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Savana / Express Cargo Van Wall Liners

GM commercial vans are designed to cover a wide range of uses and cargo needs. Before you start installing custom racking and shelving units or filling your cargo area to the brim with materials, consider covering your van walls, doors and ceiling with high-quality liners.

These liners can provide extra protection to your vans, while also offering sound deadening and heat retention options. As you look for Express or Savana van liners for sale online, you should be as informed as possible about the highest-quality products on the market.

Features of Our Chevy Savana and GM Express Van Liner Kits


Both the Chevy Express and GMC Savana are made by GM and feature the same dimensions for liners. Some of the van liners and kits we carry include:

1. Wall Panels

Wall panels are designed to protect your walls from general wear and tear from transporting materials, equipment and tools. The two primary options you have are the 5/16-inch insulated wall liners from Legend Fleet and plastic 3/16-inch wall panels from vanLiner.

  • Legend Fleet: When you want premium protection, turn to Legend Fleet insulated van wall liners for Savana and Express vans. This wall liner features rigid plastic wall protection with added foam insulation to provide a thick 5/16-inch barrier between the wall and the materials in your van. Additionally, the Duratherm van liners come with sound deadening insulation.
  • vanLiner: vanLiner offers 3/16-inch rigid wall paneling that safeguards your van's walls from scrapes and dents and is precisely cut to match the contours of your Savana or Express van. This liner is less thick than the Legend Fleet option, but it's one of the most affordable van liner kits available.

2. Door Panels

Like your walls, the interior of your door panels is likely to take a beating as you travel. To shield your doors from scratches and dents, you can choose from Legend Fleet's 5/16-inch door panels or the 3/16-inch door paneling from vanLiner.

  • Legend Fleet door panels: When you pair Legend Fleet's wall panels with door liners, you get even greater sound deadening qualities due to the insulation that comes under the rigid plastic. Their R4 thermal barrier also assists with keeping heat inside the van, perfect for cold days. These 5/16” thick insulated door panels for Chevy Express and GMC Savana provide superior protection.
  • vanLiner door panels: Like their wall panel counterparts, vanLiner has 3/16-inch rigid door protection made out of plastic. With their precise cuts and easy to install features, you can be certain that they'll fit in your work van.

3. Ceiling Panels

If you regularly stack materials and tools to the top of your work van, you need GM Express or Savana ceiling panels to protect the roof's interior. The primary option you can choose for ceiling panels is a 5/16-inch insulated roof liner from Legend Fleet.

On the back of your panels are foil and foam insulation that deadens sound and provides a thermal barrier. If you combine all three of the Legend Fleet liners to cover your walls, ceilings and doors, your sound deadening will be unmatched, and you'll receive the benefits of an R4 thermal barrier.

Qualities to Look for in Van Panels

To ensure you get the best Chevy Express or GMC Savana, evaluate these factors:

  • Simple installation - Save time and money by picking liners that can be installed easily.

  • Proper insulation - Wall panels with insulation will absorb the noise that a cargo area full of equipment, tools and materials will generate. The insulation can also keep the space warmer at times. 

  • Interior protection - Your work vans are assets for your company, and you’ll want to keep their value as high as possible by protecting their interior.

  • Light material - In the long run, choosing a lightweight panel option over something heavier will save your company money due to gas costs.

  • Same brands - When you purchase van liners for your doors, ceiling and walls all from the same brand, you can occasionally receive additional advantages. For instance, the Legend Fleet insulated van wall liners for Savana and Express vans can be combined with other Legend Fleet ceiling and door panels for an R4 thermal barrier and exceptional sound deadening.

Find the Perfectly Sized Panels for Savana and Express Vans

The main dimensions you should check are your roof height and your wheelbase size. Note that your wheelbase for your work van will either be regular or extended.

Finding these dimensions should be easy. Often, your paperwork will list all of the appropriate dimensions to help you know which size of panel you should buy. If you can't find the right paperwork, give your dealership a call, and they should be able to supply you with any information you need.

Installing Wall Liners for GMC Savana and Chevy Express


Check out the easy to follow directions below:

  1. Remove any tie-downs on your walls, ceilings or roofs.
  2. After removal, line up your panel with the shape of the van.
  3. With the holes in the panel lined up with the holes in the van's surface, screw the tie downs back in. Insert retainer plugs inside the remaining standard-sized holes. 
  4. For the smaller holes, screw in the remaining screws and screwcaps. Don't overtighten screws or capsule will break. Flip the cap over the screw head when complete. 
  5. Repeat these steps throughout the van.

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Browse our online store for the best prices on Savana and Express wall liners and other commercial van equipment on the market today. Be sure you select the correct wheelbase to get the right fit that’s ready to install.

Get in touch with us if you’d like help choosing or are curious about our custom storage solutions, monthly specials, price match guarantee or fast shipping, and we’ll make sure to answer all of your questions. Our entire team looks forward to becoming your trusted supplier for all of your GM van upfitting needs!

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