and others from slipping in the cargo area and will help stop equipment from sliding around as much. You also create additional wear and tear resistance as this covering protects your van's floor.
  • Wall, door and ceiling panels: ProMaster interior panels provide extra protection for the inside of your van. Avoid scratches and dents to the vehicle's interior as you carry equipment in and out. You'll also have extra noise control and better temperature control when you install lightweight panels throughout your van.


Order ProMaster Partitions From Advantage Outfitters, LLC

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Browse our ProMaster partitions and order online today. Customize your Ram ProMaster and other work vehicles with Advantage Outfitters.

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