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Keep your items secure and your passengers safe by installing Metris cargo van dividers. A partition between the front and the rear of the van limits driver distractions keeps the driver safe from loose cargo and keeps the cabin warm in cold weather.

Different types of partitions have unique benefits. The type of partition you choose should depend on your van's uses — whether you carry fragile objects, sharp tools and parts or other cargo. Mercedes Metris safety partitions can be steel, mesh, composite or transparent, with varying shapes and features. Learn more about the different partition options for your Mercedes Metris cargo van.

Metris Partitions Options

If you've decided you need a partition for your van, you might be surprised by the number of available choices. Weigh the benefits of each type of partition to decide which is right for you. Each design has unique advantages to consider.

Metris Steel Wire Mesh Partitions

Steel partitions are a classic option that provides durability for the safety and security of your drivers and cargo. A steel wire mesh partition is perfect for reliable protection from loose cargo or debris while allowing complete rear visibility. Wire mesh partitions also provide adequate airflow, allowing air conditioning or heating to circulate throughout the van for maximum comfort. These partitions give you plenty of room to adjust your seats without sacrificing cargo or floor space.

Steel wire mesh partitions are an economical option that's lightweight and easy to install. Wire mesh is some of the most lightweight partitions available on the market, weighing around 37 pounds. Metris wire mesh partitions are an ideal option if you use your vans for cargo transportation, especially if the cargo is breakable, valuable or potentially dangerous. Drivers and passengers will have a complete 180-degree view of the cargo, ensuring its security.

Metris Contoured Steel Partition With Window

Another classic steel option is the contoured steel partition. You can choose from perforated or solid panels made of durable galvanized steel that can sustain maximum impact to keep your drivers safe.


A contoured steel partition with a window is another excellent option for cargo-carrying or passenger vans. On top of improved safety, the mesh upper portion allows for visibility into the back of the van while limiting distractions to the driver. These partitions will also protect cargo from shifting around while your van is in motion, which is especially useful if transporting breakable or fragile materials. The contoured design fits seamlessly into your van for a tight seal and easy installation.

While contoured steel partitions tend to be heavier than others, they're unparalleled in their durability. These partitions are excellent for vans carrying potentially dangerous and heavy cargo.

Mercedes Clear Partitions

Transparent partitions provide adequate protection while allowing complete rear visibility into your cargo area, letting you keep an eye on your valuable cargo. These partitions use durable materials that can withstand impact and fit snuggly into the van, creating a tight, rattle-free seal.

Consider having a ClearShield Germ Barrier in your van for your driver's well-being and comfort. The barrier's transparent design allows for total visibility without any obstruction. A germ shield will also help you contain heat or air conditioning in the cabin without compromising visibility.

Metris Contoured Composite Partition With Window

Composite partitions are an excellent choice if you're looking for a combination of comfort and convenience. Composite partitions help reduce noise in the cabin while protecting drivers and passengers from loose materials or tools.

Composite partitions are made with composite materials designed to fit the specific contours of the Mercedes Metris vans. They fit seamlessly with a contoured design, providing plenty of floor and seatback travel space. The materials are lightweight yet can resist maximum impact, ensuring the safety of those inside the van.


Our Metris Contoured MaxView Partition with Window made with composite materials has all of these benefits and more. The window allows for total visibility into the rear of the cabin so you can keep an eye on your cargo. The tight seal also provides greater climate control and sound reduction to make your ride more enjoyable. The Metris contoured composite partition is a dependable option for those who haul fragile or breakable cargo.

What to Look for When Purchasing Partitions for Your Metris

You have plenty of options when shopping for a Mercedes Metris cargo partition wall. Consider these factors as you select the right divider for your needs. A partition should have the following features:

  • Simple Installation: The quicker you install your partition, the sooner you can get back to other tasks. Most Ranger Design partitions only take about an hour to install — so there's no need to put vans out of commission for entire days when you need to install a partition.
  • Safety First: If you carry dangerous objects, you should have a sturdy, end-to-end partition to help avoid injury or distraction to the driver. Consider steel or contoured composite partitions since they're made of durable materials and conform to the inside of your van, providing a tight seal that can keep the driver safe and focused.
  • A Lighter Weight Means Better Fuel Economy: Your Mercedes Metris dividers should be lightweight to promote efficiency and carry as much cargo as safely permitted. With a lightweight partition, you'll also save on fuel costs. Wire and mesh partitions are lightweight and easy to install, keeping your cargo safe without increasing fuel costs.
  • Windows Enable Visibility: With Metris clear partitions, an alternate driver or passenger will have a line of sight into the back of the van. Additionally, a partition with a window will afford the driver better road visibility for safer driving. Other options for visibility include wire mesh partitions and contoured composite partitions with a window.
  • It Comes From a Trusted Manufacturer: To be sure your partition will be durable and long-lasting, it's wise to choose a partition made by a reliable van-product brand, like Ranger Design. Metris Ranger Design partitions are consistently high-rated and dependable in the cargo van industry.

How to Install Partitions for a Metris

You can install any of these partitions using only simple tools. It will save you expensive professional installation fees, and you'll be able to quickly put your vans back on the road. Manufacturers design Ranger Design Metris partitions to be simple to install without compromising integrity and durability, reducing your fleet's downtime and letting you continue business as usual.

Use an installation guide for visuals and complete instructions. To assemble a Ranger Design contoured composite partition, you'll need the following tools:

  • Cordless impact
  • Cordless drill
  • Knife
  • Phillips-head screwdriver
  • Plusnut tool
  • Ratchet
  • Multiple sockets
  • Multiple bits
  • 9/16" wrench
  • 1" hole saw

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