Organize and Protect Your Work Van: Choosing the Right Van Storage System for Your Business

19th Apr 2022

In any industry that involves onsite service or repair work, a van is essential. In addition to the transportation function your work vehicle serves, the van is where you store all your equipment. As such, your van functions in much the same way as a tool shed or a portable office.

As with a stationary tool shed, you should organize your van so your supplies stay secure between your company's headquarters and the address of a commercial or residential client. After all, the purpose of having the work van is to accommodate a range of tools that wouldn't fit into a standard-sized car. Learn about how to make your vehicle one of the key components of your business with the following work van tool storage ideas.

What Type of Van Organization System to Get

When you arrive to perform a service, it's crucial to have all the necessary tools at your immediate disposal. This way, you can finish the job in good time without complications, allowing you to complete work earlier and make more money in less time, while leaving each customer satisfied and happy to spread the word about the service that you offer.

Here are some popular organization accessories you can order for your work van:

1. Van Shelving

Van shelving ideas have been developed for service professionals in a range of industries. From carpenters and construction workers to locksmiths, plumbers and electricians, van storage systems make it possible to arrange work tools in an efficient manner. This way, there are no complications with messy or disorganized toolboxes when you arrive on a job site.

2. Storage Bins and Hooks

You want better work van organization and storage systems that function well regardless of your industry. Another great option is using storage bins for keeping small parts contained. Hooks allow you to hang frequently used items and keep them above the floor. Combined with shelving along the driver- and passenger-side interior walls of your van, storage bins and hooks can make it easier to walk through your van when you have many tools.

3. Ladder Racks

Storing equipment you need to take to job sites above your vehicle gives you extra storage space. A ladder rack can make a difference if you have to transport supplies or equipment of a significant length. This accessory is also convenient when you want to expand your cargo space for occasional usage.

Organized Vans Make Business More Efficient

When things are well-organized, more work gets done. This is especially true in jobs that involve maintenance and repair work at different locations, where organization is key to a job well done. With the right kind of van storage system, practically every job you perform can be hassle-free.

Van storage solutions eliminate common work stresses and problems. Instead of fumbling for tools and picking up loose fasteners along the floor of your van, you can access important gear the moment you need it. Rather than struggling to locate items under a large pile of entangled tools, each tool can have its own place along a van storage shelf.

Improving the organization of your work van leads to these benefits:

1. Increases Efficiency At Job Sites

Van storage systems offer conveniences as an onsite service professional. Without organization inside your van, all your tools could end up piled on top of one another. One of the most important tools for a given job could easily wind up buried within such a pile. Good organization makes finding tools more convenient and saves you time at job sites.

2. Boosts Your Professional Image

With a neat and organized tool arsenal, you can make a better impression on the people you serve. This can boost your brand image as more clients give you their highest recommendations. This, in turn, could lead to more clients and a higher income potential.

3. Makes Working With Small Parts Easier

You’re liable to need various tools and equipment throughout the course of a given day. Most of these objects are small and could easily be misplaced without an orderly system of filing. With a van storage system, small fasteners such as nuts, bolts, screws and nails can be divided by types and size into separate containers across neatly organized shelves.

Van Storage Systems for Plumbing Professionals

In the plumbing business, van storage systems should be arranged in a manner that makes each tool accessible with no complications. If you arrive at a home with a backed-up set of pipes, for example, you'll need to have the tools available for the basic work of unclogging. Should any additional complications arise, you'll also need access to the tools that handle such issues.

With van storage solutions such as the ProMaster Plumbing Package, you can arrange all of your tools in an orderly manner for easy access at each location. No longer will you have to sort through cases in search of specially sized tools for those hard-to-fix plumbing issues, because everything can be neatly filed according to the size and scope of a given project. The Promaster Plumbing Package allows you to place tools into dedicated containers across rows of shelves, which can fit into plumbing trucks of various sizes.

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Shelves for Work Vans in the HVAC Industry

HVAC contractors need work vans for maximum efficiency at each location. Whether you're called to a residence or business building, various tools should be handy at a moment's notice. After all, better organization leads to saved time when you need to find where you last left something.

At Advantage Outfitters, we sell shelving for vans and trucks that HVAC contractors use to service buildings of all types. With the proper van shelving system, you can arrive at every job with all your tools neatly organized and at your disposal. In the eyes of business and residential clients, this will make your operation look more professional, and in turn help further your good standing in the HVAC service industry while allowing you to finish more jobs and bring in more revenue in the same workday.

Van Shelving Ideas for Electricians

Few professions demand the same level of resourcefulness as that required of an electrician. Simply put, the world needs electricity at all hours of the day, and when a power line goes down, the problem must be rectified immediately. Therefore, it's imperative that electricians use van storage systems that keep all tools neat and tidy for quick access in every situation. At Advantage Outfitters, we sell van storage solutions that make it easier for electricians to get each job done with greater efficiency.

Unlike many other trades, electricians often get called out after dark to fix downed power lines and restore electricity to neighborhoods — and sometimes whole cities. In situations like these, a properly lighted storage system for your van will make it easy to reach for any given tool without the need to fumble in the dark. That way, problems can be fixed much faster, and everyone can be happy.

Van Storage Solutions for Locksmith Professionals

For professional locksmiths, it's crucial to have  a cargo van shelving package that stores all the essential tools and parts in their proper places. Otherwise, things could get misplaced while on the way to a given destination. For example, if you answer a call to a distressed resident in some hard-to-reach part of town — be it high on a hill or across long stretches of gravelly road — tools can easily get strewn or tossed about as your van rides over bumps and up steep inclines.

For obvious reasons, the tools of the locksmith trade need to be filed into small containers and organized across shelves for work van vehicles. That way, when you arrive at a house, apartment or commercial property to change out a lock and save the day for a client, all your essential tools will be at your disposal with no lost time.

Van Storage Ideas for General Contractors

Van Storage Ideas for General Contractors

When you're configuring a construction van's organization, you will need to consider your materials and tools. You might have different sized loads depending on the size of a project or how many projects you take on at once. It's important for your van to have enough storage space for your equipment and supplies such as brick, tile and framing materials, and the right accessories can help make organizing everything much easier.

A shelving system and ladder rack are two good options for contractors. You can organize your heavy supplies more easily this way. Although contract work often involves carrying bulky or heavy supplies, having storage bins also comes in handy for organizing small parts like light fixtures, hinges and hardware for kitchens or bathrooms.

The Importance of Van Shelving for Carpenters and Drywallers

In professions that require hands-on work at various locations throughout the course of a typical week, it's essential to have all the necessary tools neatly organized at each destination. If you work in carpentry, construction, painting or drywalling, for example, each different type of fastener should be in its own container and stored in a way that won't allow spilling or loss as you drive your work van from one location to another. The same applies to the tools of the trade, which can cause noise and damage in a moving vehicle if not properly contained.

The Key Benefits of Van Shelving

Shelves for work van vehicles have been designed to take the burden out of tool organization for carpenters, electricians, plumbers and a vast range of other professions in which vans are necessary. With van storage systems, workers reap the following benefits:

1. Better Organization

With van storage systems, each tool is easy to find the moment it's needed. Instead of fumbling through boxes or cases in search of the right wrench, screw or box of fasteners, you can simply go to the shelves where tools can be organized by size and category. This keeps your tools lasting longer and minimizes replacement costs as tools will be less likely to become lost or damaged.

2. Improved Image

When clients see a neat, tidy work van, they know that they're dealing with a good contractor. Van storage solutions can boost your brand image in the eyes of your client base and lead to good word of mouth. The improved timeliness will only further contribute to happier clients who tell more people about your business.

3. Boosted Productivity

When it's easy to reach for the necessary tool at a moment's notice, you save time that would otherwise be consumed fumbling around through boxes, crates or even under the seats of your van. This saves time, allowing you to complete jobs faster – bringing in more revenue – and satisfying more customers.

4. More Space

A cargo van shelving package can free up van space. Without shelves, many contractors end up with boxes scattered across the van floor. Shelves, on the other hand, can be placed along the inside walls of a van, which frees up walking space in between.

5. Better Customer Engagement

You can provide superior services with well-organized equipment and storage for all of your important tools. When you have enough space to store the items you may need at a job site, you can continue working without needing to return later. You will also save time if you know where all of your supplies are located and can find them easily. All of this means that customers get a better experience and will appreciate the speedy, thorough work that your van makes possible.

Cargo Van Shelving Packages for Each Industry

For large vans, the Sprinter Base Package is one of the most ideal van shelving solutions on the market. With aluminum shelves and galvanized steel end panels, the Sprinter Base Package consists of two 58"H shelving units, each with four shelves, complete with rattle-free dividers.

Van shelving ideas have also been devised for more compact needs. One of the best options in this regard is the eight-piece parts case — a case with eight removable bins. With its 14"D x 18"W x 43"H measurements, the eight-piece parts case is ideal for those with a large assortment of small tools and fasteners.

At Advantage Outfitters, we sell general service packages, as well as specialized packages that are designed for vans in specific industries, such as HVAC repair and locksmith servicing. Examples include the following package types:

  • HVAC package: This package is available in steel and aluminum for the busy HVAC contractor with bundles of tools to sort and file.
  • Electrical package: Available in steel and aluminum, our electrical packages are designed for the tidy organization of fasteners and tools used by electricians on business and residential calls.
  • Plumbing package: Available in steel and aluminum, this package accommodates tools of all sizes that are regularly used in the plumbing profession.
  • Delivery package: This package features folding shelves so you can carry items of different sizes and don't have to worry about empty shelves rattling around.

These packages are available for the most popular van models, including:

Whether you carry a heavy or regular load, the packages in our inventory can provide you with the shelving solutions necessary for a better-organized and more efficient business.

Van Storage Solutions From Advantage Outfitters

A work van is one of the most important investments you can make in your business. As the vehicle that transports every piece of work equipment between job sites, the van makes it possible to conduct business and perform services in plumbing, carpentry and various other industries.

Each time you show up to meet a new client, you should be ready to wow them with your work. First impressions begin with a well-organized van, because a van storage system puts all the necessary tools at your fingertips. With a properly organized work van, time can be maximized to everyone's satisfaction.

At Advantage Outfitters, we offer shelves for work vans in a variety of styles that include industry-specific as well as general service options. Whether you offer a specific service or serve as a jack of all trades, our van storage solutions can enhance the quality and efficiency of your business.

As the fields of plumbing, carpentry and various other professions that involve onsite work become increasingly competitive, it's crucial to have all the aspects of your business together. When you think of your van as your moving workshop, a cargo van shelving package is the natural next step.

Order Accessories for Your Work Van From Advantage Outfitters

Are you ready to order quality accessories for your commercial vehicle? At Advantage Outfitters, we've assisted professionals on the most efficient van shelving ideas for a variety of services.

The van storage systems in our catalog can make it easier to organize and access tools and fasteners as needed, with none of the time-consuming hassles that often accompany a poorly managed work van.To learn more about our shelving packages and hear about our current specials, contact the experts here at Advantage Outfitters today!

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