Tips for Reducing Work Van Noise

21st May 2021

Tips for Reducing Work Van Noise

When you first purchase a work van, noise concerns may be far from your mind. Your initial considerations will probably include its mileage per gallon, horsepower, cargo space and how it will assist you on frequent work trips. But once you get on the road, equipment rattling around in the back may disturb your peace. Since you and your staff will likely spend lots of time in your work van, you'll want to reduce disruptive noises when driving. A quiet cabin will help you stay focused on the road, improve safety and decrease stress levels.

This guide covers the dangers of work van noise and tips for reducing it to create a safer working environment.

Why Is Work Van Cabin Noise a Problem?

High cabin noise levels can be irritating and stressful for you and your crew as you travel between job sites daily. Besides being annoying, unwanted sounds can be distracting and even dangerous in some scenarios.

Here's why rattling and cabin noise might be a safety and comfort issue.

  • Higher risk of accidents: Loud rattling and cabin noises can be a problem because they can distract you while driving. For example, you might hear something fall off a shelf in the cargo area and turn around to see what happened. Taking your eyes and attention off the road significantly increases your chances of getting in an accident.
  • Less chance of hearing sirens: When noises in a work van become deafening, you may not hear sirens. This lack of awareness can slow emergency vehicles when you don't pull over and get out of their way.
  • Increased hearing damage: All it takes is prolonged exposure to noises above 70 decibels to cause hearing loss. Since most everyday conversations reach 60 decibels, the noise in your van will most likely exceed this, increasing your chance of hearing loss and damage.
  • High stress and dissatisfaction: Work van owners crisscross town, traveling from one client to the next. Nonstop banging, clunking or rattling may prevent you from focusing on the road, having a conversation or listening to music. Loud noises can also increase stress during the workday, leading to dissatisfaction at work.

5 Ways to Reduce Cabin Noise

Noise can come from anywhere in your van, and it's best to identify the source and attack it head-on. Here are some common ways to make your van more peaceful so you can return to the work that matters most.

1. Install a Partition

Driving will surely generate some noise as your work equipment jostles around in the back. You can install a partition or bulkhead as a barrier between you and the rest of the van. Workers often use these to safely separate drivers and passengers from their equipment, but partitions also lessen the noise that makes it into the cabin. If you're looking for a partition, choose a full one without any openings sounds could pass through.

Partitions also have the added benefit of climate control. By separating the cab and the cargo area, you'll only have to control the temperature in one location rather than the whole van. There's no need to blast the air conditioning or heat to keep comfortable, and you won't have the added noise to distract you.

2. Secure Tools and Equipment

Secure Tools and Equipment

Your tools and equipment are crucial to performing your daily tasks, but when you don't secure them, they can make extra noise as you drive. These distractions can pull your attention away from the road and create a hazardous work environment with a higher potential for injuries and accidents.

You need van shelving and drawer systems to optimize your van's organization, but they also help with vehicle noise reduction by securing your tools. Van shelves and drawers will hold all your equipment and drastically reduce loud sounds. Be sure to purchase high-quality brackets and mounting hardware to prevent noise from shifting shelves.

3. Install Wall Liners and Rubber Floor Mats

Securing your tools and equipment can eliminate a lot of noise, but you can implement a few other methods to reduce distracting sounds even further. Lining your van's walls and floors is popular for many reasons. Those suffering from cabin noise will appreciate the sound insulation they provide by absorbing excess noise so it doesn't leak into your cabin. It also keeps your tools from rattling against the van's metal interior.

Wall liners effectively dampen sound in your van's cargo space, while floor mats are ideal for absorbing road noise. Combining these materials creates a 360-degree silencing effect. With these distracting sounds eliminated, you can enjoy a peaceful ride and focus on your work.

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4. Close off Gaps With Weather Seals

Gaps in your doors or windows can result in a whistling noise that infiltrates your cabin space. Windy, cold days often compound this issue. Sealing gaps with specialized weather seal tape is a quick and easy solution. Apply this to any areas where you see cracks or hear noises.

With the added protection from the environment, you'll adjust your climate control settings less often, reducing cabin noise. You won't need to blast the heat to make up for wind chill leaking in from window or door gaps.

5. Run Routine Maintenance

If you've tried all the previous tips and still hear unwelcome sounds, something may be wrong with your vehicle. Sometimes, your exhaust system and tires can make noises, from simple grinding or squeaking to loud rumbling. To reduce exhaust noise in the cabin, check your tailpipes to ensure everything is in working order. Additionally, you can inspect your tires to be sure they have the correct air pressure and sufficient tread.

Routine maintenance can eliminate odd van noises and decrease future repair costs. For most vehicles, this means taking it down to the shop for an oil change every 12,000 miles or once a year. You can also ask your mechanic to check your tire pressure, brakes, filters, fluids and other parts. Of course, if you notice a problem with your van before your next service date, take it into the shop to be on the safe side.

Reduce Noise in Your Work Van With Advantage Outfitters, LLC

You spend a large portion of your workday inside your work van. Proactively address cabin noise issues to increase your safety and comfort. At Advantage Outfitters, we carry several work van products designed to reduce the noise your work van produces on the road, including:

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Reduce Noise in Your Work Van With Advantage Outfitters, LLC

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