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There are probably many reasons why you chose a Ram ProMaster as a van for your business. Whether you selected the ProMaster van or the ProMaster City van, both models offer great gas mileage in the city and on the highway. The Ram ProMaster has lots of cargo space that ranges from 259 square feet to 436 square feet depending upon the model you choose. Both models can handle large payloads.

Until this point, however, there are a few problems that you need to solve. Perhaps your tools are scattered around the back and not properly organized. It can get so noisy as you move around the city, and you may have had a couple of close calls when you've been forced to stop suddenly because the materials from the back come flying up.

The shelving packages Advantage Outfitters has for your Ram ProMaster van will help you solve many of these issues.


What's Included in the RAM ProMaster Van Shelving Packages?

With such a wide variety of shelving packages to choose from, Advantage Outfitters has many Ram ProMaster shelving ideas. We know your shelving needs might depend on the industry in which you work. The good news is that we have shelving packages that can meet the demands of several industries, including electrical, plumbing, locksmith, delivery or general service. We have an option for each one, so you can get the best possible match for your work van.

We only use Ranger design van shelving for ProMaster cargo vans. Some packages also have additional accessories to enhance the organization of your work van. Below are more details about what each package offers:

1. Base and General Service Packages

The base and general services shelving packages are ideal for the professional who doesn't need a specific type of shelving. You can get a general service package at a great price with lots of storage space. Below is more information about this set:

  • Packages for the 118" wheelbase: We offer a base package and a general service package for the 118" WB van. They are made of galvanized steel and panels, along with aluminum shelving that has composite bottoms. They take about an hour to assemble and just under two hours to install.
  • Packages for the 136" wheelbase: For the 136" WB van, we offer a base package in steel and general services packages in a choice of aluminum or steel.
  • Packages for the 159" wheelbase: The 159" WB base package also comes in steel, and you have the choice of aluminum or steel in the general services package.

2. Plumbing or HVAC Shelving Package

For plumbers or HVAC technicians, our ProMaster van shelving plans include refrigerant racks, glass bottle holders and rattle-free dividers. When you order shelving specifically for your plumbing business, you have access to:

  • Steel shelving sets for the 118" wheelbase: Our 118" WB plumbing/HGA shelving package comes in steel. It's built with galvanized steel end panels and aluminum shelves, along with composite bottoms. It only takes about an hour and 30 minutes to assemble and about two and a half hours to install. All the hardware that you need, as well as mounting brackets, are included.
  • Aluminum and steel shelving sets for the 136" wheelbase: If you are looking for something for a 136" WB van, we have a Ram ProMaster HVAC shelving selection in aluminum and two options in plumbing, one in aluminum and one in steel. All our 136" WB HVAC and plumbing shelving can be assembled in one and a half to two hours and then installed in two or three hours.
  • Aluminum and steel shelving sets for the 159" wheelbase: Finally, for the 159" WB, we have an aluminum package for HVAC and a steel and aluminum package for plumbing. Both of these options can be assembled in one and a half to four hours and installed in two to four hours.

3. Electrician Shelving Packages

For an electrician, shelving for a Ram ProMaster includes a wire reel holder, a locking cabinet and a swivel hook. Each package also comes with removable storage bins or parts cases with lids.

  • Steel and aluminum shelving sets for the 118" wheelbase: If you are an electrician with a 118" WB Ram ProMaster van, we offer a steel package. It comes with galvanized steel end panels along with aluminum shelves and composite bottoms. All your hardware and brackets are included, but not a partition. It takes about an hour and a half to assemble and a little over two hours to install.
  • Steel and aluminum shelving sets for the 136" wheelbase: For those with a 136" WB van, we have an aluminum set of shelving and also a steel option. They take between one and a half hours and three hours to assemble and two to three hours to install, depending on which option you choose. The aluminum packages take a bit longer to assemble and install than steel packages.
  • Steel and aluminum shelving sets for the 159" wheelbase: For electricians with a 159" WB van, you also find aluminum and steel options. Again, assembly and installation times vary, depending on which package you select.

4. Delivery Van Shelving Package

These Ram ProMaster shelving systems are ideal for general deliveries. Whether you run a catering business or deliver flowers, the convenience of foldable, rattle-free shelving can increase your efficiency, allowing you to make more deliveries each day. Aluminum is considered the best option for delivery vans because this material is lightweight.

  • General service packages for the 118" wheelbase: We recommend our general service package for 118" WB vans.
  • Aluminum shelving sets for the 136" wheelbase: Looking at a 136" WB van, try our aluminum shelving option. All the shelves are 20 inches deep, and the capacity of the shelving is 40 pounds per linear foot. All the hardware and mounting brackets you need are included. It takes about two hours to assemble and an hour and 15 minutes to install. There is no partition included in this package.
  • Aluminum shelving sets for the 159" wheelbase: We also offer an aluminum option for the 159" WB van. This package has the same 20-inch shelves with a 40-pound per linear foot capacity. It takes about three hours to assemble but only an hour and a half to install.

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Shelving Material Options: Steel vs. Aluminum

We've talked a bit above about the different packages that we offer in steel and aluminum. Both steel and aluminum are strong, durable materials. The choice depends on your needs. Steel costs a little less but may not be the best option if saving gas is your primary concern. Aluminum shelving means you are carrying less weight.

Steel shelving, however, is ideal for those who may want to save a bit on upfront costs. Steel is also great if you make a lot of your deliveries in areas where the roads are bad and poorly maintained.

Ranger steel options assemble faster and install more quickly than aluminum ones. While aluminum may take a bit longer to assemble and install, it gives your van a great look and lots of space to store things.

Other Ram ProMaster Product Ideas

Advantage Outfitters offers great shelving for your Ram ProMaster as well as many other products that you may want to add to your work van:

  • We have ladder racks that allow you to save valuable space inside your van and store your ladders on the roof.
  • Our wall liners help protect your investment. When the day comes that you need to sell your van and buy a new one, you don't want your van to look too beat up. Plus, they're easy to install.
  • We have flooring and rubber mats that help protect your van from spills and stains, and you're less likely to slip when you're moving about.
  • Our partitions and dividers help protect you or your drivers from anything that might be loose in the back of the van and reduce the noise that you find in a work van.
  • Finally, we have a Ranger cab organizer to keep the front of your van neat and tidy too.


Why Invest in Shelving for Your Ram ProMaster Van?

When you order shelving for your Ram ProMaster van from Advantage Outfitters, you're making an investment that will help you be better organized and could even help you make more money. Below are some of the biggest advantages of investing in Ram ProMaster shelving:

1. Superior Organization

When you go to job sites with an unorganized pile of tools crammed in the back of your cargo area, it can be frustrating to search for the items you need to complete each job. Getting new custom shelving for your ProMaster van is the best way to deal with this problem. With custom shelving, you will be able to:

  • Find the right tools when you need them, even small tools that tend to get lost.
  • Finish each job with greater efficiency than you would if you struggled to find tools.
  • Work more quickly, leading to more time for traveling between job sites and engaging with customers.
  • Do a better job for your customers.

2. Improved Productivity

If you work productively at each job site, you will have plenty of time to carry out your appointments and can even start taking on more work. If you're having difficulties managing your tools, shelving can make it easier to find certain tools, parts or accessories and help you stay productive.

The moment you show up for one job, you're probably already thinking about how quickly you can get to the next one. With your new shelving sets, you can avoid going back and forth to your van in search of what you need to fix your current client's problem. Shelving helps you shave precious minutes off the job, which can add up to hours over a day or a week — hours you can use to do other jobs and make more money.

3. Longer Use of Your Tools

If your work van has better organization, you can also prevent having to spend money on replacing your missing or lost tools. When you use shelves to store your most important tools and accessories, it is less likely that they will get damaged or go missing, and you'll be able to use your tools for their entire life span. The additional savings from keeping all of your tools in order will help manage your business expenses. 

You might have had to buy a new tool only to find your old one weeks later among your unorganized supplies. Once tools and accessories are stored in proper shelving, they're less likely to get "lost" as they might in a pile of unorganized tools.

4. Happy Customers

Your customers will notice your high efficiency and professionalism on the job. When you can tell your customers, "I have just the tool to fix your problem, and I know exactly where it is," you're on your way to repeat business. Additionally, they will happily tell their friends about the great service they received from you, bringing in referral business as well.

You want your customers to know that you stay well organized and have all of the equipment needed for each type of job. Your shelving will give you the organization and confidence you need to keep customers happy with your service.

How to Choose the Right Shelves and Bins for Your Ram ProMaster Van

At Advantage Outfitters, we have shelving products that work for each wheelbase (WB) and roof option of theRam ProMaster van, including:

  • 118" wheelbase with a low roof
  • 136" wheelbase with a low roof or a high roof
  • 159" wheelbase
  • 159" wheelbase extended

Let's look at the dimensions of each of the Ram ProMaster vans in the 1500, 2500 and 3500 series:

1. 1500: 118" WB and a Low Roof

The 1500 Ram ProMaster van is the lightest in the series, and the low roof is the standard option, providing just enough space for many working professionals with light equipment loads. The specifications of the 188" wheelbase model are:

  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR): 8550
  • Overall Height Without Roof Rack: 91.7"
  • Overall Length: 195.4"
  • Overhang Front: 37.6"
  • Overhang Rear: 40.1"
  • Side Door Opening Height: 58.5"
  • Side Door Opening Width: 42.3"

2. 1500: 136" WB and a Low Roof

The next wheelbase model is the 136" and includes these specifications:

  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR): 8550
  • Overall Height Without Roof Rack: 92.8"
  • Overall Length: 213.2"
  • Overhang Front: 37.6"
  • Overhang Rear: 39.6"
  • Side Door Opening Height: 58.5"
  • Side Door Opening Width: 49.2"

3. 1500: 136" WB and a High Roof

A high roof offers more room for when you have bulky equipment that requires some extra height. Many of the other specifications are the same. Below are the averages:

  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR): 8550
  • Overall Height Without Roof Rack: 105.9"
  • Overall Length: 213.2"
  • Overhang Front: 37.6"
  • Overhang Rear: 39.6"
  • Side Door Opening Height: 69"
  • Side Door Opening Width: 49.2"

4. 2500: 136" WB and a High Roof

Once you start looking at the 2500 Ram ProMaster van, you will notice that this midrange vehicle is heavier than the 1500 and comes with some additional features. As far as the dimensions go, you can order shelving that fits either wheelbase perfectly. The specifications for this model are:

  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR): 8900
  • Overall Height Without Roof Rack: 92.8"
  • Overall Length: 213.2"
  • Overhang Front: 37.6"
  • Overhang Rear: 39.6"
  • Side Door Opening Height: 69"
  • Side Door Opening Width: 49.2"

5. 2500: 159" WB and a High Roof

The specifications for this wheelbase are:

  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR): 8900
  • Overall Height Without Roof Rack: 105.9"
  • Overall Length: 236.2"
  • Overhang Front: 37.6"
  • Overhang Rear: 39.6"
  • Side Door Opening Height: 69"
  • Side Door Opening Width: 49.2"

6. 3500: 159" WB and a High Roof

The 3500 vehicle is the largest van available, but its interior size has similar dimensions to the 2500 model. Below are the specifications in detail:

  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR): 9350
  • Overall Height Without Roof Rack: 105.9"
  • Overall Length: 236.2"
  • Overhang Front: 37.6"
  • Overhang Rear: 39.3"
  • Side Door Opening Height: 69"
  • Side Door Opening Width: 49.2"

7. 3500: 159" WB and a High Roof, Extended

This last extended model has the longest cargo space. The specifications are:

  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR): 9350
  • Overall Height Without Roof Rack: 105.9"
  • Overall Length: 250.6"
  • Overhang Front: 37.6"
  • Overhang Rear: 53.9"
  • Side Door Opening Height: 69"
  • Side Door Opening Width: 49.2"


Advantage Outfitters: Your Source for ProMaster Shelving Packages

If your organization owns a Ram ProMaster and you're looking to equip it with shelving that increases its convenience factor, safety features and resale value, Advantage Outfitters, LLC can help. We are a New York metropolitan-area-based provider of quality Dodge ProMaster shelving racks, available for order through our online store.

Our ProMaster shelf racks are available in a wide variety of configurations that can be customized to suit your particular industry. We have worked with clients in multiple trades and have provided Ram ProMaster shelves to suit custom tasks. We're able to provide custom solutions for electricians, HVAC professionals, plumbers and locksmiths. Within these choices, you're able to select steel or aluminum construction — whatever best suits your needs.

Consider a ProMaster Base Package for a shelving solution that's suitable for a diverse array of functions and is available in sizes that fit a healthy variety of ProMaster van sizes. Our ProMaster Base Package is comprised of extruded aluminum shelving, composite bottoms, galvanized steel end panels and rattle-free dividers, which minimize noise level and offer added security for your tools and equipment.

We're confident we can provide your company with Ram ProMaster and Ram ProMaster City shelving packages that will help make storage more convenient for your staff, prevent the loss of important tools and help protect your employees and vehicles from damage caused by flying equipment.

Products ship within 48 business hours of your purchase, ensuring you have all the tools you need to organize your ProMaster cargo van as quickly as possible.

You can contact us at 866-925-4844 or online using our live chat option. You can visit our contact us page and leave us some details about your Ram ProMaster van needs a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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