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Ram ProMaster Cargo Van Wall Liners

Your Ram ProMaster is a versatile vehicle. With its low load floor and front-wheel drive, you can take it just about anywhere and put just about anything in it. The ProMaster comes in three different sizes – 1500, 2500 and 3500 – can have a standard roof or a high roof and is available in a variety of lengths.

The Ram ProMaster also has the best resale value of all the vans we’ve looked at. If you want to preserve that resale value, you need to take care of the van. After all, the average van can take quite a beating. As you drive around town, the walls, the doors and the ceiling can experience dents and scratches, and if you need to make a service call in a more rural area, it only gets worse. While the Ram ProMaster does have a low floor, depending on what you’re removing from the van, you can scratch or dent the roof.

If you want to keep that Ram ProMaster van looking as new as possible, so you'll get the best deal when it comes time to resell it and get a new one, you need to outfit the van with wall liners, ceiling panels and door panels. Wall liners, doors and ceiling panels will not only protect your van from everyday dents and scratches, but will also create a much quieter environment for you or your drivers. These liners and panels deaden loud noises from tools and equipment shifting in the back of the van, even when you have carefully stored those parts in shelving and compartments.

Fortunately, here at Advantage Outfitters, we have everything you need to keep your Ram ProMaster in tip-top shape. Regardless of the size of the Ram ProMaster you are driving, or whether you have a standard ceiling or high ceiling, you’ll find the ProMaster panel kit you need to give you a quiet ride and the best resale value.

Features of Our Van Liner Kits for Ram ProMaster

You can find wall liners, door panels and ceiling panels for ProMaster vans from several different sources. But there are many reasons to choose from our selection, foremost of which is the quality of our products. We emphasize curating a range of products offerings that meet high-quality standards, and that includes lightweight and durable products.

By offering lightweight products, we’re able to keep your van efficient. Weighing it down with heavy liners is only going to eat into your miles per gallon. And ensuring that these lightweight products are also strong means our ProMaster van ceiling liners, door liners and wall liners can withstand the rigors of a tough day.

The features of van liner kits for Ram ProMaster

1. Wall Panels

Wall panels are the ideal solution to dent and scratch problems. You can find yourself making costly repairs to your truck even before you try to resell it without protective wall panels. The wall panels we offer are lightweight, easy to install and give you solid, long-lasting protection.

2. Door Panels

If you want to protect the inside of your van, don’t forget about the doors. Our door panels will offer you the same great protection as wall liners, and also provides you with more temperature and noise control. Vans can often get dirty quickly because you rely on them for consistent day-to-day use. Door panels, like wall liners, improve the appearance of the back of your van by making dirt less visible than you might find in the insides of a van without these features.

3. Ceiling Panels

Van owners might not often think of ceiling panels when they are looking to provide scratch and dent protection and a quieter ride. While your ceiling may not take as much of a beating as your walls and doors, when you’re lifting larger pieces in and out of your van, you could easily dent or scratch your roof. Ram ProMaster ceiling panels also help with noise control and, when insulated, make the back your van a more comfortable place to work, especially on a very cold or hot day.

What to Look for When Purchasing Van Panels for Your Ram ProMaster

When you have decided to add wall, door and ceiling panels to your Ram ProMaster van, here are some of the fundamental things you should look for in making that purchase.

1. Easy to Install

The last thing you want to do is spend too much time trying to install panels. This fact remains true whether you are an independent contractor or you own a fleet of vans. Downtime means less time spent on the job earning money. Our Ram ProMaster wall, door and ceiling panels are a cinch to install and come with pre-drilled holes and self-drilling screws, so you know exactly where to line them up in your van. Our panels are precision-cut to make installing wall, door and ceiling liners for Ram Promaster a time-saving project anyone can handle.

2. Insulated

You can purchase Ram ProMaster insulated panels that have a layer of foil/foam on the back. This insulation not only acts to dampen sound, but also provides reliable temperature control in the back of the van.

3. Lightweight

If you’re thinking about installing wall, door or ceiling panels in your Ram ProMaster van, you might be concerned about how this will affect your gas consumption. After all, you don’t want to add a feature that offers benefits in one area, while taking them away in another. Fortunately, we sell lightweight plastic van liners for Ram ProMaster. They are tough enough to offer your van the protection it needs, but light enough that they won’t have a noticeable impact on your van’s MPG.

At Advantage Outfitters, we offer products from Legend Fleet and vanLiner, products designed to protect your van while making your ride quieter and more comfortable.

The Benefits of Buying Van Liners and Panels for Ram ProMaster

Benefits of Buying Van Liners and Panels for Ram ProMaster

Buying a plastic van wall panel liner kit for your ProMaster van offers a variety of benefits any owner can appreciate. Some of those benefits include the following.

1. Less Noise

If you've ever spent all day driving in a work van, you have some idea how noisy it can get. Even properly stored tools and accessories can make a lot of noise. By the end of the workday, it’s not uncommon for van drivers to have a headache. Ram ProMaster liners and panels help deaden sound and make the day far less noisy. When your drivers and technicians feel better, they will perform better.

2. More Comfort

If you live in a part of the country where weather is a concern, and your service techs need to spend large portions of their days working in their vans, you can make their lives more comfortable with our insulated liners and panels. When you use wall, door and ceiling panels, you provide a more temperature-friendly environment for yourself or your employees to do their jobs.

3. Protect Your Assets

Your van, or vans, are some of your most valuable assets. While the Ram ProMaster is reasonably affordable for a van of its size, it is still a significant investment. Wall, door and ceiling panels protect this investment in two ways.

  • They keep your vans looking professional: Clients don’t want to see a service tech arrive in a van full of dents and scratches. Their first impression goes a long way toward shaping their attitude toward you. Van liners and panels promote that professional look you want.
  • They preserve your resale value: As we noted above, the Ram ProMaster has one of the best resale values in the industry. Once you’re ready to move on to newer models, you want to be able to recoup as much of your return on investment as possible. When you protect your van using wall, door and ceiling panels, you help ensure your van will be an attractive purchase for their next owner.

4. Organization

When you buy wall panels for your Ram ProMaster, you make it easier to set up shelving and organizational bins that will keep your tools organized, separate and protected.

5. Separate Cabin

When you purchase insulated van door panels for your ProMaster to go along with van liners and panels, you are not only ensuring a much quieter environment for your employees, but also a safer one. Even if you have organizational shelves and bins, there is still a chance something could fly forward if the van must come to a sudden stop. Door partitions mean a quieter and safer environment for yourself or your employees.

Determining the Right Size Panels for Ram ProMaster Vans

Since our wall, door and ceiling panels are precision-fit for your Ram ProMaster van, it’s essential to choose a product that will work with your wheelbase size and roof height. Ram ProMasters come in three wheelbase sizes – 118, 136 and 159 inches. The two smaller wheelbase sizes are available for either low roof or high roof options, while the 159-inch wheelbase works with high roof or extended high roof.

If you are unsure about what is the best option for your van, check the invoice or paperwork that came with the van when you purchased it, or call us at Advantage Outfitters, and we will help you find the right solution.


Choosing the Right Ceiling Panel or Roof Panel for Your Ram ProMaster

We offer 5/16-inch insulated plastic ceiling panels from Legend Fleet. You can purchase them for low roofs or high roofs and for all three wheelbases. They are precision-cut, gray and easy to install. When you combine them with wall and door panels, they create an R4 thermal barrier. They are compatible with Ram ProMaster vans that either have rear doors or a single side sliding door.

If you don’t need an insulated option, try our vanLiner 3/16-inch ceiling panel, made of tough, durable plastic. It is available in high or low roof and all three wheelbase sizes. It’s an ideal option if you work in a more temperate climate and keep a close eye on your mileage.

Buying Door Panels for Ram ProMaster

We also have two options for door panels. If you’re looking for something that offers more sound deadening and better temperature control, we sell Legend Fleet Duratherm insulated liners for Ram ProMaster. They are a snap to install, with pre-drilled holes and self-drilling screws. These Duratherm liners will work in Ram ProMasters of either roof size or any wheelbase size. The kit comes with three panels for two rear doors and one for the side door.

The lighter vanLiner option is a plastic 3/16-inch door panel. It’s also available for both roof sizes and all three wheelbases.

How to Install Van Panels in a Ram ProMaster

Regardless of what option you choose based on roof height and wheelbase, the wall, door and ceiling panels from Advantage Outfitters are easy to install. Our website includes downloadable, easy-to-follow instructions for all versions of wall, door or ceiling panels that will allow you to do the work by yourself. There is also an instructional video that shows you how to install wall panels on an extended-roof, 159-inch wheelbase model.

If you have any problems during installation, our experienced technicians are standing by to give you the help you need to finish the job.

Ram ProMaster Liners for Sale Online

You’ll find a wide selection of ProMaster Legend fleet insulated roof liners, wall liners, ceiling liners and door panels at Advantage Outfitters. But you’ll also find all the other parts and accessories needed to completely upfit your service vehicle — a comprehensive collection that gives you options.

You'll find multiple options for roof and ladder racks, shelving for organization, partitions, flooring and much more. Shop our selection of door panels for ProMaster vans, ceiling liners and wall liners, and find the best prices for Ram ProMaster wall liners and other ProMaster accessories needed to make your vehicle the best possible place to do your work.

Why You Should Choose Advantage Outfitters for Your Ram ProMaster Wall Liners

Why Choose Advantage Outfitters?

Everything is focused on you, the customer, at Advantage Outfitters. We offer a selection that’s meant to give you high-quality options for ProMaster wall liners, ceiling liners, door panels and other products. You’ll find our ordering system is simple and easy to use. And, we ship our products quickly, so you can put them into service sooner.

We also offer technical assistance should you need it. When you have questions or need expert guidance as you look for ProMaster wall liners and other products for your vehicle, we’re here to deliver. We can answer questions and provide support in order to ensure you get the perfect product to meet your vehicle’s needs.

Shop our selection of ProMaster van wall liners and check back regularly to see our monthly deals. We’re always offering promotions on products that may be helpful to your vehicle and your business.

Browse our selection to find the ProMaster van wall liners you need. If you have questions or need support, call us or contact us online and we'll be happy to assist you.

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