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Sprinter Van Shelving: Best Packages for Work Vans


A Mercedes Sprinter van is a top-of-the-line work van. If you or your company are going to invest in one or a fleet of Sprinter vans, you want to make sure you have them outfitted with the shelving and other important accessories that will help you create the ideal work van for yourself or your technicians.

Advantage Outfitters LLC has shelving packages for both wheelbase sizes for the Sprinter van and can work with the high or low roof versions.

All our Sprinter shelving packages for the 144-inch wheelbase vans and the 170-inch wheelbase vans are also compatible with the Sprinter WORKER van. We are proud to provide many Sprinter shelving shelving and storage systems designed for your industry, from locksmiths and electricians to HVAC professionals and plumbers.

Why Invest in Shelving for Your Mercedes Sprinter Van?


Shelving packages from Advantage Outfitters LLC are an ideal way to ensure that you can safely transport all the equipment, parts and other supplies you need to the worksite. Some of the advantages that you will gain by investing in shelving for your Mercedes Sprinter van include:

1. Organization

There are few things as frustrating as needing to find the right tool in a hurry and not being able to find it because the back of your van is a mess. You can avoid that mess by using shelving to store and organize your tools and materials.

Shelving for your Mercedes Sprinter van means that you can find your equipment faster which allows you to complete jobs quickly and efficiently.

2. Protect Your Equipment

Regardless of the industry you work in, your tools are one of your most valuable possessions. Whether you run your own business and have a single van or you are the operator of a fleet of vans, protecting your tools and equipment means you’ll save money on replacing broken tools and lost inventory.

3. Protect Your Van

The day may come when you want to sell your current Mercedes Sprinter van and purchase a new one. It will be much harder to sell your older van if it’s covered with dents and scratches which are the result of loose tools and equipment tumbling around the cargo area. A prospective buyer for your older van will be much more likely to complete the purchase if the back of your van looks like it did the day you bought it. The best way to ensure this outcome is to purchase shelving for your Mercedes Sprinter van.

4. Professionalism

Let’s face it, a well-organized van looks much more professional than a van that looks like a teenager’s bedroom. When you drive up to a new customer’s residence or business, you want their first impression of you to be one of professionalism, not sloppiness. Shelving allows you to create a professional-looking cargo space in your van where everything is in its place and there is a place for everything.

5. Increased Productivity and Revenue

When you or your technicians know exactly where to look for a tool or piece of equipment, you’ll get the job done more efficiently and faster.

The faster the job gets done, the more jobs you can do in a day. Completing more jobs in a day means increased revenue and happier customers.

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How to Choose the Shelves for Your Sprinter Van Line

You have several shelving options available to you that depend on the wheelbase and roof size of your Sprinter van.

1. 144-Inch Wheelbase

The Sprinter 144-inch wheelbase van is 19.5 feet long from bumper-to-bumper. There are about 10.5 feet behind the driver seat, and the volume of the cargo space is 319 cubic feet. The height of the low or standard roof is 67.7 inches or 5 feet, 7.7 inches. The maximum payload for a four-cylinder gas engine is 3,854 pounds, and the maximum towing capacity is 5,000 pounds. The maximum payload for a six-cylinder diesel engine is 4,123 pounds.

Advantage Outfitters LLC offers steel and aluminum shelving options for our general service, electrical and plumbing/HVAC vans, plus a steel shelving package for our base product and an aluminum shelving package for delivery vans.

2. 170-Inch Wheelbase

The Sprinter 170-inch wheelbase van is 10 feet, 22 inches long from the front of the van to the back doors. The volume of the cargo space is 488.1 cubic feet. Interior standing height is 79.1 inches or 6 feet, 7.1 inches. The maximum payload for a four-cylinder gas engine is 3,935 pounds, and the maximum towing capacity is 5,000 pounds. The maximum payload for a six-cylinder diesel is 3,704 pounds.

There is no low roof option with the 170-inch wheelbase. Advantage Outfitters LLC has steel and aluminum packages available for base, electrical, general service and plumbing/HVAC vans, and an aluminum package for delivery vans.

3. 170-Inch Extended Version Wheelbase

All the shelving packages that are available for the 170-inch high roof regular version also fit the 170-inch extended wheelbase.

What’s Included in Sprinter Shelving Packages?

Sprinter shelving packages vary according to each package type but are primarily steel or aluminum.

Our steel packages come with galvanized steel end panels and extruded aluminum shelves that have composite bottoms. All the necessary mounting brackets and hardware are included. The product ships disassembled so some assembly is required. There are no partitions included in these packages.

Our all-aluminum packages also include all the necessary hardware and brackets for assembly. The end panels are also all-aluminum, and the shelf lips are extruded aluminum. There are no partitions included in these packages.

Shelving packages are available for a variety of different industries


1. Base and General Service Packages

There are shelving options for both the 144-inch wheelbase and 170-inch wheelbase versions of the Sprinter Van.

The steel version of our base and general service packages are ideal for individuals or businesses that want to create organization and efficiency within their Sprinter vans but economize on costs.

The base steel shelving package for the 144-inch wheelbase has two four-shelf units, one on the driver side and one on the passenger side. You can also purchase 12-inch and 14-inch bins and dividers for the shelves.

The steel base shelving package for the 170-inch wheelbase has two longer four-shelf units while the aluminum base shelving package includes two longer four-shelf units as well.

The general service steel shelving package for the 144-inch wheelbase comes with two four-shelf units which are 62 inches tall by 96 inches long. It also comes with 10 adjustable rattle-free dividers, a two-drawer cabinet and a fixed hook on the driver side, while the passenger side includes four 14-by-12-inch plastic bins and a swivel hook.

The general service aluminum shelving package for the 144-inch wheelbase includes four-shelf shelving units, rattle-free dividers, a two-drawer cabinet plus a fixed hook on the driver side and another four-shelf shelving unit, four plastic bins and a swivel hook on the passenger side.

The 170-inch wheelbase general service steel shelving package and aluminum shelving package includes similar options as the 144-inch options but are longer with more rattle-free dividers and drawers included.

These shelving packages are ideal for businesses or individuals who want to improve the efficiency of their operation at a lower cost but with shelving systems that provide exceptional organizational benefits.

2. Plumbing/HVAC Shelving Packages

Tradespeople who work in the plumbing or HVAC industries are required to carry a lot of important tools and equipment. It can be enormously frustrating and annoying when they realize that they didn’t have the one part needed to fix a customer’s problem and that they are going to have to return to their main location to find it. Shelving units can help you stay organized so you can carry more parts, reducing these frustrating scenarios.

You can purchase steel or aluminum packages from Advantage Outfitters LLC for either the 144-inch wheelbase or 170-inch wheelbase versions of the Sprinter Van.

The 144-inch steel shelving package for HVAC vans includes a four-shelf shelving unit, a two-drawer cabinet, several plastic bins, a large gas bottle holder and a fixed hook on the driver side. Passenger side has another four-shelf shelving unit that comes with rattle-free dividers, along with a four-tier refrigerant holder for bottles and a swivel hook.

The 144-inch aluminum shelving package for HVAC vans offers similar features as the steel unit only constructed from aluminum. Its drawer system also includes a jumble tool drawer, a partslider drawer and a horizontal bottle holder.

The 170-inch steel shelving package for HVAC vans includes two of the larger four-shelf shelving units, 10 plastic bins, two of the larger two-drawer cabinets as well as a large gas bottle holder and fixed hook on the driver side. Meanwhile, the passenger side includes another four-shelf shelving unit as well as 10 adjustable rattle-free dividers, a four-tier refrigerant holder for bottles and swivel hook.

The 170-inch aluminum shelving package for HVAC vans includes many of the same features of the steel version but its drawer system includes a larger jumbo tool drawer, a partslider drawer and a horizontal refrigerator holder for bottles.

The plumbing 144-inch steel shelving package is very similar to the HVAC package but includes an extra three-drawer cabinet. The plumbing 144-inch aluminum shelving package also mirrors the HVAC package, including the jumbo tool drawer but also has a top edge and two 6-inch raises for pipes or lumber.

The plumbing 170-inch steel shelving package features a similar package to the 144-inch version but larger to fit the wider wheelbase. The plumbing 170-inch aluminum shelving package also features larger versions of what’s available in the 144-inch wheelbase package.

We’ll outfit you with the right lock-down options, shelving and more. Give all your tools and spare parts a space that fits and reduces the likelihood you’ll lose equipment or double-order a part you just couldn’t see in your old van.

3. Electrician Shelving Packages

Electricians will benefit from steel and aluminum Sprinter storage systems designed specifically to keep your equipment organized but quiet with rattle-free dividers and locking cabinets. Extend your capabilities with our extension electrical-package options that include more shelving units, wire reel holders, hooks and much more.

The 144-inch wheelbase steel shelving package includes a four-shelf shelving unit, several plastic bins, two locking cabinets, a two-drawer and a three-drawer cabinet, along with a wire reel holder and a fixed hook on the driver side. The passenger side has another four-shelf shelving unit, several adjustable rattle-free dividers and a swivel hook.

The 144-inch wheelbase aluminum shelving package has many of the same features as the steel package but includes a jumbo tool drawer, a partslider drawer and a tool edge on the passenger side.

The 170-inch wheelbase steel shelving package is a larger version of the 144-inch steel package while the 170-inch wheelbase aluminum shelving package is a larger version of the 144-inch aluminum package.

4. Delivery Van Shelving Package

For vans involved in making deliveries, our Sprinter Delivery Package of shelving equipment is ideal. The sturdy shelves fold securely away to keep the aisle clear when they are not in use, or to make space for larger items. With plenty of room and capacity for heavier items, our Sprinter shelving for delivery vans is ideal for all types of business.

Our delivery van shelving packages are available in aluminum for 144-inch wheelbase delivery vans. The folding shelves allow clear access when not in use. The shelves are held up with gas shock so there are no latches and no rattling noises. The capacity is 40 pounds per linear foot on the shelves and they are 20 inches deep. Each side of the delivery van shelving package option includes a two-shelf shelving unit with folding shelves.

The 170-inch wheelbase aluminum shelving unit is similar to the shorter wheelbase version but with longer folding shelves.

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Shelving Material Options: Steel Versus Aluminum

One of the more important decisions that you can make when choosing a shelving package is whether you want shelving in aluminum or in steel. There are benefits and drawbacks to both.

Steel shelving is more durable. It’s a great choice when you know you’re going to be traveling rougher roads such as in rural areas or in urban areas where you know the roads are not in excellent condition. Steel shelving lasts a long time and can carry much heavier loads. Steel is also a great option if you’re looking for organization at an attractive price.

The main drawback to steel shelving is that it increases gas costs because it does make the van heavier to drive.

Aluminum shelving is ideal if your van or your fleet of vans do most of their work in an urban setting with relatively good roads. Aluminum shelving gives you a quieter ride and helps to save on gas. Aluminum shelving may not be your best option if most of your work is done in more rural areas where the roads aren’t as good.

How to Install Shelving in the Sprinter Van


While our shelving packages do require assembly, this is done quite easily and, in most cases, only takes a few hours. Each package includes an estimated assembly time and estimated installation time. We strive to give accurate times with easy to follow instructions.

You can assemble and install a Sprinter van shelving unit from Advantage Outfitters LLC whether you are an individual operator or are organizing the assembly and the installation for a fleet of vehicles.

All our shelving units are from Ranger Design and many feature a no-drill installation.

Mercedes Sprinter Shelving Ideas

There are a lot of great advantages when you use shelving for your Sprinter Van.

  • You can easily store tools and equipment.
  • It helps keep your cargo area clear and easy to access.
  • It protects your tools.
  • It protects the back of your van from dents and scratches.
  • It creates the professional look in your cargo area that impresses clients.
  • It means a quieter ride for you or your drivers.
  • It’s easier to find the tool you need when you need it which means you get your work done faster and more efficiently.

Advantage Outfitters LLC also offers everything else that you’ll need to make your van your office on the road such as roof equipment, wall liners, flooring and mats, partitions and dividers to protect you or your drivers from any loose object and lots of additional drawers and dividers when you need them.

Why Buy Sprinter Van Shelving from Advantage Outfitters LLC


Not seeing what you need from our list above? Look at the package that most resembles what you’re after and then give us a call directly. We can help customize and optimize any Sprinter shelving packages to fit your equipment and your needs.

By working with us, you’ll also avoid traditional OEM pricing. That means you’re getting a standard or a custom deal, often at a fraction of the cost, if you bought the same package directly from your Sprinter source. As a third party, we can include more customization choices in our Sprinter storage options while you avoid charges that come with working directly with your van manufacturer.

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff are available to answer any of your questions about outfitting your Sprinter van. You can call us at 866-925-944.

If you live in the area, feel free to stop by our showroom. We're open Monday to Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. We have two locations. Our West location is on 255 West Street, South Hackensack, New Jersey. Or you can drop by our other location at 107 E. Hawthorne Ave., Valley Stream, New York.

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