Van Flooring & Mats For Mercedes Sprinter

Van Flooring & Mats For Mercedes Sprinter

You deserve to get the best performance possible out of your vehicle. You want your investment to last, and getting the right flooring will play a significant role in the success of your work van's performance.

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is one of the best cargo vans on the market. You purchased a great vehicle, but you can still improve the safety and durability of your van's interior with protective flooring. You have many options to choose from, which can help you make the appropriate decision for your company's particular needs.

Picking the best flooring for your van and line of work will impact your workers' safety and slow the progression of wear and tear on your van. You get the chance to minimize the internal body damage on your vehicle when you choose flooring fitted to the shape of your Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.

Our custom-fit products make a difference in your vehicle's overall safety and durability. Learning more about the benefits of Sprinter cargo van flooring can help you decide if improved Mercedes Sprinter flooring is right for you.

Why Do You Need Flooring for Your Sprinter Work Van?

While you may think the van is ready to roll immediately after purchase, you're missing out on the opportunity to optimize its safety and longevity if you don't invest in Sprinter commercial van floors.

Buying a protective flooring for your Sprinter van comes with several benefits that will help extend your vehicle's life and your crew's safety. When you buy a Mercedes Sprinter floor kit from Advantage Outfitters, your van gets the following.

  • Increased traction: Slips, trips and falls can make the workplace environment hazardous. When you're moving heavy machinery or packages in and out of the van, you want to make sure you have secure footing so you can avoid an accident. Sprinter anti-slip flooring can help reduce the likelihood of a preventable accident.
  • Resistance to wear and tear: Depending on how much loading and unloading you'll do in your van, your floor can get scuffed, marked, worn and damaged. A protective layer of a Sprinter composite floor liner resists this damage. This protection will help your vehicle have a longer life and assist in the general maintenance of your vehicle's interior. 
  • Enhanced safety during loading and unloading: A secure, durable floor will help increase safety for people getting in and out of the van, especially when they're moving heavy objects and parcels around. Something like the Mercedes Sprinter StabiliGrip flooring helps workers keep their traction and secure their footing when moving in and out of the van.
  • Interior surface protection: Protect the van's interior surface from nicks, dents, bumps, scratches, scrapes and any other imperfections caused by expected wear and tear by covering it with a resistant Mercedes Sprinter floor liner.
  • Enhanced efficiency: Installing a quality floor liner can help make you and your workers more efficient on the job. You can move equipment and unload items more easily and with superior traction, making you more productive. A hard, slippery floor can slow you down, and adding a floor liner gives you increased confidence as you're moving items in the cargo area.
  • Custom fits: We design our fits to perfectly match your Mercedes Sprinter. At Advantage Outfitters, we customize our flooring, so you know you're buying a solution specifically tailored to work for your van. You don't have to worry about exposed edges or cracks, because we build the flooring with your van's dimensions in mind. When you buy a Sprinter composite wood floor or Sprinter rubber floor mat from us, you know you'll get a product that works perfectly with your van.

With all these benefits, it quickly becomes apparent that Mercedes Sprinter floor mats can make a significant difference in the performance of your company's van.

What to Look for When Purchasing Flooring for Your Mercedes Sprinter

When you look for a Mercedes Sprinter cargo liner, you need something formed precisely to the shape of your van's floor. Below are qualities you should look for in a flooring product.

1. Durability

Your work van flooring should be sturdy enough to stand up to the demands of the job while lasting as long as the warranty suggests it should. You need quality flooring made from durable materials that will last you as long as possible. The flooring materials should be strong enough to withstand the scuffs and dents that inevitably come from moving heavy equipment in and out of the back of your van.

2. Lightweight Materials 

When selecting a floor type, you want to make sure it can withstand wear and tear, but you also need it to be lightweight. Thick, heavy materials will add to the vehicle's weight, lowering the fuel efficiency and increasing the amount you spend on gas. These added costs cut into your bottom line when they inflate the cost of shipping.

Lightweight materials are also easier to lift, fit and replace. We make our work van flooring in consideration of your convenience, while still being tough enough to help you transport the heaviest equipment. We have several options available.

3. Affordability

A name brand is the highest cost that impacts your business' economic efficiency. Buying Mercedes-made flooring does not guarantee a better experience, but it ensures a higher price tag. That's why we offer quality, third-party Sprinter flooring, so you can get the solutions you need at prices you can afford.

4. Ease of Installation

We also make our products easy to install, so you don't have to worry about hiring someone to put them in for you or dealing with a complicated installation process. You can make a significant difference in the quality of your vehicle's interior in only a few steps. If you prefer a professional installation, our team can install the flooring along with any other work van accessories you need fitted.

Options for Your Sprinter Flooring

Just because you and another Sprinter owner drive the same van doesn't mean you have identical flooring requirements. That's why we offer different options for you to decide which flooring type fills your needs the best.

From the top of your van to the bottom, Advantage Outfitters offers everything you need to update your commercial van, so it's safer and more usable! Sprinter van floors from Advantage Outfitters give you better stain and oil resistance, increased impact resistance and more traction.

Depending on your budget and your van's use, we have several options available for consideration.

1. StabiliGrip Composite Floor

This Legend Fleet flooring material consists of four layers. From top to bottom, the materials are a rubberized surface with a sandpaper feel, a thermoplastic, rubber and a proprietary material blend for cushioning, composite core made with a fiber mesh and TPO. Mercedes Sprinter StabiliGrip flooring feels firm and gives you maximum traction, even when your footwear or the floor is wet. It resists moisture and helps prevent the shifting of cargo during the drive.

2. Composite Wood Floor

Designed for the Sprinter WORKER van, our WORKER Composite Wood Flooring consists of a half-inch-thick birch plywood core with a heavy-duty coating applied. This type of Sprinter wood van flooring has a textured surface to provide better traction and is also wear-resistant and water-resistant to keep it and your van in great condition. This floor's interlocking panels make the installation process easier, so you don't have to worry about any complications.

3. Rubber Floor Mat

Our most affordable option, Sprinter rubber floor mats consist of quarter-inch-thick virgin rubber that resists chemical and oil spills. The carefully designed textured pattern gives users increased traction, and the material gives just enough so it wears less on the user's knees and joints. A rubber floor mat is also easy to clean, making it a well-rounded choice for work van flooring.

4. Side and Rear Floor Sills

These Sprinter floor sills made for the rear and side doors consist of heavy-duty diamond plate aluminum for maximum durability. We customize them to fit your van's specific dimensions. Adding floor sills provides increased protection for optimal performance and safety.

5. Wheel Well Covers

Adding wheel well covers completes a solid layer of protection for your work van's interior. These Sprinter wheel well covers consist of HDPE plastic and XPE foam with foil. They enhance your van's professionalism and protect your wheel wells — one of the most common van parts to get damaged first. Their padding decreases road noise, and they install in as little as five minutes for a quick and easy solution.

All our Sprinter 144-inch wheelbase floors are also compatible with the Sprinter WORKER van, so if you have that model, these will work well for you, too.

How to Choose the Right Flooring for Your Mercedes Sprinter

When deciding which flooring works best for your business, you have several options available. We tailor each of them with designs best suited toa particular need, so let's compare some of the choices you have to see which could best fit your business.

1. StabiliGrip

This multi-layer composite gives you the best of each of its materials. It has some cushioning but is durable and firm. Its moisture resistance makes it impervious to mold rot, which could play a valuable role if you work with wet conditions or carry damp cargo.

2. Composite Wood

The textured surface gives you excellent traction, and it resists wear and water to protect your van interior from the elements and use. This Sprinter composite van flooring gives you a solid, hard, durable surface that can withstand pressure from dropped items.

3. Rubber Floor Mat

This affordable option is best if you work with materials like oil and chemicals, since it's resistant to both. If you or your workers have knee pain, the surface of these Sprinter van floor mats cushions their bodies when they step and kneel in the back. It also features a textured pattern to make sure they still have reliable traction.

Consider your business' unique needs to decide which type of surface would serve your vehicle and company best.

How to Install Flooring for a Sprinter Van

With Advantage Outfitters flooring, we make the installation process easy so you can get your van ready to go in no time. With a professional installation, there is less room for user error, but our flooring is simple to install, even for someone with little experience. 

To install the floor:

  1. First, lay it out and fit it flush against all the contact points. Depending on the type of flooring, you might have to pull on the edges to stretch the flooring out and ensure it fits the desired shape.
  2. Align the floor sills properly along the floor's edges. The sills help hold the floor in place, keeping it from sliding around or peeling up when you're installing the hardware.
  3. Once you determineyou have the floor sitting correctly across the bottom of your van, install the hardware provided at the locations shown in your directions. You may need a few essential tools to finish the installation process.

Once you have finished, your new floor will be ready to go. When you order van flooring or any of our other products from our website, we'll ship them directly to you. With our simple design, there's no need to wait for a professional to set up your new floor.

If you have any more questions about the installation process or want to learn more about any of our Sprinter floor protection options, give us a call.

Other Mercedes Sprinter Van Interior Equipment

In addition to our flooring options, we offer many quality products to outfit your Sprinter. We aim to help plumbers, electricians and other hardworking professionals make the most of their vehicles with our exterior and interior products. Our work van accessories can help you organize your equipment and tools so you can stop losing items, de-clutter your cargo area and get the job done fast.

We offer the following products.

  • Luxury roof racks: Our ERGORACK uses a drop-down ladder with pressurized gas shocks to keep the ladder in place during travel. You can lower it easily when you need it. Its carefully folded design continues to give your van a low profile to minimize the impact on aerodynamics or potential for accidents.
  • Shelf racks: With all the tools you need to get the job done, it's easy for a van to become disorganized. Our customized shelving packages keep your van organized, clean and safe. If you have all your tools in order and easily accessible, you can do your jobs more efficiently and effectively.
  • Van partitions: To make your office on wheels even more organized, you can choose from several custom partitions made to keep your vehicle orderly. From windowed partitions, pass-thru partitions, swing door partitions and more, you'll find a divider that can help you designate and separate different areas in your vehicle for your peace of mind. They consist of high-quality steel and aluminum to maintain durability while remaining lightweight.
  • Ceiling and wall liners: If you want to protect your vehicle's interior from damage, our wall and ceiling liners give you custom solutions. They shield against chemical spills, water or wear and tear from loose tools. They also give you a sound and thermal barrier to decrease noise and increase energy efficiency.

If you're looking to improve your Sprinter van's life span, efficiency or strength, we have the products to improve your vehicle's performance today.

Get Your Sprinter Van Liners Fast at an Unbeatable Price Today

Time is money, and every day you go without a flooring solution for your van, you're losing productivity and safety measures necessary for your business to thrive.

At Advantage Outfitters, we make things simple so you don't waste time waiting on delayed items. Once you put in your order, we get your products shipped within 48 hours so your upgrades arrive quickly.

We believe in giving our customers quality products at prices they can afford. We don't waste time with a brand label that adds cost but no value to your product. We believe in getting you the business solutions you need to make your Mercedes Sprinter operate at maximum safety and productivity.

Browse our fantastic Sprinter products and call for more information today!

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