48" Ranger Design Fold-Away Shelving Unit, 3 levels #F5-RA48-3

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Boost fleet productivity with an adjustable, easy-to-assemble Ranger Design fold-away shelving unit that features three levels.

A Durable, Lightweight Ranger Design Fold-Away Shelving Unit 

Customize your van's cargo area to suit your needs and boost storage capacity with a flexible fold-away van shelving unit by Ranger Design. This 48-inch fold-away van shelving system features three shelves with up to 18 inches of usable space depth. The shelves feature safety end caps and anti-pinch guards to protect operators, while the steel end panels prevent cargo spillage and damage. Gas shock suspensions prevent your cargo from rattling and keep closed shelves locked during transit. 

Material Information

The Ranger Design #F5-RA48-3 48-inch fold-away shelving unit is constructed from durable, lightweight aluminum, weighing 93 pounds. It measures 53 inches wide by 65 inches high with the included 2.5-inch mounting posts. This unit fits vehicles such as:

  • 10-Foot Cargo Trailers
  • 10-Foot Cube Vans
  • 14-Foot Cargo Trailers
  • 14-Foot Cube Vans
  • Sprinter 144-Inch WB Low Roof Vans
  • Sprinter 144-Inch WB High Roof Vans
  • Sprinter 170-Inch WB High Roof Vans
  • Sprinter Ext 170-Inch WB High Roof Vans
  • Transit 130-Inch WB Medium Roof Vans
  • Transit 148-Inch WB Medium Roof Vans
  • Transit 148-Inch WB High Roof Vans
  • Transit Ext 148-Inch WB High Roof Vans
  • ProMaster 118-Inch WB Low Roof Vans
  • ProMaster 136-Inch WB Low Roof Vans
  • ProMaster 136-Inch WB High Roof Vans
  • ProMaster 159-Inch WB High Roof Vans
  • ProMaster Ext 159-Inch WB High Roof Vans
  • NV High Roof Vans

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Organize your cargo area with a strong and safe fold-away shelving unit by Ranger Design. Order yours from Advantage Outfitters, LLC today! We process and ship orders within 48 business hours to ensure a quick delivery.

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