Ram ProMaster City Van Partitions

ProMaster City Van Partitions and Dividers

Ram ProMaster City partitions can improve your work van's safety and give workers a more comfortable driving experience. Often, companies interested in upgrading their fleet of ProMaster City vans choose to install partitions. With Advantage Outfitters LLC, buyers can find several types of bulkheads, allowing them to select one meeting their unique requirements.

If you're in the market for ProMaster City partitions, you may want to learn more about them and how they can benefit your work van.


Why Buy ProMaster City Van Partitions From Advantage Outfitters?

If you're considering buying partitions or bulkheads for ProMaster City vans, you may want to understand the many advantages they can provide when you purchase from a reliable, experienced retailer like Advantage Outfitters. Some reasons to use these partitions include keeping your crew safe from shifting materials and flying cargo, as well as providing more visibility into the van's rear.

Find out more about reasons to choose ProMaster City partitions for your work van:

  • Superior quality: Advantage Outfitters offers equipment made with only the highest quality materials. Our galvanized steel and contoured composite materials provide superior durability and protection.
  • Custom fittings: We can provide customization options for your Ram ProMaster City van accessories and partitions. Advantage Outfitters specializes in van upfitting, so we can perfectly tailor your van to your specific profession and needs.
  • Product warranties: We offer warranties on many of our products, helping ensure you get the best van accessories for your money.
  • Competitive pricing: If your business requires a work van, you need to know you're investing in the right products that combine competitive pricing with superior quality. Advantage Outfitters' ProMaster City accessories are the best choice for a variety of work applications.

Benefits of ProMaster City Van Partitions

Van partitions provide a great deal of protection and value for your ProMaster City vans. If you’re considering this accessory, take a look at how it can benefit your van and your business:

1. Secure Cargo in Van's Rear

While driving, cargo stored on the van's floor can shift around and possibly enter the cab. Sliding materials can be a safety concern, as they might distract the driver or even slide under the gas or brake pedals. Partitions secure the cargo in the rear and ensure these materials don't move into the cab while the van is in operation.

2. Protection From Flying Objects

Besides protection from sliding materials, ProMaster city composite van partitions stop flying objects from going into the cab or damaging the windshield. Improperly secured cargo materials could shoot forward in an accident or after an abrupt stop, possibly hitting or distracting drivers and passengers. A partition blocks these objects from entering the cab, keeping those in the front safe. 

3. Increased Visibility Into Rear

Some ProMaster composite bulkheads and partitions feature windows and openings that provide those in the cabin with a clear view of the cargo area. A window in the partition will help you keep a close watch over your cargo while providing the same protection and security of a partition without a window. With either type, you will still be able to monitor your vehicle's blind spots while driving.

4. Quieter and More Comfortable Ride

ProMaster City partitions can keep the cab quieter during operation. While driving, a cargo area can generate a lot of noise as materials and equipment shift around. A bulkhead blocks off these noises from the rear, making the cab quieter and allowing for a more comfortable ride. You or your employees will be able to focus on driving between jobs without getting distracted by the unpredictable, unpleasant noises coming from the cargo area.

5. Contain Air Conditioning or Heat in the Cab

A top advantage of some ProMaster City bulkhead and partitions is that they can keep AC and heat contained in the cab and out of the cargo area. This containment allows the cabin to heat up or cool down faster. It can also help you save on fuel costs, as your van won't have to use its AC and heating system to blow air into the rear. You will enjoy a higher level of personal comfort with a partition installation.

What to Look for When Purchasing Partitions for Your ProMaster City

As you search for a partition for your work van, you may want to consider a few factors to ensure you get the right fit for your company's requirements. You have many options to choose from, so it's essential to be aware of factors like fuel economy, visibility and safety.

Before you purchase a partition for your ProMaster City, you should account for certain factors that will influence everything from your monthly savings to the van's functionality as a work vehicle. The benefits that the right partition can provide are:

1. Better Fuel Economy

When selecting a van partition, you may want to check how it can assist with your fuel economy. If you want to lower fuel costs from your AC and heating system, you could look for a partition designed to keep all the conditioned air in the cab. Additionally, you can pick lightweight partitions, as they can reduce your work truck's weight and allow you to use less gas while driving.


A partition can help increase your fuel economy because it will keep your airflow contained in the cab area, which means you will spend less time pumping the air conditioning and heat, but if your spending on fuel is a concern, make sure you get a quality partition made from a lightweight material like aluminum.

2. Enhanced Visibility

If you want the ability to see your cargo area from the cabin, you can purchase ProMaster City partitions with windows or wiring. These options provide drivers and passengers in the cab with a clear view of the rear. This visibility helps drivers quickly check if they have the right materials for a job without having to get out of the van. 

A partition without a window feature still allows you to check your blind spots in your side view mirrors, but if you want to periodically view the cargo area when you're en route to job sites, it's a good idea to get a partition with the window.

3. Improved Safety

Part of looking for the right partition typically includes finding one that provides security for your driver and passengers. Those who want to ensure no materials move into the cab will choose ProMaster City solid partitions or those with closable windows. If your primary goal is to stop large equipment, a wire mesh partition is ideal. Companies needing to prevent the spread of illness turn to germ barrier partitions. Either style of partition will give your van improved safety and security, but these options make it easier for you to decide on the best partition based on your industry or trade.

4. Durable Materials

Finding a safe, sturdy partition often comes down to selecting the right materials. Composite and steel constructions are some of the best, as they're strong enough to prevent heavy equipment from breaking through the barrier and will last a long time, even under heavy use. Aluminum is also highly durable and has the benefit of being both strong and lightweight. Select the partition that fits your work van's needs and will function the best for the type of cargo you carry. Galvanized steel and contoured composite materials from Advantage Outfitters provide superior durability and protection.

5. Easy Installation

Another consideration to account for is ensuring you can install the partition quickly. By selecting an easy-to-install option, you reduce the amount of labor and time your crew spends putting in the bulkhead. All partitions or accessory kits will come with installation instructions, but if you would rather have a professional install your accessories, this option is also available. A professional installation ensures that your equipment will be ready quickly.

6. Top Brands

Selecting from a high-quality brand should play a central role in your buying decision. A brand with a long track record of producing reliable partitions is one of the best choices you can make. You can trust a top brand, like Ranger Design, to be a worthwhile investment option and provide superior protection for your vehicle and crew.

How to Choose a ProMaster City Partition

As you look to purchase partitions for ProMaster City vans, you may want to know more details about deciding between the many options. Consider these major factors if you need help making a choice:

  • How much visibility it offers: Those who want to see into their cargo area regularly should select partitions with a wire mesh or a window, and those who can drive without cargo visibility might turn to solid partitions.
  • How much protection you want: If you are concerned about the possibility of germs and illnesses spreading between the cab and the cargo area, a clear germ shield barrier is perfect for halting pathogen spread and preventing small materials from rolling into the cab. The wire mesh can prevent large pieces of equipment from sliding into the cab after a quick stop. Finally, ProMaster City steel bulkheads and composite partitions provide a secure barrier, catching small and large materials.
  • How lightweight or strong it is: In some industries, all equipment inside the work van needs to be as lightweight as possible to preserve the fuel economy. Other professionals are more concerned with the strength and durability of their van accessories. Steel and composite materials are both strong and durable, and aluminum is the best solution for weight loads.


ProMaster City Partitions Options

There are several types of ProMaster City van partitions available. You can find galvanized steel or contoured composite partitions that have window or windowless options. You can also select ProMaster City mesh partitions or clear germ shield barriers. Each of these partitions comes with unique advantages, so it's wise to review them.

Learn more about the top ProMaster City partitions below:

1. Contoured Steel With or Without Window

ProMaster City steel van partitions are in high demand, as their galvanized steel construction provides your cab with a superior protection level. The steel ProMaster City Solid Contoured Partition is quite durable and gives your van a solid barrier between the cab and cargo area.

For those looking for a partition with greater visibility, the steel ProMaster City Partition with Window is a wise choice. This partition features an upper mesh window, allowing those in the cab to easily see into the rear.

Both of the ProMaster City contoured steel partitions fit in the van and offer a quick installation. Their contoured design also provides 8 inches of setback for increased floor space and seatback travel. 

2. Contoured Composite With or Without Window

ProMaster City composite van partitions consist of a mix of polycarbonate and thermoformed ABS. This composite material is sturdy and lightweight, making it ideal for partitions. One of the top options is the composite ProMaster City Contoured Partition from Ranger Design. This ProMaster City composite bulkhead perfectly fits in your van and features a contoured design with 8 inches of setback. This design ensures you have more floor space and maximum seatback travel.

If you'd like to see into the rear of your van, a composite ProMaster Contoured Maxview Partition from Ranger Design is a great choice. This bulkhead features a clear, wide window across the top of its composite base. The partition provides exceptional protection while still giving the driver and passengers a view into the back of the van. Like the other model, it comes with 8 inches of setback.

3. Clear Germ Shield Barrier

For times when you transport people in the back of your ProMaster City van and want to keep your driver free from germs, Ranger Design's Minivan ClearShield Germ Barrier Partition is a go-to option. These clear shields provide maximum coverage between the cab and passengers in the rear seats, protecting them from germs while in an enclosed location. These partitions have a universal fit for standard minivans, ensuring a quick, no-fuss installation.

4. Steel Wire Mesh

When you don't want a full steel or composite partition that fully or partially blocks your view into the back of your van, a steel wire mesh partition is an excellent option. For instance, Ranger Design's steel ProMaster City Wire Mesh Partition comes with a black painted mesh tough enough to keep heavy materials and large equipment out of the cab while a van is in operation. It also features 8 inches of setback for maximum floor space and seatback travel.

How to Install Partitions for a ProMaster City

Installing partitions for ProMaster City is a relatively straightforward process. You don't need an expert technician to install them correctly, making it simple for your crew to quickly place them in a van. Learn more about the primary steps involved in the installation of ProMaster City partitions:

  • Verify all the parts and components listed in the bill of materials are present.
  • Remove any PVC on the partition or other parts. Next, attach the upper and lower panels.
  • Connect the edge trims to the appropriate locations.
  • Attach the partition's wings to the lower and upper panels.
  • Attach the Plusnut with a Plusnut gun or specialty tool. 
  • Begin vehicle preparation by removing the ProMaster City's oversized sliding door handle.
  • Remove any overhead plastic.
  • Prepare the ceiling, floor and the passenger and driver sides for the partition. 
  • Start by attaching the partition to the floor bracket.
  • Lift the now-assembled partition into the van and bolt its sides inside. 
  • Attach the partition's upper panel in the proper location after bolting both sides. With the upper panel attached, you can then attach the lower panel to the van's floor bracket.
  • Apply the partition's warning label to its upper panel once the partition is secure.

Before you begin the installation process on your van, review the manufacturer-provided instructions for further details. You'll also want to check if there are any differences between the instructions listed above and your manufacturer-supplied directions.

Applications for ProMaster City Partitions

Choosing a ProMaster City partition for your work van means you have many options. Learn more about how ProMaster City partitions can suit a variety of work van purposes and applications:

  • Trade service: Tradespeople include plumbers, electricians and construction contractors. These employees need reliable work equipment to ensure they have the tools to do their jobs. Using a ProMaster City partition in these vans provides superior protection and prevents tools from sliding into the cab.
  • Delivery services: If you work in the delivery business, whether you're transporting heavy machinery or baked goods, you need a van that's outfitted for your industry. Having partitions ensures the goods you're delivering stay where they need to. It can also maintain the proper temperature division.
  • Urban work vans: Work vans with low roofs work best in urban environments, allowing them to traverse busy roads and enter parking garages with low overhangs. Busy city streets also mean more frequent stops due to traffic stops and crossing pedestrians. Having a partition ensures these frequent stops don't impact your drivers, passengers or equipment.

Ram ProMaster City Accessories

You can select plenty of other ProMaster City van interior equipment to improve your van. You can find shelving, bins, wall liners and flooring to take your van to the next level, providing better protection and increasing your organizational capabilities. If you're interested in adding more equipment, check out some of the most popular interior options for ProMaster City vans.

  • Flooring: A work van's floor will get beat up over time, with materials potentially denting or scratching it. You can keep your floor safe from damage with ProMaster City flooring. These protective options cover the van's floor. They can also increase traction to improve safety during unloading and loading. Additionally, they can make your van look more professional. 
  • Shelving and bins: ProMaster City shelving and bins are an excellent investment for those who want to organize their tools and materials more effectively. Shelving packages for your van's cargo area come with various drawers and cubbies. You can also add bins to increase your storage capabilities. Investing in this option allows your team to keep their productivity high, as they won't waste time looking for their tools. 
  • Ceiling and wall liners: Your van's walls and ceiling can get scratched or dented fairly easily without adequate protection placed on them. Ceiling and wall liners cover your van's surfaces to prevent any damage to them. You can also choose insulated options designed to keep heat in the van's cargo area for a long time. 

Get the Partitions You Need Fast and at the Best Price Today

As a premier ProMaster City partition supplier, Advantage Outfitters is ready to provide you with high-quality equipment for your work van. We offer companies partitions and other pieces of van equipment for their fleet. Our fast shipping across the U.S., price match guarantee and online discounts allow us to provide unmatched service to our customers. Alongside our inventory of ProMaster City equipment, we also carry gear for several other types of vans.

Browse our selection of Ram cargo van partitions for sale today. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


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