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Ford Transit Connect Partitions & Dividers

According to Ford Motor Company, the Ford Transit — including the Transit Connect — is the world’s bestselling cargo van. Are you one of the many contractors or service technicians who relies on a Transit Connect to get you and your cargo from place to place? You should seriously consider equipping your work van with a partition from Advantage Outfitters. A partition can create a barrier between the cabin and cargo areas of your van, helping you enjoy a safer and more comfortable ride.

Why Buy Van Partitions for Your Transit Connect Work Van?

There are several reasons to consider adding a partition, also known as a bulkhead, in your work van. A Transit Connect divider can help keep you and your crew safe and keep your cargo in place while you're driving to and from the job site. Let's take a closer look at some of the reasons you may want to install a partition in your Transit Connect.

  • They keep cargo contained: Why have tools and boxes sliding around getting underfoot for passengers or even the driver when you can keep this separate from the cabin? A partition will help you create the divide you need to keep cargo and passengers separate and to keep goods from shifting or getting in the way. The proper shelving and other accessories can also help you keep cargo in place.
  • They protect drivers from loose tools: In the unfortunate instance of an accident or the driver having to brake suddenly, unsecured tools could go flying, potentially hurting people inside the van or breaking through windows. You can avoid this hazard by keeping equipment behind a partition. Even if tools become airborne, they will hit the partition instead of the back of an occupant's head. 
  • You can still have visibility: If you want to see into the back of the van and out the back windshield, a partition doesn't need to block your view. Choose a Transit Connect partition with a window or one made of wire mesh, and you'll still have visibility throughout the whole van. Only solid partitions entirely block your view.
  • They give you a quieter ride: Blocking off the cargo area with a solid partition allows you to isolate sound from this area. It results in a more peaceful ride for the driver and passengers. As tools vibrate around in the back, clinking against each other, you can carry on conversations unhindered by the noise. Silence is helpful, whether you need to discuss work with your colleagues in the van, take phone calls from clients or want some tranquility while you're driving.
  • They enhance climate control: A partition can also set apart a smaller cabin area for your vehicle to heat or cool. That's especially true of solid or windowed partitions that create a more complete divider. If you have the optional rear heating and cooling feature in your Transit Connect, close off the rear vents. Heating or cooling a smaller area means you can save on fuel costs. 


What to Look for When Purchasing Partitions for Your Transit Connect Cargo Van

When you're shopping for Transit Connect partitions, you'll find various options available from different brands and made with distinct materials. How can you narrow down the options and choose a partition that will deliver on the benefits we discussed above? Here are some features you should consider looking for in a van partition.

1. Custom Fit

If you want your partition to fit your van like a glove, you need to select one made specifically for a Transit Connect. The exception is if you're installing a germ shield, which does not fit your van's interior contours and therefore comes in more general models to fit various cargo vans. 

Other types of partitions should provide a solid barrier and fit tightly in your van, so they can effectively isolate the cargo area and keep everything in its place.

2. Safety

Ford Transit Connect passenger models have come a long way in terms of safety. Earlier models received two-star ratings from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, while later ones boast five-star ratings. Even if you're using your van primarily for transporting cargo, you need your driver and any passengers to be safe, and this goes beyond the safety features from the OEM.

Adding a partition can instantly enhance the safety of your van's interior, especially if you chose a high-quality product customized to your van. Look for partitions that are impact-tested to prove their reliability. If you're installing a germ shield, be sure to choose one that allows for airbag deployment in the event of a crash.

3. Lightweight 

You probably chose a Ford Transit Connect over a Ford Transit because of the Connect's compact and nimble build. You don't want to lose that agility by overloading your van with a bulky partition. Weight can become a serious concern when you're transporting heavy tools, materials or equipment. Look for a partition that is durable, but lightweight. A lighter partition will improve your van's fuel economy, saving you money over time. 

Of course, a Transit Connect clear partition is the most weightless option. If you want to create a more substantial barrier for your cargo area, our lightest option is the Transit Connect wire mesh partition, which weighs in at a mere 27 pounds. Even heavier models we offer are still well under 60 pounds.

4. Comfort

Look for a Transit Connect contoured divider design that provides more seat travel. This design feature will help maximize both your storage space and the space for your driver and passenger. 

Another aspect of a comfortable ride is the noise level. A low-quality partition may rattle, creating a constant source of annoyance for the driver and passengers. Choose a partition whose design can fit firmly into place and block noise from the cargo area while also not adding rattling noises itself.

5. Visibility 

If visibility is a priority for you, you may want to choose a partition that is not opaque. The Transit Connect composite bulkhead with a window will offer you the best view of the back of the van. If you don't need this much transparency, you can opt for a wire mesh partition, which will still allow you to see, hindered only by the wire pattern.

Remember that to take advantage of the visibility offered by a transparent window or wire mesh opening, you will need to keep this area clear of cargo. If you plan to fill the cargo space in the middle, blocking the view out the back, you'll do as well to choose a Transit Connect solid partition, which some drivers may prefer.

6. Easy Installation

It's always a bonus if you can find a product that not only delivers all the features you want, but is also easy to install. That means you can start benefiting from your partition right away. 

Look for a partition that allows for a quick and straightforward installation. A partition designed for your van model should fit into place without very many adjustments. Buying from a brand or company known for excellent customer service is also a plus, since you may be able to get assistance if you run into any problems in installation.


Transit Connect Partitions Options

At Advantage Outfitters, we offer several Ranger Design Transit Connect partitions for you to choose from. Ranger Design is an industry leader in manufacturing safe, high-quality partitions and other accessories. Let's take a look at the four options available from Advantage Outfitters and the benefits of each.

1. Contoured MaxView Partition With Window

This product is a state-of-the-art offering from Ranger Design that won the Work Truck Show's 2016 Innovation Award. The Contoured MaxView Partition takes its name from the generously sized window that provides complete visibility out the rear. Not only does this allow the driver to see more, but it also lets in more light and creates a more open feel in the cab despite its solid surface. 

The partition consists of a composite material that is durable and lightweight. Its design allows for an especially tight fit in the van, so you don't have to worry about rattling. A snug enclosure also means airtight climate control. As with other Transit Connect contoured bulkheads, the partition's shape makes for a comfortable ride with room to adjust your seat.

2. Wire Mesh Partition

Ranger Design's Wire Mesh Partition for the Transit Connect is the lightest option we offer, yet still provides impressive strength due to its steel wire. This black-painted wire creates a smooth, attractive finish.

When you're less concerned about completely sealing off the back of the van and would instead prefer a divider that allows for more airflow and visibility, consider choosing a Transit Connect steel partition made from wire mesh. This partition's contour maximizes floor space and legroom. 

3. Solid Contoured Partition

Solid Transit Connect Contoured Partitions consist of galvanized steel. These partitions will effectively create a substantial barrier between the driver and passenger. The partition's sides include perforations, but the main portion of the partition is opaque, effectively sealing off the cargo area from the cabin. 

When you want to maximize storage in your cargo area, a Transit Connect steel bulkhead is a heavy-duty option. As with the previous partition models, this solid partition has a contoured shape to allow occupants to adjust their seats for a comfortable ride.

4. ClearShield Germ Barrier

If you have passengers riding in the back of your van, you may be less concerned about storing cargo and more worried about protecting the driver from potential exposure to germs. You don't want airborne pathogens in a passenger's sneeze or cough to spread illness. The ClearShield Germ Barrier is a transparent partition designed to block germs from traveling forward in your van.

This partition is standardized to fit universally in minivans, including in the Transit Connect. Installation is a breeze, so you can quickly start providing your driver with more protection, creating a safer work environment. 


How to Install Partitions for a Transit Connect Van

It's possible to install some partitions in about an hour, but you'll want to take your time to ensure you get an ideal fit. The installation process will look a bit different depending on the divider model you choose. Check the installation instructions that come with your partition and follow the steps closely. To avoid voiding your manufacturer's warranty, be sure to follow their guidance on the tools and installation methods you use.

The following steps provide an example of what the process may look like for installing your Transit Connect bulkhead:

  1. Complete any assembly needed for the partition itself.
  2. Pry open the front edge on both sides of the van, so you can access the bottom screw holes later.
  3. Set the partition into place, aligning the top holes.
  4. Drill a fastener into the top hole at each corner, followed by the middle ones.
  5. Lift the plastic floor mat to access the bottom screw holes.
  6. Align the bottom of the partition with the screw holes at each corner.
  7. Drill a fastener into both corners, followed by the middle holes.
  8. Push the plastic mat back down into place.

As you go, it's smart to leave some give until you've ensured a proper fit all the way across. Then, you can fasten your bolts down.

Other Ford Transit Connect Van Interior Equipment

In addition to partitions, you can use many other products to enhance your Transit Connect's functionality. Some of the equipment for Transit Connects that we offer at Advantage Outfitters include the following.

  • Shelving: Choose from individual shelving units and packages to create the storage solution you need for your cargo area.
  • Storage receptacles: Drawers, bins and parts cases can help you round out your storage space. These receptacles are perfect for small parts. 
  • Storage accessories: You can also add accessories like hooks, bottle holders and paper filers to make your van orderly and ensure everything you carry is easily accessible.
  • Worker protection station: A worker protection station is a simple and effective way to keep first-aid items handy.
  • Worktop: You can even equip your van with a butcher block worktop with an aluminum backsplash to aid with projects. 
  • Roof equipment: We also offer equipment to help you store items on your van's roof.


Get the Partitions You Need Fast and at the Best Price Today

When you work with Advantage Outfitters, you'll benefit from more than our selection of quality van partitions and other accessories. You'll also enjoy competitive pricing, fast shipping times and helpful customer service from our experienced staff. We even offer a price match guarantee to help our customers get the best deal possible. 

As much as you rely on your work van, you should take advantage of quality products that will enhance it, making it a safer, more comfortable and better-organized space. Shop products designed for Transit Connects on our website to find what you need.

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