Savana/Express Floor Accessories

Why Buy Van Flooring for Your GM Savana or Chevy Express Work Van?

Buying Chevy Express or GM Savana floor liners is an excellent choice for a wide variety of purposes. They do more than just solve a single problem for you — they'll address many other issues that come with using your work vehicle without appropriate flooring.

Here are some of the reasons that professionals of all types use GM Savana and Chevy Express cargo liner in their vehicles:

  • Increased traction: The materials and patterns on van liners add high-traction capabilities. Whether you work in wet and muddy environments or just want as much safety as possible, Express or Savana anti-slip flooring can do both. They'll make it easy for workers to grab a foothold in challenging settings.
  • Wear and tear resistance: With many work vehicles, durability is a primary concern. They are high-traffic spaces and can quickly get scuffs and chips. These issues can lower the value of the van and make it look less professional, but Savana and Chevy Express floor mats can help. They'll provide an extra barrier between your tools and the van to absorb impacts and take the brunt of the damage.
  • Enhanced safety during loading and unloading: Those high-traction surfaces can make it safer for workers as they carry tools and items in and out of the cargo van. With Express and Savana anti-slip flooring, they won't be as likely to fall with dangerous tools or heavy loads in their hands.
  • Interior surface protection: These vehicles often contain sharp, heavy tools that can damage the van or each other. Of course, you want to avoid damage to your van, as it can reduce its value. Express and Savana cargo van flooring can minimize damage by cushioning these impacts and protecting your van from chips and dings.
  • Custom fits designed to match your GM Savana or Chevy Express perfectly: With custom fits, you won't have to worry about complicated installation or flooring that doesn't stay in place. Our GM Savana and Chevy Express cargo floor liners are cut to fit your vehicle.
  • Noise reduction: During the drive, materials can rattle around in the back, making things difficult and annoying for your drivers. With impact-absorbing flooring, you can minimize the noise and the bumps, making for a smooth, quiet ride.
  • Flat loading space: The standard steel floor in your van, with raised sections for added strength, make it inconvenient to install storage bins and containers and load and unload your equipment. An Express/Savana composite wood floor with a rubber surface protects the floor of your commercial or trades van and facilitates day-to-day use.


Get the Van Liners You Need Fast and at the Best Price Today

All of our trade and cargo van equipment is designed to make your life easier and improve the practicality of your work vehicle. Our Savana and Express floors are only useful and make it easy to sweep and hose out at the end of the day. The rubber coating can be wiped down to remove dirt but requires no other maintenance. Adding a custom floor also protects your van from scratches or impact damage from equipment, helping maintain its value.

Choose Express and Savana wood flooring from Advantage Outfitters to save time and improve your work van's efficiency. Our custom flooring is cut to fit your model of van and is easy to install. Prolong the life of your commercial van and make it even more practical for your business with a composite floor.

You can browse our products online right now or let us help you find the perfect work van products for your business, contact us today by phone, chat or our online form. We'll help you choose the right product for your GM Savana or Chevy Express commercial van floors. Get the most out of your van with help from Advantage Outfitters!

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