Partitions and Dividers for Ford Transit Vans

Your work van is essentially a large toolbox, full of the equipment and gear you rely on to satisfy your customers' needs. Personalizing this space is essential to getting the most out of it and ensuring your services are as successful as they can be. Partition dividers provide a functional way to keep your toolbox organized, protect your employees and maintain a comfortable drive. 

Enhance Your Ride With Vehicle Partition and Dividers

Adding a van partition to your vehicle creates a physical barrier dividing your cabin and your cargo space. The goal of these accessories is to enhance the safety of your van, preventing tools and equipment from falling out of place or harming drivers while the vehicle is in motion. They can also make a world of difference for your equipment organization and vehicle insulation. 

Advantage Outfitters, LLC provides access to various styles of Ford Transit partitions from Ranger Design, constructed from materials such as steel, composite and aluminum. Composite options are thicker than others, providing enhanced sound-dampening capabilities. Steel and aluminum materials offer enhanced durability and strength with rattle-free benefits. We offer a range of options to support vehicles with varying roof heights. Our partitions come in countless configurations, such as: 

  • Contoured designs: Maximize floor space in the cabin for a relaxed, comfortable ride.
  • Doors or pass-through designs: Access your equipment and cargo with ease through your cabin, saving you time on the job. 
  • Straight designs: Maintain a low-profile partition constructed from galvanized steel with options for a mesh upper offering adequate visibility.

Buy Your Ford Transit Dividers at Advantage Outfitters

If safety and organization are at the top of your list to improve in your van, Transit partitions are the upfitting accessories you need. Advantage Outfitters offers a wide selection of Ranger Design dividers to construct a custom van that supports your needs. We have worked with a range of professionals across many industries to create solutions to enhance their van setup. 

Advantage Outfitters is a customer-centric organization, striving to provide you with the products you need to work safely and efficiently. Our products come with a satisfaction guarantee so you can rest easy in your investment. 

Search through our inventory and purchase your partition dividers today. We'll have your product on the delivery truck within 48 hours. Contact us online for more information!

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