Ladder Racks

ProMaster - Ladder Racks/Roof Equipment

ProMaster - Ladder Racks/Roof Equipment

The RAM ProMaster van is one of the best cargo vans around for small businesses. To get the most out of your ProMaster van, consider adding ladder racks and or other roof equipment to increase the amount of tools and parts you can carry with your van, and in turn, increase your efficiency and productivity. We have several different ladder racks available for all your needs. Explore ladder rack options to start outfitting your RAM ProMaster van today!

Types of Roof Equipment Available for the ProMaster Van

At Advantage Outfitters, LLC, we have a plethora of options for you to get more out of your RAM ProMaster. Whatever your specific needs are for your work vehicle, we have roof equipment for it. The roof equipment we offer includes cargo racks, drop-down ladder racks, conduit carrier tubes and ladder hooks.

How to Choose the Right Ladder Rack for Your RAM ProMaster

With so many options available to you, you might have a hard time deciding which ladder rack is suitable for you. Each rack has its benefits and affects your company’s initial cost, productivity, cargo capacity and worker safety differently. You need to understand the benefits of different types of ladder racks and how they impact your business. You can purchase three different categories of racks — clamp-down, drop-down and cargo racks. Each has its advantages and disadvantages depending on you and your company’s needs.

For businesses looking to store and transport more than just ladders, cargo racks may be immensely beneficial. Cargo racks are the most flexible option and allow you to transport several different materials. Cargo racks are also typically available at a lower price point than more complicated roof equipment. However, cargo racks can be more difficult to access on high-roof vans.

Drop-down racks are excellent for vans with higher roof heights like the RAM ProMaster. These racks assist in lifting and lowering your ladders and provide an ergonomic option that increases your efficiency. This is especially useful if you need to access your ladders several times a day. However, because they are more complicated, drop-down racks tend to be a bit more expensive and can only carry a maximum of two ladders at a time.

Clamp-down racks are similar to drop-down racks. They offer an easy-to-use option with a dependable locking mechanism. Much like their drop-down counterparts, they’re available in single- and double-side configurations that allow them to carry one ladder per side. However, unlike drop-down racks, clamp-down racks are a little bit more challenging to access on high-roof vans like the ProMaster. They represent a dependable mid-level option with a price point between basic cargo decks and drop-down racks.

With such a wide variety of options available, it ultimately comes down to which roof equipment fits your needs. By weighing the pros and cons of each, you can decide which cargo deck or ladder rack is the best for your RAM ProMaster. 

our ladder racks offer a lightweight design that is sturdy and built to last, offering unmatched quality in the industry.

Why Choose Advantage Outfitters? 

At Advantage Outfitters, our ladder racks offer a lightweight design that is sturdy and built to last, offering unmatched quality in the industry. We pride ourselves on focusing on the customer with our 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 10-year product warranty. If you aren’t completely satisfied with your product, you can return any item for a full product refund or exchange within 30 of the initial purchase.  

Advantage Outfitters also offers a price match guarantee. We have the best prices on the market for van shelving packages and equipment. If you find any lower prices, we’ll match the price of any identical item from competitors.

Find ProMaster Van Ladder Racks and Much More

If you’re looking for even more equipment or accessories to customize your RAM ProMaster van, we have a wide variety of upfitting products to fit your needs. Our equipment and accessories include:

Every business needs their van for different reasons. We’re here to help you find everything you need to optimize your van for your business. Your van is the heart and soul of your work, and we want to help you make it the best workplace possible. 

Upgrade Your RAM ProMaster With Ladder Racks and Other Storage Systems 

Optimize your van’s storage potential by shopping with Advantage Outfitters’ ladder racks and storage systems today! With our wide selection of products for RAM ProMaster vans, we’re here to ensure that you have the perfect equipment for all your van’s needs. Contact us if you have any questions regarding your commercial van outfitting needs. We’ll gladly help!

Optimize your van’s storage potential by shopping with Advantage Outfitters’ ladder racks and storage systems today!

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