How to Maximize Your Delivery Truck Dimensions 

27th Sep 2023

How to Maximize Your Delivery Truck Dimensions

Your delivery truck or work van is a crucial tool to keep your business running. Aside from getting your workers to various locations, your work van transports the essential equipment and items for your team to do their jobs. 

Without proper organization and secure tools and structures to hold them in place, you might notice the van's space quickly running out. Fortunately, you can take steps to maximize your delivery truck dimensions and effectively use the room you have without upgrading to a larger truck. In this guide, we'll explore the best practices for maximizing space in a work van and tools you can use to improve delivery truck organization

Consider the Weight of Your Loads 

If you're still wondering what delivery truck to get for your team, two critical aspects to consider include the weight of the daily load it will carry and the travel routes you will take. For instance, a florist who distributes arrangements to urban neighborhoods may need a different work van than an industrial company delivering heavy equipment outside the city. 

Heavier loads and longer routes require a larger vehicle with significantly more horsepower and torque. A good option may be the Savana or Chevy Express van, which has a V-8 engine, giving users a towing capacity unparalleled by any other van on the market. 

Install Shelving Units 

Installing shelving units in your cargo area is an excellent way to organize and save space. Shelving units come in various sizes to match your van's make and model, helping you reduce noise and rattling while driving and maximizing your delivery truck dimensions. You can also add drawers, bins and shelf dividers to provide additional organization for maximizing space in your work van. 

Keep the Van Floor Clear 

Another excellent option way to maximize your delivery truck dimensions is to always keep the floor clear. As mentioned in the previous tip, you can maintain this practice by using shelving units or packing your work equipment vertically, with larger items placed at the bottom. This arrangement can also prevent these things from becoming tripping hazards. 

Attach Roof Equipment to Your Van

Attach Roof Equipment to Your Van

Van roof solutions are one of the best ways to store items outside or on top of vans, allowing you to maximize delivery truck dimensions. Here is some van roof equipment you might choose to free up space.

  • Ladder racks keep your equipment secure and save you from spending money on an ineffective ladder that might get lost if unsecured. 
  • Interior roof ladder racks let you store your ladder at roof level inside your van. 
  • Cargo ladder racks secure goods and equipment on the van's roof, and can hold up to 250 pounds per bar. 
  • Conduit carriers are perfect for electricians looking to safely transport long pipes and other materials to their destination, maximizing space in the work van and reducing the chance of damage to the equipment. 

Keep Frequently Used Items Near the Door 

Can you think of any items or equipment you or your workers use daily or almost every day? Placing these materials near the door is an ideal way to optimize work van space. A door liner may also be valuable here. This asset stays connected to the van door and allows workers to store and hang everyday items such as essential tools, tablets and administrative documents. 

Use Interior Van Liners 

Another way to maximize a work van is by installing wall, ceiling and door liners to store and hang your equipment, creating more room throughout the van's cargo area and preventing damage to the van's interior. Some wall liner providers may also offer you a precise fitting for your van, reducing the need for modifications. 

Add a Work Van Partition 

You can expand your available dimensions by adding a partition to separate the cabin from the cargo area. While partitions largely contribute to organization, they also help maximize space when you get one you can mount and hook equipment to. There are various types of work van partitions

  • Windowed partitions let people in the cabin view the cargo in the back. 
  • Solid partitions create a complete barrier between the cabin and cargo area, protecting the items in the back from the elements. 
  • Perforated partitions include a perforated window for cabin users to easily see cargo, while limiting access to the storage area.
  • Partitions with doors allow people in the cabin to conveniently access cargo from the front. 

Use Organization Equipment 

If you're looking for simple equipment to help save space in your work van, organization accessories and equipment can help you achieve this. Here are some additions that may help you maximize delivery truck dimensions. 

  • Hooks are excellent for hanging items on partitions, shelves and liners to save space. 
  • Parts cases can hold small tools and equipment that might otherwise get lost among larger items. 
  • Shelf dividers ensure specific things stay in one compact area to prevent tools from getting mixed up. 
  • Bottle and paper holders create additional space for other items, improving organization.  

Maximize Your Delivery Truck Dimensions With Advantage Outfitters, LLC

Maximize Your Delivery Truck Dimensions With Advantage Outfitters, LLC

For long-lasting benefits, create a storage system that's efficient and easy to stick to. Our final tip is to work with a company that can effectively optimize your work van space and improve your operations. Advantage Outfitters understands the importance of efficiency and expanding your delivery truck dimensions. That's why we provide our customers with durable, space-saving organizational products. 

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