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Ford Transit Connect Shelving Packages

When it comes to setting your team up for success in the field, it all starts with their work van. If you've already set your staff up with a Ford Transit Connect, you're off to a great start. To add to the vehicle's usefulness, you can incorporate new Ford Transit Connect van shelving packages. There are multiple shelving packages and other products that assist with organizing your materials, tools and equipment needed to complete jobs successfully.

As you think about ways to improve your van's organizational and storage capabilities, you'll want to know the benefits of investing in shelving, the types of van packages available and the additional products you can add to your cargo space.


Why Invest in Shelving for Your Ford Transit Connect Van?

There are many advantages to outfitting your cargo van with a shelving system. Here are the primary benefits of investing in shelving:

  • Organization: Greater organization is one of the top advantages associated with installing shelving into your vans. With shelving, you have plenty of space to organize your equipment and tools. This level of organization helps workers always know that they have the right materials for the job.
  • Save time: When a team knows how to find their equipment and tools, they can get their jobs finished with greater speed. You can work more efficiently, as you'll never have to spend time searching for a tool.
  • Protect equipment: In addition to improving efficiency through better organization, shelving also protects your equipment and tools from damage. An equipment's shelving helps to keep material secure during transit, which prevents damage that might be incurred due to having your equipment loose in the back of the vehicle. Instead of having to worry about equipment failing or banging against each other during transit, you'll rest assured that everything is secured snugly in its own compartment.
  • Increased productivity and revenue: With greater organization from shelving, you'll be able to complete more jobs, as you cut down on the amount of time it takes to find your tools and parts. You might not expect it, but over a year, cutting down on inefficiency when it comes to finding materials or having to leave a worksite to go get a part you thought you had can lead to major improvements in your revenue.

What's Included in Van Shelving Ford Transit Connect Packages?

When you're looking to add shelving packages to your trucks, it's a good idea to know the differences between the types of van shelving for Ford Transit Connects, so that you can pick the one that fits your needs best.

In most shelving packages, you should expect to receive two large shelving units that help you store your worksite materials and tools. With Ford Transit Connect steel van shelving, you'll find multiple shelves, along with dividers, bins and hooks, to assist with organizing your work van. To learn more, consider some of the primary packages on the market today:

1. Base and General Service Packages

The Base Package for the Transit Connect comes with all-purpose shelving that safely houses several kinds of equipment and tools. This package utilizes two large shelving units that feature three shelves apiece. Both of the shelving units are 42 inches tall and 36 inches long, giving each area plenty of space to house equipment, tools and other assorted materials. In addition to the base shelves, you can also outfit them with shelf dividers and plastic bins to customize your shelving system.

The General Service Package for the Transit Connect is also designed for the everyday needs of companies. It comes with the same tough galvanized steel end panels and aluminum shelves that keep your tools safe. Both the driver and passenger sides feature the same 42-by-36-inch shelves.

Unlike the base package, however, the general service package includes many accessories. The driver side features 10 adjustable 3-inch rattle-free dividers, two 17-by-12-inch drawer cabinets and a fixed hook. On the passenger's side, the shelving unit makes use of three plastic bins and a swivel hook. 

2. Plumbing/HVAC Shelving Package

A Plumbing/HVAC Shelving Package is, as you might expect, designed for the needs of plumbers and HVAC specialists. Both the driver and passenger side has a 42-by-36-inch shelving unit, giving users plenty of storage space. On the driver's side shelving unit, two nine-drawer cabinets come standard, perfect for storing smaller items. A fixed hook is also included on the shelving unit. 

The passenger side provides even more useful features, as it comes with a swivel hook and 10 rattle-free 3-inch dividers that can be adjusted. The passenger side also comes with a four-tier refrigerant rack specially designed to house bottles. The rack is 43 inches tall and 10.5 inches wide. These refrigerant racks are vital to keeping temperature-sensitive chemicals safe and ready to use.

3. Electrician Shelving Package

The Ranger Design electrician van shelving package comes ready to handle any of the shelving needs of electricians. The driver and passenger's sides also come with the same 42-by-36-inch shelving units that the rest of the shelving packages utilize. On the driver side, the shelving unit features five adjustable rattle-free dividers for smooth traveling, along with a fixed hook. When it comes to safety, the driver side also has an 11-by-36-inch locking cabinet for extra security.

The passenger side shelves accommodate nine plastic bins of various sizes as well as six cross-dividers to hold wiring and other pieces of electrical equipment. The smaller bins are especially useful for smaller tools and tiny parts used in repairs and other work. The unit also has a swivel hook.

Shelving Material Options

If you'd prefer to create your own Ford Transit Connect van shelving plans instead of going with a package, you can purchase individual shelving to design a cargo area that's perfect for you.

The available shelving materials come in two main sizes, with a 36-inch wide option and a 60-inch wide option available based on your needs. Both of the widths are 42 inches tall. If you have lots of equipment or materials, the wider shelving units are ideal. If you have less equipment or need more floor space in your vehicle, you may want to stick with the smaller options.

To help you as you look into interior shelving for Ford Transit Connect, consider the following shelving unit options:

36 Inches Wide

The 36-inch Aluminum Shelving Unit comes with three different shelves. The usable depth for the three shelves ranges from 12 to 14 inches. You can also purchase shelf dividers of varying sizes, as well as different sized plastic bins. 

The 36-inch Steel Shelving Unit offers a steel alternative to the 36-inch aluminum unit. It features the same sized shelves and depths of the previous shelving unit. It also has the same kinds of optional shelf dividers and plastic bins you can purchase. Choosing between the two will really come down to whether you want your shelves made out of aluminum or steel.

60 Inches Wide

The 60-inch Aluminum Shelving Unit features three shelves. Two of the shelves have depths of 14 inches while the lowest one has a depth of 12 inches. They also come with optional shelf dividers and plastic bins of varying sizes based on your needs. 

The 60-inch Steel Shelving Unit also has three shelves, which feature the same depths of the previous aluminum shelving unit. The shelving units have the same option of plastic bins and dividers to organize tools better. Like the smaller option, choosing between the two will also come down to your preference for steel or aluminum.

Since the shelves listed above are from the Ranger Design brand, you know you're receiving the best quality shelving and packaging available today. With Ranger Design, you can trust that your shelves are engineered to be quiet and as light as possible. Additionally, the Ranger Design brand produces tough shelving that's durable enough to withstand the most trying situations. 

How to Install Shelving in Ford Transit Connect Van

Assembly is typically required for shelving, but it is relatively straightforward. To help with your shelving installation, all of our shelving packages include estimated assembly time and estimated installation time. Additionally, we have several installation videos online, as well as guides that can assist with the specific needs of the product you need to install.

Ford Transit Connect Shelving Ideas

You can use your Transit Connect van shelving systems to store materials in several different ways. When you're making your Ford Transit Connect van shelving plans, consider that you'll be able to safely store:

  • Worksite tools
  • Spare parts
  • Raw materials
  • Fasteners, like nuts, bolts and nails
  • Wires
  • Tubing
  • Paperwork
  • Sensitive information, particularly with a lockbox

Whatever your needs, you can find the types of van shelving for Ford Transit Connect vehicles that accommodate the equipment of what you wish to store. 


Additional Products to Add to Work Vans

One of the best things you can do for your van is to add extra features that can help you do your job more effectively and better meet your needs. Below you can find out some of the best products for work vans that complement shelving:


Workbenches are an excellent addition to many work vans where you might want to work in the vehicle. There are multiple options for your workbenches, but all will come with a hardwood top that helps your team do paperwork or other handiwork with ease. For a simple, no-frills workbench, you'll want to go with the Ranger Design #7207 Van Workbench. If you want extra shelving options, the Ranger Design #7211 Van Workbench will be your ideal choice.


Partitions keep your cab separated from the cargo area of the storage van and improve safety by preventing loose tools or parts from flying into the cab. There are several types of partitions that can do the job for you.

  • Ranger Design #3320-TC: The Ranger Design #3320-TC has a unique design with a solid bottom half with a window for the top half. This top is made with a mixture of thermoformed ABS and polycarbonate. The window lets you see into the back, which some drivers prefer, and also lets people reach into the back of the van for a tool from the cab rather than having to open up the back. 
  • Ranger Design #C12-E: The Ranger Design #C12-E is a solid steel partition that helps to keep your cab and those in it safe from the materials kept in the back that might be dangerous. 
  • Ranger Design #C13-E: The Ranger Design #C13-E has a partition made out of a Wire Mesh Partition that stops loose materials from sliding into the cab area. As it's made out of wire, it's a type of partition that's best used when you don't have anything that could cut through mesh or any smaller loose materials that could pass through the mesh holes.

To organize your cab even further, consider a Ford Transit Connect cab organizer. This locking aluminum box mounts between the seats and keeps all your cab essentials close by.

Ladder Hook

If you need a place to store your ladder and don't want to lay it down on the floor or strap it to the roof, you can choose a ladder hook. One Premier option for a ladder hook is the Ranger Design #6073 Ladder Hook. This type of hook is portable while also being compact at 2.75 inches wide by 4 inches tall. 

Van Racking Systems for Ford Transit Connect

Van racking for Ford Transit Connect vans is absolutely crucial for companies that regularly take large bulky materials from place to place. The Transit Connect Cargo Rack, for instance, comes with ladder straps and stops to keep ladders as secure as possible. 


Why Buy Ford Transit Connect Van Shelving Systems From Advantage Outfitters

If you're considering buying shelving for Ford Transit Connect cargo vans, you'll need to find a distributor. Out of all of the distributors on the market, Advantage Outfitters separates itself from the rest by offering several benefits:

  • Easy ordering: Our ordering process is easy to use and streamlined. Additionally, as you decide what to order, you'll find that we have personalized design services that make it easy for you to find shelving that works for you.
  • Quick shipping: Our quick shipping is a major point of satisfaction for our customers. Since we store all of our products in our own warehouses, we can ship any of our orders in 48 hours.
  • Prices: Advantage Outfitters takes pride in bringing affordable products to customers. You can expect to receive low-prices from our store. With the budget-friendly pricing, you can outfit your vehicles with the best shelving packages for Ford Transit Connect. We're so confident in our prices that we offer a price-matching guarantee, where we'll match the price of a product that's offered for less by a competitor.
  • Worry-free: When you go with less reputable sellers, you may worry that the products won't hold up to your needs. But when you choose Advantage Outfitters, you can be confident that you're getting high-quality products that will stand up to the tests of time. 
  • Warranty: Though our products are incredibly durable, sometimes accidents do happen. Other competitors offer warranties that range from one to three years — if they offer one at all. Due to the confidence we have in our products, we offer an exceptional 10-year warranty on our Ranger Design Shelving Packages.

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With all of the benefits that come with working with Advantage Outfitters, you'll want to see what we have to offer. Our satisfaction guarantee means you can send back anything you purchase if it doesn't leave you totally satisfied. 

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