How to Keep Your Catering and Food Delivery Van Organized

30th May 2018

When you use a van for your catering or food delivery service, that van is your portable workspace. If your van is cluttered or disorganized, it’s only going to slow down your work and prevent you from delivering the best possible service to your customers and clients. If you can master organization for your catering van or food delivery truck, your business can reach its full potential.

Here’s how to keep a food delivery van clean, as well as a few tips for food delivery van organization:

  • Lay the Base: Before you put anything into your van or truck, think about laying a stable base. You’ll want to put the largest and heaviest items on the bottom so they can serve as a strong foundation for placing other things on top. Start with the largest and heaviest boxes, as well as heavy equipment like generators, cooking or warming equipment, air compressors and anything else you might need for the day ahead. Before that, consider investing in floors and rubber mats, so your boxes aren't sliding around as you drive.
  • Organize Up: Rather than putting layer upon layer on top of your foundation, consider organizing up using your van’s walls and perhaps some additional storage equipment. You can invest in shelving for food delivery vans that allows you to maximize space and keep things as organized as possible. You can also place poles horizontally from one side of your van to the other, giving you a place to hang items. At Advantage Outfitters, we offer individual shelving units, as well as delivery van shelving packages to help you stay orderly.
  • Use Strategic Location: Make sure the things you need or use most often are located in places close to the doors. Conversely, anything that's rarely used can be stored in the far reaches of your van that are more difficult to get to. This allows for maximum efficiency as you make your deliveries and serve your clients and customers. Ladder racks are great tools to allow you to carry even more items on top of your vehicle.
  • Let the Light In: Light is the most underrated organizational tool. You want to have some sort of light in place that helps you see into the darkest corners of your van. Light helps you find what you’re looking for quickly, which will help you become more efficient and get more done during the workday.
  • Lose the Clutter: When working on organization for a catering van, you need to be judicious about what you keep inside and what you take out. Lose all the clutter you possibly can. If you haven’t used something in more than six months, it’s possible you will never use it again — so take it out. Losing the clutter maximizes food delivery van organization by making it easier to find what you need when you need it. Partitions can help you organize your storage space more easily and clearly.

At Advantage Outfitters, we help service professionals make the most of their vans and trucks. We offer a wide range of shelving for food delivery vans, as well as wall liner kits and other products. Everything you find in our selection represents the highest standards for strength and durability, and you can always count on a custom fit. You'll be able to keep your food delivery van clean and organized when you choose our products.

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