Individual Shelving Units

Savana / Express — Steel Shelving for GM Vans

Your vehicle is a portable office, workshop and storage shed when you work as a service professional. Having the right shelving is essential for keeping your tools and materials organized and to maximize the space your vehicle offers.

Make sure you have the space you need when you choose steel shelving for GM vans from Advantage Outfitters, LLC. We offer a Ranger Design Cargo Van Shelving System that is 42 inches wide and 46 inches high. Weighing just 56 pounds, this shelving unit is light but it's also made of steel — and that means it’s tough enough to withstand the rigors of your workday.

We also offer a Ranger Design Cargo Van Shelving System that is 87 inches wide and 46 inches high. This wider unit offers the same lightweight-yet-durable construction and you get about twice as much storage space as with the more narrow unit.

Find Replacement Pieces for Sprinter Vans

You may need a replacement for your existing GM cargo van storage, in which case these individual units work perfectly. The Ranger Design products are built to serve as Savana shelving unit options or Express van shelving. The fit should be perfect and you should get outstanding durability and performance over the long-term.

Your shelving and other portions of your cargo van's interior are likely to take a beating during the course of your work. That's why you need replacement shelving. Our replacement Savana and Express van shelving units are designed to last as long as possible even under the harshest daily conditions.

Packages and Custom Orders on Steel Shelving for GM Vans

At Advantage Outfitters, LLC, we also offer custom shelving racks and shelving packages for Savana van and Express van vehicles. These packages can completely upfit a service van at great value to the owner.

If you’re in any way unsure about what will work for your van or the types of packages that will deliver the best value, get in touch with us at any time. We can help you sort through our many individual pieces to put together the custom package that best meets your needs.

Expert guidance makes all the difference when you need custom Express or Savana shelving units. Let us guide you through the process rather than guessing at what you need.

Choose Advantage Outfitters, LLC for All Your GM Cargo Van Storage Needs

You'll find nothing but lightweight, strong and durable shelving units and other GM van accessories at Advantage Outfitters, LLC. We're committed to offering a huge selection of only the finest products: parts and accessories that boost your own performance and support your business.

Ordering is simple, easy and efficient — and almost all of our products are shipped off to your location within 48 hours. Anytime you have questions, we have answers. Contact us at any point for technical assistance as you weigh your options for shelving racks for Savana vans and Express vans.