Ladder Racks

Savana / Express — GM Van Ladder Racks

Service contractors like electricians, plumbers, HVAC technicians and others need their vehicles to serve as roaming workplaces. That means you need plenty of room for your equipment or materials — or else you can’t do your best work when you arrive at a job site.

That’s why so many service professionals choose ladder racks for Savanna van and Express van vehicles. GM van ladder racks mean you have a secure and safe space to haul your ladder or ladders, not to mention you’re freeing up space inside your van to carry other material and equipment — or to install shelving that makes your vehicle far more organized.

At Advantage Outfitters, LLC, we offer a wide range of commercial van roof racks, including cargo van ladder roller bar options. When you want the space-saving power of commercial van roof racks, you can count on Advantage Outfitters, LLC.

Different Types of Commercial Van Roof Racks

You enjoy options when searching for Savana and Express van roof equipment. You can find basic cargo racks and rear roller bars that can be used to store any number of different items, ladders included. You can find more substantial roof decks and even clamp-down systems specifically designed for carrying ladders securely.

You can try to rig your own system for carrying a ladder on the roof of your vehicle. But these GM van ladder racks give you a secure spot that’s going to protect your investment in ladders and protect you from liability. A ladder that falls off your vehicle on the highway can do great damage and leave your business exposed to high expenses and even lawsuits.

Why Choose Advantage Outfitters, LLC?

We choose to carry only lightweight and durable commercial van roof racks and similar accessories for service vehicles — nothing but products of the highest quality. Your vehicle is your office on-the-go, and you need it to work and operate dependably even under rigorous conditions.

We also emphasize customer service in everything that we do. We offer an easy and efficient ordering system, fast shipping that sees your product is shipped within 48 hours in most cases, and technical assistance should you have any questions or need guidance when shopping our selection.

Find GM Van Ladder Racks and Much More

We offer a complete selection of accessories for your service vehicle. You’ll find ladder racks for Express and Savanna vans as well as wall liners, flooring, custom shelving packages, partitions and more. When you’re looking to upfit your GM van for better productivity, efficiency and organization, we deliver with a wide selection of the parts and accessories you need.

Get Your Roof Rack for Ladders Today

The roof rack you’ve been looking for is ready and waiting. If you have any questions as you search, or if you need technical assistance to ensure you get a cargo van ladder roller bar or roof rack that fits your vehicle, get in touch with us at any time. We’re always here to help you make the best decision for your vehicle and your business – and always offer online order discounts to save you money.

Shop our selection of commercial van roof racks and find your perfect solution today.