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7th Feb 2022

Whether you are a professional tradesperson or work for a commercial fleet company, you probably already know the value of an organized and well-thought-out mobile workspace in your van or truck. Rather than having tools and equipment scattered around haphazardly in the back of your vehicle, an organized and secure workspace is not only safer but can also dramatically improve your productivity and overall efficiency. 

If every tool and object has a rightful place, you don't have to scour through a pile of objects each time you need to find a different tool, folder or device to get the job done. You will have far more open space to work with, and you won't have to do calculus to figure out the best spot for a package or piece of equipment. Not to mention, you won't have to worry about those objects endangering you as you drive if they are properly stored! 

With that being said, an organized and secure workspace that is safe and increases your productivity is often easier to talk about than it is to bring into actuality. Moreover, when you do get started on outfitting your mobile workspace to maximize efficiency and productivity, there are numerous factors to consider as you determine the optimal types of products and materials for your van. One of the most important considerations in van upfitting is the quality of shelving units you install. 

When evaluating the quality of van shelving units, there are several factors to consider, such as the strength and weight of the material used to construct the shelves, the length of warranty provided and the measures the manufacturer has taken to reduce rattling and noise. Moreover, since each person's mobile workspace will function optimally in different ways, it is beneficial to find shelving units or packages that are highly customizable to your needs. You will also want to make sure the unit or package you purchase for your van is from a top van shelving manufacturer. 

To help you make the best choice when it comes to van shelving and outfitting your mobile workspace, this overview of the top commercial van shelving manufacturers will give you the information you need. 

Ranger Design

Ranger Design is a top commercial van shelving company that has been supplying van storage supplies to both local and international customers since 1988. Their headquarters is located in Montréal, Québec, and they have manufacturing factories in Montréal and Rochester, New York. Additionally, Ranger Design has over 300 distribution centers scattered across North America. Their van storage services cater to local tradespeople and companies with commercial fleets. 

With regard to the van shelving units that Ranger Design manufactures, they are both lightweight and durable. Their Fleet Series is an aluminum-steel hybrid constructed with steel end panels and extruded aluminum support beams. Extruded aluminum is known for its efficient strength-to-weight ratio, meaning that such material supports heavy objects despite being made from a lightweight metal. They also provide a line of all-aluminum shelving units with their Pro Series products, which are even lighter than their Fleet Series shelving units and look exceedingly sleek. 

With that in mind, Ranger Design van shelving units are an excellent shelving option for several reasons, which include but are not limited to the following:

  • Lightweight shelves are beneficial for installing and moving and are more fuel-efficient, as they reduce the additional weight on your vehicle and thereby minimize fuel consumption, saving you money in the long run
  • The extruded aluminum and composite bottom shelves provide durability to keep both the shelves and the inventory on the shelves safe and secure for an extended period of time from impact, excessive load-bearing and general wear and tear.
  • Ranger Design provides an industry-leading 10-year warranty protection plan on all of its shelving units and packages.
  • The absence of rattling enables drivers and passengers alike to experience a quiet ride.
  • Ranger Design's innovative use of design and materials makes their products very simple in design and therefore competitive in price.

Ranger Design's line of van shelving units and packages can be installed and used in any of the following van makes and models:

Adrian Steel

Operating out of Adrian, Michigan, for more than half of a century since 1953, Adrian Steel is the godfather of van storage companies. Like Ranger Design, their customer base is typically tradespeople and companies with commercial fleets. However, Adrian Steel shelving units are more commonly used by national companies with commercial fleets because of their extensive "ship-thru" options, which can make it easier for such companies to have the shelving units installed into their cargo vans in a timely and headache-free manner. 

Owing to their national presence and strong reputation, Adrian Steel has various partnerships and incentives with large-scale vehicle manufacturers like Ford and General Motors. They also offer a three-year warranty on their shelving units. 

Adrian Steel's shelving units are all made entirely of steel. As such, they are highly durable and have significant load-bearing capacity. At the same time, they are much heavier than Ranger Design's extruded aluminum shelves, which serves to increase the weight of your vehicle and fuel consumption, as a result. An additional wrinkle with all-steel shelving units for your van is the rising cost of steel. Partially due to steel prices, as well as their position in the marketplace, van owners often find Adrian Steel notably more expensive than other shelving systems.

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Weather Guard

Weather Guard began in the early 1960s in the toolbox manufacturing and distributing industry under the name of Knack, LLC, after its founder, Howard Knack. By the end of the decade, Knack expanded into the manufacturing and distribution of toolboxes specifically designed for trucks under the business name of Weather Guard Truck Equipment. By the mid-70s, Weather Guard expanded into van storage and became known as Weather Guard Truck and Van Storage Equipment. With that in mind, Weather Guard primarily specializes in truck equipment but still provides van storage options. 

Since then, it has continued to expand beyond its humble Illinois beginnings in a 2,000 square foot shack in Crystal Lake, Illinois, to its current 400,000 square foot state-of-the-art headquarters in Itasca, Illinois, distributing truck and van storage equipment throughout the United States. However, they were recently acquired by WernerCo in 2012, which is owned by a German investment firm. As such, most of their manufacturing currently occurs overseas. 

Like Adrian Steel, Weather Guard's truck and van shelving units are constructed from 100% steel. They are highly durable but can be heavy, expensive and not fuel efficient due to the added weight in your van or truck. In terms of warranty coverage, Weather Guard provides a three-year warranty on all of their shelving units. Furthermore, if you are looking for an eco-conscious company to purchase shelving units from, Weather Guard has made significant strides to increase recycling, reduce gas and energy consumption and minimize air emissions. 


Masterack was founded in 1960 in Decatur, Georgia, where its headquarters and manufacturing plant remains today. In addition to their headquarters and manufacturing plants in Decatur, they also have ship-thru facilities in Kansas City and Wentzville, MO, which makes them popular among national commercial fleet companies.

As a leading van storage company, they have historically focused on providing the "free" upfitting incentive package offered by Ford for their Econoline Cargo Vans, until that program was discontinued along with the Econoline in 2014. This was commonly known as the racks and bins package. Since Ford dropped that incentive, Masterack has changed ownership twice, which may be a red flag for some. With that being said, they continue to provide different upfitting products with Ford and several other vehicle manufacturers, including General Motors, Chevrolet, Nissan and RAM commercial vehicles. 

Masterack caters primarily to budget-conscious national fleet companies through their array of entry-level products sold at more affordable prices. Their shelving units are also constructed entirely from steel and come with a one-year warranty guarantee. With that in mind, if you prefer all-steel shelving units but are dismayed by the rising prices on the market, Masterack may provide affordable solutions to you with entry-level steel shelves that get the job done minus all of the bells and whistles. 

American Van

Aerican Van started out in 1978 as a local ladder and van shelving manufacturing and supply company to other local businesses in New Jersey. Since then, their merchandise and accessory line of van ladder and shelving products has exploded in terms of range and quantity, making them the largest manufacturer and supplier of such products throughout the United States. 

They continue to manufacture their products in New Jersey. With that in mind, American Van is unique in the van storage equipment industry in that they operate through direct selling, which means that they bypass intermediaries in the supply chain, such as third-party manufacturers or distributors, by manufacturing and distributing their products themselves and selling them directly to the consumers. In doing so, they are able to offer their customers lower rates than their competitors.

To that extent, American Van also focuses heavily on reducing auxiliary costs through measures like self-install options, which makes them sort of an "IKEA for van storage equipment." At the same time, while they have various cost-saving solutions for budget-conscious consumers, there is a catch, as they do not provide any manufacturer's warranty on their products. As such, their affordable line of products could come back to haunt you if you experience problems with their products relatively soon after your purchase. 

In this way, American Van's products mirror both the convenience and risks that you take when buying from IKEA or similar stores. So purchasing van shelving products from American Van can sometimes call for a risk-reward analysis to ensure that the quality of the product either matches or exceeds the price tag. 

Kargo Master

Starting in 1982 in Rancho Cordova, California, where its headquarters remain to this day, Kargo Master is a national van and truck storage equipment company with a strong presence on the West Coast. In addition to their strong West Coast presence, however, they also have a warehouse distribution center in Baltimore, Maryland, and they have also expanded to have a cross-national reach, but their strongest customer base and manufacturing occur in California and the surrounding states. 

Like Weather Guard, Kargo Master primarily specializes in truck ladder racks and storage equipment but also offers van shelving units as a secondary operation. Their shelving units come with a three-year warranty protection plan and have an all-steel construction.

Kargo Master is a subsidiary of Holman Enterprises, as the truck and van storage company was recently acquired by Auto Truck Group, which is a national upfitting company that forms one part of the Holman Enterprise network of companies. Auto Truck Group is owned by another company within Holman Enterprises known as ARI Fleet Leasing, through which Kargo Master is focused on contributing to and developing a national fleet business. 

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