Ford Transit Connect Van Upfit Equipment

With the right Transit Connect equipment, you can take full advantage of this commercial vehicle’s cargo space and hauling capacity. With an impressive 100 square feet of room to spare, you have options of customized shelving, drawers or partition to give you the ability to maximize your investment and keep your workspace organized and secure. Take a look at our specialty packages and see how Advantage Outfitters can improve your business today.

Transit Connect Shelving Packages

Find what you need immediately with clear and compact shelving options for the Transit Connect. Even our base selection comes in galvanized steel and in your choice of solid or mesh designs. We offer specialty packages for specific industries as well, so whether you’re a plumber or HVAC technician, you’ll have access to affordable customized designs.

Generic shelving solutions often do the bare minimum, if they perform at all. These units can be cheaply made, incapable of withstanding the demands of a mobile tool center. They often have storage units with sizes conflicting with the size and shape of your equipment. You may find yourself more limited by poorly installed shelving designed for the common user than by keeping your gear in regular storage containers.

Our Transit Connect shelving packages offer you good-looking gear storage solutions that outperform the competition. Whether you’re a dog groomer or an IT guru, we have all the Transit Connect accessories you can trust to protect your investments and improve your service.

Our shelving helps you speed up your workday and save money by keeping your equipment readily available whenever its needed. Need a tool? Don’t waste time looking through stacks of equipment. Grab what you need right away, right where you expect it. You won’t find yourself buying quick replacements for lost or misplaced tools or materials either. Your supplies and equipment will live out its life of service, cutting your costs and potentially lowering the cost of your service for customers. Our customized shelving packages are good value for you and your customers.

Mesh and Contoured Steel Partitions

Promote enhanced safety and organization at work by creating compartments within your van. Prevent equipment and tools from flying into the driver’s area while you’re on the move. Responsible for passengers? You can use partition walls to provide them with a separate space of their own to make travel more private and more comfortable.

The Transit Connect is a speedy van capable of cutting through city traffic or going the distance on the open road. Unfortunately, all the travel provides ample opportunity for something to go wrong. A piece of heavy equipment that isn’t contained can become deadly in the wrong situation. Safeguard against tragedy with a sturdy and attractive partition for your van.

Accessories for Your Roof

Many of the customers we serve have businesses requiring ladder work. Keep your equipment secure and easy to retrieve with a range of roof accessories for your Transit Connect. From simple attached ladders leading up to roof storage containers or a hydraulic ladder storage system designed to keep you gear up and out of the way.

We carry a number of commercial van accessories suited to the Transit Connect and other popular vehicles. Whether you have a single van or a whole fleet of automobiles, we’ll help you design a customized solution to all of your gear and supply hauling challenges. You can trust Advantage Outfitters to provide the solutions you really need. 

Shop Upfit Equipment for Ford Transit Connect Vans

Find the products and equipment you need to upgrade your commercial vehicle with Advantage Outfitters, LLC. We stock high-quality van upfit equipment made by the industry's top manufacturers specifically for Transit Connects.

Benefits of Our Ford Transit Connect Van Upfit Equipment

Take your efficiency to the next level when you can quickly find any tool you need, safely transport cargo, and easily enter and exit your vehicle. Depending on the accessories and gear you choose, upfitting your van offers a range of benefits. 

  1. Improved Safety - Proper storage for supplies, tools and cargo keeps them from moving while driving and prevents tripping hazards when loading or unloading the van. Protect yourself and your surroundings when you install effective storage solutions. 

  2. Noise Reduction - Securing items in storage shelving, cabinets or bins can keep them from rattling. You can line the interior of your van with insulative panels for even more noise reduction and better focus behind the wheel.

  3. Better Organization - Keeping all your paperwork and tools organized makes it easy to find what you need. Streamline your daily tasks and operations when you have a dedicated place to store whatever you transport in your van.

  4. Professional Appearance - A tidy van with organized storage projects a professional appearance. You can increase privacy with a Ranger Design partition that prevents customers from seeing all the items, equipment or cargo in the back of your van. 

  5. Customizable Capabilities - You have endless options to choose from when outfitting your van, from accessories like grab handles to running boards with traction. Customizing a commercial vehicle to suit our needs is easy with the configurable options you can buy from Advantage Outfitters, including hooks, shelves, containers, bins and roof racks.

Choose Van Upfit Equipment From Advantage Outfitters

At Advantage Outfitters, we specialize in commercial accessories and equipment for cargo vans. Shop with us to benefit from:

  • Superior customer service: We can answer any questions you have and guide you through solutions tailored to your van and your needs.
  • Exceptional products: We stock products from leading brands you can count on for durability and performance.
  • Fast shipping: We ship all purchases within 48 hours of order placement so you can start your upfitting project and get back on the road sooner.

Take Your Ford Transit Connect Van to the Next Level

Browse our upfit equipment for Transit Connect vans and place your order today! Feel free to contact our team to learn more or receive tailored recommendations.

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