Van Flooring & Mats For Mercedes Sprinter

Why Do You Need Flooring for Your Sprinter Work Van?

While you may think the van is ready to roll immediately after purchase, you're missing out on the opportunity to optimize its safety and longevity if you don't invest in Sprinter commercial van floors.

Buying a protective flooring for your Sprinter van comes with several benefits that will help extend your vehicle's life and your crew's safety. When you buy a Mercedes Sprinter floor kit from Advantage Outfitters, your van gets the following.

  • Increased traction: Slips, trips and falls can make the workplace environment hazardous. When you're moving heavy machinery or packages in and out of the van, you want to make sure you have secure footing so you can avoid an accident. Sprinter anti-slip flooring can help reduce the likelihood of a preventable accident.
  • Resistance to wear and tear: Depending on how much loading and unloading you'll do in your van, your floor can get scuffed, marked, worn and damaged. A protective layer of a Sprinter composite floor liner resists this damage. This protection will help your vehicle have a longer life and assist in the general maintenance of your vehicle's interior. 
  • Enhanced safety during loading and unloading: A secure, durable floor will help increasesafety for people getting in and out of the van, especially when they're moving heavy objects and parcels around. Something like the Mercedes Sprinter StabiliGrip flooring helps workers keep their traction and secure their footing when moving in and out of the van.
  • Interior surface protection: Protect the van's interior surface from nicks, dents, bumps, scratches, scrapes and any other imperfections caused by expected wear and tear by covering it with a resistant Mercedes Sprinter floor liner.
  • Enhanced efficiency: Installing a quality floor liner can help make you and your workers more efficient on the job. You can move equipment and unload items more easily and with superior traction, making you more productive. A hard, slippery floor can slow you down, and adding a floor liner gives you increased confidence as you're moving items in the cargo area.
  • Custom fits: We design our fits to perfectly match your Mercedes Sprinter. At Advantage Outfitters, we customize our flooring, so you know you're buying a solution specifically tailored to work for your van. You don't have to worry about exposed edges or cracks, because we build the flooring with your van's dimensions in mind. When you buy a Sprinter composite wood floor or Sprinter rubber floor mat from us, you know you'll get a product that works perfectly with your van.

With all these benefits, it quickly becomes apparent that Mercedes Sprinter floor mats can make a significant difference in the performance of your company's van.

Get Your Sprinter Van Liners Fast at an Unbeatable Price Today

Time is money, and every day you go without a flooring solution for your van, you're losing productivity and safety measures necessary for your business to thrive.

At Advantage Outfitters, we make things simple so you don't waste time waiting on delayed items. Once you put in your order, we get your products shipped within 48 hours so your upgrades arrive quickly.

We believe in giving our customers quality products at prices they can afford. We don't waste time with a brand label that adds cost but no value to your product. We believe in getting you the business solutions you need to make your Mercedes Sprinter operate at maximum safety and productivity.

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