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Ford Transit Connect Van Accessories


Transit Connect commercial accessories from Advantage Outfitters, LLC can help you take your van to the next level. Compared to shelves or cargo racks, these accessories may seem small, but they can have a sizeable impact on your van's functionality. Our add-ons can improve your van's storage system and enhance safety and security so you can get your work done more conveniently and efficiently.


The Benefits of Van Accessories

Van accessories can help you enhance your Transit Connect in several ways. With the right accessories, you can organize your cargo more efficiently, improve your vehicle's security and enhance driver comfort and safety.

1. Organization and Efficiency

No one wants to waste time rummaging through their van to find what they need. Installing shelving is a great start to turn your Transit Connect into an efficient storage space. Adding accessories can make your storage system even better. With the following accessories, you can turn your van into a more orderly and more efficient storage and workspace:

Many of these accessories are especially helpful for storing smaller items that can easily become disorganized if they're tossed into a large container or placed directly on a shelf. For example, plumbers who want to keep pipe fittings on hand can organize them in bins or parts drawers by factors like material, size or configuration so they know right where to go to find the fitting they need when they're on a job. Holders designed for specific items — like paper documents, bottles and reels — come in handy, as well.

Even larger items, like ladders, become easier to store with the right accessories. Place ladder hooks over your shelves and move them around as needed since they aren't permanent. When you need to transport a ladder, you have a handy way to do it that keeps the ladder off the floor. You can store all sorts of items with hooks, making them accessible and well organized.

2. Vehicle Security

Enhancing your van's storage potential is great, but you may be hesitant to store items in your van if you're worried about theft. Fortunately, there are also accessories you can install to enhance your Transit Connect's security.

Your van may already come with a passive anti-theft system (PATS) that keeps someone from starting your engine system if they don't have the correct coded key for your vehicle. But what if their aim isn't to steal the van but the valuable cargo you have stored inside? This is where security accessories can be a great investment to safeguard your van's interior and your assets.

Consider equipping your van with these accessories to enhance its security and keep your cargo well protected:

Window grills make it much harder for someone to gain entry into your van through a window, and locking storage systems keep items safe even if your van is unlocked or someone manages to break in.

3. Comfort and Safety

Another valuable benefit of van accessories is the way they can make your van a safer, more hygienic and more pleasant place for drivers and passengers. Consider installing these accessories to make your van safer, cleaner and more comfortable:

All of these accessories are great amenities to improve your Transit Connect's interior. Adding more interior lighting and some grab handles, for instance, makes it easier for workers to see their way around and avoid trips and falls. Handwashing stations and washable seat covers can help you keep workers and your van clean and hygienic.

Having a worker protection station installed in your van means you always have essentials like dust masks and gloves on hand and helps you keep these items well-organized and easily accessible.

Shop Our Selection of Transit Connect Shelving Units for Sale

When you want to enhance your Transit Connect with accessories, Advantage Outfitters has what you need. When you shop with us, you get the benefit of:

  • Wide selection: We offer an extensive range of accessories for storage, security, safety and comfort. Combined with our shelving packages and individual shelving units, you can customize your van exactly how you want to. There's no need to go to several stores to find what you need. You can get it all right here from one reliable source.
  • Quality and durability: Our online catalog only includes top-quality products from the most well-respected brands, so you can count on these accessories to be built to last and to do what they're designed to do better than second-rate alternatives. You need heavy-duty products that will continue to enhance your van's functionality long-term.
  • Lightweight products: You don't want your storage systems and accessories to take up too much of your payload capacity, leaving insufficient room for heavy cargo. All of our products, including accessories, are designed to be strong and high-quality but also lightweight so they don't weigh down your vehicle.
  • Custom fits: When you stick to our Transit Connect commercial accessories page, you can rest assured that every product you see will fit your Transit Connect like a glove. If you have another van make and model, select your vehicle to find the right custom-fitted accessories. With the right accessories designed with your van in mind, you can count on simple installation and an ideal fit.

Advantage Outfitters Service Is the Way to Go

When you source your commercial van accessories from Advantage Outfitters, you can count on a positive experience. We set out to help individual tradespeople and companies easily find the solutions they need and start benefiting from them quickly. We value your time and budget constraints, too. That's why we offer our customers:

  • Secure ordering
  • Fast shipping
  • Products that are consistently in stock
  • Technical support
  • Proven products
  • Price match guarantee

We have experience upfitting thousands of vans, so you can count on our expertise and strong reputation in the industry. We go the extra mile to ensure that our customers have a convenient shopping experience with us.


Find the Transit Connect Accessories You Need

Larger shelving products are important, but smaller accessories can also go a long way toward helping you create the comfortable, convenient and efficient workspace you want from your van. If you're ready to outfit your Transit Connect with quality accessories, browse our selection online to find the options that will help you enhance your van in all the right ways.

If you need any more information to help you choose the right products for you, contact us. We'd be happy to offer our expertise and ensure you get exactly what you need.

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