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Advantage Outfitters, LLC: Your Source for Quality Van Roof Equipment

Work vehicles that work better — that’s our motto here at Advantage Outfitters. We stock equipment that transforms your work van into a multi-faceted equipment warehouse. Our materials can help increase your vehicles’ convenience, safety and resale value.

If you’re in need of roof equipment for your van in the form of van ladders, van roof racks, cargo van ladder racks, commercial van roof racks or commercial van ladder racks, we’re a company you can trust to provide you with quality products that will stand the test of time. We offer easy ordering at our online store, so you can shop at your own convenience whenever a need arises.

Read on to learn how Advantage Outfitters, LLC can help you with your van roofing equipment needs.

Our Van Roof Equipment Offerings

Advantage Outfitters, LLC supplies a complete series of van roofing equipment for you to select from. Many of our products feature hydraulic assist drop downs, catwalks and roof decks for your convenience.

Let’s take a look at a few of the products available in our online store:

  • Conduit Carrier Tube: Provide your electricians with a secure way to transport conduit with a carrier tube. Our carrier tubes can be locked to protect your valuable equipment, manufactured from 5” anodized aluminum and offer an inside length of 10’ 1”. Conduit carrier tubes are also useful for avoiding damage to copper piping, helping keep it from being damaged, warped or stolen.
  • Roof Rails: Roof rails serve a dual purpose: They help protect the tops of your van fleet from scrapes and dents and provide a guide to help store your equipment in a secure fashion. Our roof rails are manufactured out of powder-coated aluminum and use factory mounting points for a secure fit.
  • Roof Decks: Roof decks are a multi-faceted tool of van roofing equipment. Usable for storing ladders and providing multiple access points for securing hooks and ratchet sets, roof decks can help free up room in the cargo bay of your van for other tools and can help protect the roof of your van from damage. Our roof decks are available in several varieties of wheel base and roof height sure to match your van’s particular dimensions.
  • Roof Deck Catwalks: Add a catwalk to your van’s roof deck to allow your employees the ability to easily maneuver the top of your van and avoid damage to your ladders and equipment. Our deck catwalks provide a 1’ wide aluminum grip strut and are available in various lengths to suit the specific length of your van.
  • Cargo Racks: Our cargo racks provide deluxe roof storage options for a diverse array of equipment. They offer a 250 lb. capacity per bar and include ladder stops and straps for convenient loading and unloading.
  • Drop Down Ladder Racks: As an alternative to storing ladders on your van’s roof, choose a drop down ladder rack for easy, convenient access to your company’s equipment. Single and double sided ladder rotations are available.         
  • Rear Roller Bars: These function as handy add-ons to your cargo bar system for increased security, and are available for vans with high and low roofs.
  • Access Ladders: Pair your van roofing equipment with a ladder to help improve your employees’ access to it. Made from heavy-duty extruded aluminum and available in different colors and roof heights, access ladders help prevent injury to your staff and damage to your vehicles.

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