Van Upfit Equipment For Ford Transit Vans

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Ford Transit Upfit Equipment

Upgrade your Ford Transit van with our accessories and equipment. Our model-specific selection includes several options that provide the organization, storage and space you need to improve your workflow. 

Products We Offer

At Advantage Outfitters, LLC, we're proud to offer several beneficial products for your Ford Transit fleet. Many of our parts and accessory upgrades include:

Access Ladders

Our access ladders for Ford Transit vans are made of aluminum and clamp to the rear door for easy installation. These access ladders are custom-fit to your Ford Transit to ensure they fit properly. We offer low, medium and high options.

Cargo Bar Racks and Conduit Tubes

You can purchase cargo bar racks and roller bars from Advantage Outfitters. These cargo bar racks are made with rust-resistant aluminum and hold up to 250 pounds per bar. The roller bar helps make it easy to slide ladders onto the roof.

Conduit tubes make it easy to carry piping and cables. Our solutions feature a 5-inch, one-piece design made from powder-coated aluminum. These solutions have an internal length of 10 feet and 1 inch.

Interior Ladder Racks and Hooks

An interior ladder rack mounts to the interior of your van's roof, making it easy to store ladders inside. You can use this product to hold 6- or 8-foot stepladders.

We offer fixed, swivel and ladder hooks for your vans. These accessories allow you to carry equipment and materials out of the way of the main floor space. 

Aluminum and Composite Partitions

Purchase contoured aluminum partitions to separate the cabin from the rest of your work van. We carry models with and without windows, as well as an aluminum sliding door partition with a window.

You can also choose a composite partition. We offer solid contoured options and versions with MaxView windows. These partitions can help regulate cab cooling, reduce noise and increase floor space.

Grill Guards

Adding a steel grill guard to your Ford Transit van can prevent damage to your front bumper or headlights. These grill guards can cover the front of your van with easy, no-drill installation.

Bottle Holders

Securely transporting refrigerant and other resources in bottles is simple with these bottle holders. Our selection includes several sizes and levels so you can choose the one that will work best for your application. 

Upgrade Your Ford Transit With Advantage Outfitters

Do more work in less time with convenient and secure storage options, partitions, bottle holders and other solutions. With products made from lightweight and durable materials, you can improve productivity and keep your equipment and van safe while working. Shop our full selection of Ford Transit van accessories today, or contact us to learn more.

Transit Accessories

Ford’s recent Transit upgrades have owners everywhere wishing for a brand-new ride. Before you trade in your vehicle, though, consider upgrading the interior with customized Transit accessories from a trusted third-party retailer. At Advantage Outfitters, we tailor our products to your distinct needs — benefits Ford can’t match straight off the production line.

Customized Solutions to Your Business Challenges

Transit equipment and supply storage is fairly robust, so it’s frustrating when there’s still something to be desired between what you have and what you’ve got. Let us help fill the gap! Advantage Outfitter is your #1 source for third-party Transit storage, organizational and protective products. Consider the benefits you get from our selection:

  • Commercial Transit equipment makes your job easier to perform in less time. They’re also designed to keep you safe from injury now and in the future. We offer hitch steps and running boards to make getting in and out of your vehicle faster and free from slips, trips and falls — the leading cause of injury on any work site.
  • Our Transit flooring products keep you safe too, but they also protect your van. From providing cushion when you’re kneeling and crouched in the back to making it easy to move heavy equipment in and out, you’ll appreciate the durability of all of our floor and wall kits.
  • Aluminum and steel partitions offer up heavy-duty assistance in establishing separate spaces in the back of your work van. Whether you’re hauling harmful materials or have a prisoner in back, these enclosures make for safe and secure isolation from the cab of your van.
  • Transit storage systems come in aluminum and steel as well, to provide you with the organization you need at a variety of price points. You’ll appreciate the personalized touch we’ve added to our storage packages, with layouts specifically for plumbers, electricians and other specialty service providers. As experienced and skilled Transit outfitters, we take our focus on real working problems seriously. You’ll find the solutions you really need in all of our distinct packages.
  • Roof racks made of durable, lightweight materials allow you to carry the equipment you need without cutting heavily into your fuel efficiency. Drop down ladders, catwalk decks, conduit carrier tubes and other specialty items will easily affix to allow you the support you need to take your business to the next level.

We have plenty of one-off accessories as well, such as stylized Transit interior lining and special storage containers build for the cab area. Even the Transit tool box we’ve designed offers features you won’t find anywhere else, including Ford!

The Benefits of Shopping With Advantage Outfitters

Off-brand solutions often provide you with the customization you need to take advantage of your commercial cargo van’s full potential. We work hard to address potential problems from multiple angles, ensuring you have the chance to minimize time waste and accidents while presenting a more professional image to your customer base.

Take a look around our website and you’ll see that same dedication to fast, easy transactions holds true for our own business, too. You can order online 24/7 and count on our staff shipping out your products as quickly as possible.

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