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Savana/Express Floor Liners

If you drive a GM Savana or Chevy Express cargo van, you likely use your work vehicle every day in some harsh conditions. You might track mud into it, knock tools into the side or splash chemicals across the floor. In situations like these — and situations that are less demanding — you need a van that can stand up to hazards and keep workers safe. GM Savana flooring and Chevy Express floor mats can do the job.

These Express and Savana van floor mats offer many benefits and can improve safety, efficiency and durability. Let's take a closer look at Express and Savana floor mats and what they can do for your commercial van.

Why Buy Van Flooring for Your GM Savana or Chevy Express Work Van?

Buying Chevy Express or GM Savana floor liners is an excellent choice for a wide variety of purposes. They do more than just solve a single problem for you — they'll address many other issues that come with using your work vehicle without appropriate flooring.

Here are some of the reasons that professionals of all types use GM Savana and Chevy Express cargo liner in their vehicles:

  • Increased traction: The materials and patterns on van liners add high-traction capabilities. Whether you work in wet and muddy environments or just want as much safety as possible, Express or Savana anti-slip flooring can do both. They'll make it easy for workers to grab a foothold in challenging settings.
  • Wear and tear resistance: With many work vehicles, durability is a primary concern. They are high-traffic spaces and can quickly get scuffs and chips. These issues can lower the value of the van and make it look less professional, but Savana and Chevy Express floor mats can help. They'll provide an extra barrier between your tools and the van to absorb impacts and take the brunt of the damage.
  • Enhanced safety during loading and unloading: Those high-traction surfaces can make it safer for workers as they carry tools and items in and out of the cargo van. With Express and Savana anti-slip flooring, they won't be as likely to fall with dangerous tools or heavy loads in their hands.
  • Interior surface protection: These vehicles often contain sharp, heavy tools that can damage the van or each other. Of course, you want to avoid damage to your van, as it can reduce its value. Express and Savana cargo van flooring can minimize damage by cushioning these impacts and protecting your van from chips and dings.
  • Custom fits designed to match your GM Savana or Chevy Express perfectly: With custom fits, you won't have to worry about complicated installation or flooring that doesn't stay in place. Our GM Savana and Chevy Express cargo floor liners are cut to fit your vehicle.
  • Noise reduction: During the drive, materials can rattle around in the back, making things difficult and annoying for your drivers. With impact-absorbing flooring, you can minimize the noise and the bumps, making for a smooth, quiet ride.
  • Flat loading space: The standard steel floor in your van, with raised sections for added strength, make it inconvenient to install storage bins and containers and load and unload your equipment. An Express/Savana composite wood floor with a rubber surface protects the floor of your commercial or trades van and facilitates day-to-day use.

In addition to safety improvements, you can see that these benefits also offer added efficiency and convenience.


What to Look for When Purchasing Flooring for Your Savana or Express Van

When it's time to choose Chevy Express or GM Savana flooring, you'll need to look for specific features that fit the needs of your work. Do you need a mat that supports a food-safe environment or one that's easy to clean? Different materials can support this goal due to construction or inherent properties.

Here are some of the different ways that flooring can support your job.

  • Chemical resistance: Many jobs use chemicals that can be damaging to surfaces, hard to clean or dangerous to spread around. A chemically-resistant floor is easy to clean and safer to work with since it won't absorb materials or react with them to create unhealthy byproducts.
  • Easy installation: At Advantage Outfitters, LLC, our floor liners are cut to fit the vehicle. You can trust that our GM Savana and Chevy Express floor kits make it easy — no cutting or frustration necessary.
  • Moisture resistance: Moisture resistance can help you better manage spills, wet weather and everyday cleanups. Material that wicks away liquid will allow you to spray down dirt and grime without it absorbing into the surface or making a mess even further. It will also make rain and snowy weather a non-issue.
  • Dimensional stability: Some substances are more sensitive to changes in heat than others and may expand or contract as the temperature rises or falls. This movement could make your floor mats slide around or affect their snug fit. Our Chevy Express and GM Savana StabiliGrip and rubber-coated flooring won't respond to changes in heat, so they'll stay snug all year round.
  • Food-safe materials: Cross-contamination is something you always need to be aware of if you work with food. Of course, your food won't be directly on the van floor, but it's important to know that picking up a box from the van won't bring unwanted chemicals into a food environment. Food-safe flooring can provide this safety and peace of mind.
  • Lightweight construction: If fuel efficiency is important to you, a lightweight floor mat can help maximize your miles per gallon. Some materials are heavier than others, so keep an eye out for light ones if that's a priority.

To provide these benefits, we offer high-quality products from our partners at Legend Fleet Solutions. Legend Fleet provides versatile flooring for GM Savana and Chevy Express vehicles, along with a wide array of other products to protect your vehicle.

Savana/Express Flooring Options

Our Chevy Express and GM Savana floor mats are made of composite wood, with rubberized surfaces and different characteristics. Here's how they stack up.


1. Chevy Express/GM Savana StabiliGrip Flooring

This Savana/Express composite floor liner offers a firm surface with an exceptionally high-traction texture. It has rubberized, moisture-resistant material on the top with a texture that lends itself to keeping feet and cargo in place. Beneath that layer is a dimensional-composite center core made of low-density polyethylene (LDPE) for rot protection and thermal resistance. On either side of the core, fiber mesh liners add stability. The last layer is a rubberized cushion to hold the mat in place and minimize noise while driving.

An Express/Savana composite van flooring is perfect for scenarios where you need high traction, such as wet or slippery conditions. If you need food-safe materials or a straightforward surface that won't be exposed to extreme conditions, StabiliGrip flooring is an excellent option.

Other characteristics of this Express and Savana Legend Fleet flooring solution include the following:

  • Maximum traction
  • A firm surface
  • Thick 3/8-inch height
  • Moisture resistance
  • Mold resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Thermal resistance
  • Noise-reducing materials
  • Food-safe surface
  • Easy to install
  • Easy cleaning
  • H-channel installation that creates a smooth seam

2. GM Savana and Chevy Express Composite Floor Liner

Chevy Express and GM Savana wood van flooring from Advantage Outfitters is thicker, at half an inch, with a plywood core. Its textured surface is wear- and water-resistant.

If you work in harsh environments, these Express/Savana van floor mats are perfect for creating a durable interior solution. The panels have a heavy-duty coating and are easy to install with interlocking panels.

You'll find the following characteristics in this GM Savana/Chevy Express composite wood floor.

  • High traction
  • Water resistance
  • Wear resistance
  • Noise-reducing materials
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy installation

3. Chevy Express and GM Savana Floor Sills

It can be tough to keep the edges of your flooring in good condition without a protective layer. That's where our Express/Savana floor sills come in. They'll cover up the edge of your interior floor liner with a plate of sturdy aluminum.

Avoid scuffs from high traffic, dirt and wear that can affect the van or your flooring with these rear and side sills. They're custom-fit to the Chevy Express and GM Savana vehicles and offer a diamond-plate pattern to improve traction. With the same easy installation as our floor liners, they're quick to put in place.

4. Chevy Express and GM Savana Wheel Well Covers

Your wheel wells are in just as much danger as the rest of your floors, if not more so, when it comes to dings, dents and scuffs. To protect them, we offer Chevy Express and GM Savana wheel well covers that coordinate with your floor liners and can keep damage at bay. In addition to protection, they can also reduce wheel noise and contribute to insulation in your vehicle.



Choosing the Right Flooring for Your Savana/Express

Your industry and your work will play a large part in determining which type of flooring is right for you.

If you need the most traction possible, StabiliGrip fits the bill. It provides a firm texture and is excellent in applications that require moderate durability. Our Chevy Express and GM Savana van flooring is versatile and works for a wide array of businesses.

Savana and Express composite wood flooring can provide excellent durability for high-traffic uses or harsh environments, along with water resistance and a textured surface for traction. It's also easy to clean, for tasks that involve rolling up your sleeves and getting dirty.

How to Install Flooring for a Savana/Express Van

When it's time to install your Chevy Express or GM Savana Legend Fleet flooring, you can count on a quick, simple process. The tools you need include a rubber mallet, a 13-millimeter bit and a drill.

Installation for Stabiligrip flooring is simple.

  1. Remove the manufacturer's D-rings from the van.
  2. Lay down the first piece in the front section of the van.
  3. Connect the H-track rail joint to the floor, up to the edge that faces out.
  4. Connect the second floor piece, usually the smallest one, to the H-track rail joint. A rubber mallet will help secure the pieces.
  5. Join the next H-track rail joint to the second piece using your rubber mallet.
  6. Connect the last piece to the rail joint.

Our standard composite flooring is just as simple to install but does not use an H-track rail joint to connect pieces. Instead, they are interlocking and will link tightly together.

The finished result of StabiliGrip and composite flooring is professional and seamless.

Other Savana/Express Van Interior Equipment

Your vehicle isn't complete without the accessories needed to do your job to its fullest. Along with our GM Savana and Chevy Express cargo floor liners, we have other pieces of equipment to take you to the next level.

  • Wall, door and ceiling liners: While floor liners are excellent protection, you can extend many of their benefits to other parts of your van. Wall, door and ceiling liners can protect your van and tools while providing insulation, reducing sound and being lightweight.
  • Shelving: Keep your Express or Savana organized and ready for the next job with shelving units that keep everything in place. They'll also keep your tools from rattling around or falling and damaging each other or the van. You can boost productivity and efficiency with shelving packages or take your pick of products with individual shelving units.
  • Tool drawers and bins: You can also organize your tools with bins and drawers, so equipment is easy to find and access.
  • Roof equipment: Secure your ladders and other cargo to the roof of your van for easy access and a roomier cargo compartment. We carry several types of roof equipment.
  • Partitions and dividers: With partitions and dividers, you can ensure your cargo and drivers stay separate. The drive may be quieter, and drivers are more protected. If an accident or hard stop occurs, it keeps cargo from flying toward the front. Our partitions offer varying levels of durability, from plastic to steel.
  • Bottle holders: Pressurized tanks and bottles need to be secure during transit, so they do not get punctured or damaged. Bottle holders can hold them in place, keeping your van, cargo and drivers safe.

Get the Van Liners You Need Fast and at the Best Price Today

All of our trade and cargo van equipment is designed to make your life easier and improve the practicality of your work vehicle. Our Savana and Express floors are only useful and make it easy to sweep and hose out at the end of the day. The rubber coating can be wiped down to remove dirt but requires no other maintenance. Adding a custom floor also protects your van from scratches or impact damage from equipment, helping maintain its value.

Choose Express and Savana wood flooring from Advantage Outfitters to save time and improve your work van's efficiency. Our custom flooring is cut to fit your model of van and is easy to install. Prolong the life of your commercial van and make it even more practical for your business with a composite floor.

You can browse our products online right now or let us help you find the perfect work van products for your business, contact us today by phone, chat or our online form. We'll help you choose the right product for your GM Savana or Chevy Express commercial van floors. Get the most out of your van with help from Advantage Outfitters!

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