Ladder Racks For Mercedes Sprinter Vans


Sprinter Commercial Van Ladder Racks and Equipment

Outfit your Sprinter cargo van with everything you need to get the job done right, and without making multiple trips for tools and equipment. Our Sprinter roof racks and Sprinter ladder racks provide space and secure connections to prevent damage to your van or equipment.

All our Sprinter 144-inch wheelbase Low Roof ladder racks are also compatible with the Sprinter WORKER van. We also have store ladders and piping to keep your operations running smoothly. Keep reading to learn more about Sprinter ladder racks:

Reasons to Get a Sprinter Ladder Rack for Your Van

A ladder rack makes your job more efficient and convenient. You can enjoy the following benefits of having a ladder rack for your Sprinter van:

1. An Improved Cargo Capacity

Adding a Sprinter van ladder rack to your work vehicle will allow you to safely transport long ladders without compromising the cargo area. Depending on the type of ladder rack, you can also transport other heavy pieces of equipment. A cargo rack allows you to carry bulky items to job sites securely and gives you the ability to load and unload everything with ease.

2. Enhanced Worker Safety

With ladder racks designed specifically for your Sprinter van, you will have a safer, more professional setup. Unsecured equipment can move around in a cargo area. A ladder rack for your van is designed specifically for transporting this type of equipment, with a special locking mechanism to hold the ladder in place. Your ladder rack will keep equipment above your van and away from you and your workers while driving.

3. Convenience and Efficiency

Ladder racks are dependable and make getting out your equipment on a job a more convenient process. Your rack can assist in the loading and unloading process. Some ladder racks can carry more than one ladder on each side.

4. Better Professionalism

With a ladder rack and other accessories organizing your work van, your customers will notice your professionalism as you travel between job sites. It's important to have the right accessories for transporting commercial equipment, especially when you need to work with a large item such as a ladder. A cargo rack for your van's exterior will help you save time so you can complete your jobs more quickly instead of trying to unload your heavy ladder from the back of the vehicle.

Sprinter Ladder Racks and Accessories

The types of ladder racks available for your Sprinter van include:

1. Access Ladders

Get quick and easy access to your Sprinter roof racks with our access ladder designed for high and low roof models. The heavy-duty extruded aluminum model is designed specifically for your Sprinter, so there are no issues with opening or closing doors or with a fit that doesn't match your van height. Get a safe ladder that is resistant to wear, rust and more.

2. Sprinter Cargo Racks

Advantage Outfitters offers two- and three-bar cargo racks made of a rust-free aluminum with a full load weight of 250 pounds per bar. Each rack includes ladder stops and straps. They're easy to access from any position on your Sprinter and can be the perfect complement to an internal Sprinter rack and shelf system.

3. Deck Catwalks

No Sprinter roof deck or cargo rack is complete without a roof deck catwalk. Get access to all your equipment and reach the heights you need safely and securely. Each option includes a 12-inch wide aluminum grip strut. Easy two-business-day shipping means you'll get your catwalk in and installed before you're ready for that next job.

4. Carrier Tubes

To help our service provider customers, Advantage Outfitters stocks conduit carrier tubes that can fit 10-foot piping, meeting most industry standard equipment. Each carrier tube is a 5-inch unit made of anodized aluminum with a rigid single-piece construction. These lockable units provide you with the best way to carry piping and tubing that wouldn't normally fit inside your Sprinter.

5. Dropdown Ladder Racks

Keep your team and equipment safe with Sprinter roof racks that include a dropdown ladder rack. Single- and double-side rotation options allow you to bring the ladder within reach, no matter where your team is. The operation is safely performed in one fluid motion, using two gas shocks to support weight and provide plenty of strength.

Our models drop lower than almost any other rack in the industry. Reduce the risk of accidents and keep your equipment in working order with ladder assistance built right into your Sprinter ladder rack.

6. Rear Roller Bars

Complete your cargo bar system with rear roller bars that allow you to quickly get your equipment on and off your Sprinter van. Each bar is designed to roll off loads of adequate weights. If your van is in the field and constantly moving to customer sites, these roller bars are the perfect addition to a Sprinter ladder rack for simple and effective storage and retrieval of ladders on your Sprinter roof.

7. Roof Decks and Rails

Complete your Sprinter roof rack with a strong roof deck and roof rail support. We offer several options to keep your van's roof strong and your equipment secure. The set of rear rollers, crossbows and mounting channels provide you with proper storage space that maintains the aerodynamic design of your van.

Select from any of our Sprinter roof racks online, or call us directly to inquire about custom options made just to fit your needs.


Why Choose Advantage Outfitters?

At Advantage Outfitters, we provide ladder racks with several features, including:

  • Lightweight materials: Aluminum ladder racks are lightweight and easy to lift for a speedy installation.
  • A sturdy, durable design: Our ladder racks are built for long-term use.
  • High quality: We provide products that meet high standards of quality and warranties to support their worth.

In addition to having excellent products, Advantage Outfitters aims to give you the best experience. We also provide a 10-year product warranty and customer service that you can count on. We offer a price match to our customers so you can get the best deal on our van shelving and ladder rack products. You can return your product for a refund or exchange within 30 days.

Upgrade Your Sprinter Van With a Ladder Rack and Other Accessories

You can optimize the cargo area of your work van with a ladder rack and storage system from Advantage Outfitters. We have a wide selection of products for the Sprinter line and will provide the best possible work van equipment for your benefit. If you have questions about a product or want to know more about van outfitting, please get in touch with us online for more information.

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