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No matter the industry, every contractor knows the value of an organized van. However, the moment your equipment, tools and supplies get mixed up, getting even the easiest job done can quickly become delayed with an unnecessary scavenger hunt. One great way to keep your Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van organized if by installing handy partitions.

At Advantage Outfitters, LLC, we believe that exceptional service in your role begins with exceptional organization and order in your van. For those who rely on Mercedes-Benz vans, we're pleased to provide several excellent Sprinter partitions that will help you organize your van while protecting you, your passengers and your equipment.


Why Buy Van Partitions for Your Sprinter Work Van?

If you are a business owner or contractor, every investment you make in your Sprinter work van must be a reliable and affordable solution. The benefits of any Sprinter cargo van partitions you purchase must provide short-term and long-term advantages that help you work more efficiently, safely and responsibly. Here are some of the top reasons to install a partition in your work van:

  • Increased protection: Your number one priority on the road should be keeping yourself, your passengers and others on the road safe. Unfortunately, traffic accidents are a common problem. If you're involved in an accident, you want your cab to be as safe as possible. A Sprinter safety partition can protect drivers and passengers from flying tools in an accident. It can also prevent these tools from becoming projectiles, which could launch through your windshield and harm others.
  • Enhanced containment: Although it's important that you and your passengers are safe in a car crash, anyone who has driven a work van knows that tools and supplies can easily slide around during a normal, safe commute. Sprinter safety partitions can help keep your items contained. By preventing them from shifting into the cab, you can rest assured that everything in the rear of your van doesn't interfere with the driver or passenger.
  • Privacy: The partition separates your cargo area from the front of the vehicle so customers are unable to see past the driver's and passenger's seats. If you have a lot of gear or dirty equipment that's an eyesore, a partition can ensure your vehicle looks clean and tidy. 
  • Lower fuel costs: One benefit of Sprinter partitions that many van owners don't immediately consider is that these solutions can also lower your overall fuel costs. Whenever you're using your air conditioner or heater, you're effectively trying to heat or cool the entire van. With a partition in place, you can keep your A/C and heat in the cabin, so both you and your fuel economy are kept comfortable.
  • Visibility: You might think a cargo partition for a Sprinter van would block your visibility out the back window, but a Sprinter partition with a window allows you to have the containment and safety you desire with the clear visibility you need. A quality product should allow you to see clearly at all times just as you could without the partition installed.
  • A quieter ride: Does anyone love the sound of tools clanking around when they drive? Neither do we. Thankfully, you can outfit your van with a Sprinter van partition to lessen the noise that makes it to the cab. A quieter ride is peaceful, lets you listen to the radio at comfortable volumes and makes on-the-go phone calls crystal clear.

With so many benefits, a Sprinter partition is a fantastic investment that will provide an immediate, positive impact on the way you get your work done.


What to Look for When Purchasing Partitions for Your Sprinter

How do you choose a Sprinter partition for your van? Although they offer a range of benefits, some may be more practical for your uses than others. When considering different types of partitions, for instance, a Sprinter sliding door partition versus a Sprinter swing door partition, we suggest that you consider these important features:

  • Ease of installation: If you're like most Sprinter van owners, you'll want a partition option that you can install yourself. Whether you're installing a Sprinter steel partition or a Sprinter aluminum partition, it should be user-friendly from installation and beyond. Look for Sprinter partitions that you can install with the tools you already have and one extra set of hands if need be.
  • Safety: Your number one priority in everything you do should be safety. You should only invest in Sprinter van partitions that are highly-rated for durability. Depending on the equipment you haul, you'll want to consider the advantages that Sprinter aluminum partitions, Sprinter composite partitions and Sprinter steel partitions each deliver.
  • Fuel economy: With safety in mind, many Sprinter van owners also want to buy the safest option that still cares for their budget. Search for a lightweight Sprinter partition wall that can help you reduce your fuel economy. Many partitions can already help you cut down on your A/C and heating usage. Making sure the partition you choose is lightweight will only increase your savings.
  • Visibility: One feature we like to point out is how invaluable visibility is for many Sprinter van owners. If you normally drive a van with rear door windows, you might find it difficult to get used to a Sprinter solid partition that obstructs your view. We usually recommend that van owners seek out a Sprinter van partition with a window to maximize the other benefits without reducing visibility.
  • Organization: An effective partition keeps your cargo area separated from the rest of the vehicle, allowing for the compartmentalization of your driving environment and your storage space. Keeping personal space separate from your work area is a better overall setup for you or your employees and ensures equipment and tools are put away properly.
  • Brands and materials available: Finally, your Sprinter van partitions are only as good as the companies that manufacture them and the quality of the materials used. Look for Sprinter van partitions constructed from durable materials and manufactured by reliable companies, such as Ranger Design.

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Sprinter Partitions Options

When it comes to Sprinter cargo van partitions, you've got several options available. Now that you know what features and benefits to look out for, you should discover the different variations of Sprinter safety partitions and determine which will meet your needs. The Sprinter bulkhead partition options include:

  • Solid aluminum, with or without a window: Solid partitions form a straight wall from the ceiling of your van to the floor. The aluminum construction makes it lightweight, and they are available as a continuous wall or with a window built-in.
  • Contoured aluminum, with or without a window: These partitions are contoured to provide more room for seat movement in the cabin without restricting floor space in the cargo area. As with solid partitions, contoured aluminum partitions are lightweight and available with or without a window.
  • Contoured composite: Contoured composite partitions offer exceptional benefits, including increased impact resistance, thermal stability in all weather conditions, noise dampening and temperature regulation.
  • Aluminum sliding door: These partitions feature a sliding door for easy access from the front of the van. The door will not intrude into the cargo space, making it a convenient feature for those who desire two access points to their cargo hold.
  • Steel partitions: These partitions are made from galvanized steel and are among the most popular choices for Sprinter van owners.
  • Steel swing door partitions: These partitions also consist of galvanized steel and feature a convenient latching door. Steel is highly durable and can withstand damage well. The grade of steel used in this product is of superior quality to ensure its durability and extended use.


Choosing the Right Partitions for Your Sprinter

We proudly carry ten Sprinter van partitions, each with different styles and functions designed to meet your needs. Let's take a look at the major benefits of each type so that you can better identify which is right for your work:

  1. Contoured aluminum partition: Lightweight and durable, this Sprinter contoured aluminum partition fits around headliner foam and provides maximum seat travel without sacrificing floor space.
  2. Solid crew van partition: This aluminum partition is only for high roof vans. The lightweight material is cut to provide a custom fit, completely separating the cabin area from the cargo area. Like the Sprinter contoured solid partition, the design of the crew van partition allows it to fit around headliner foam blocks.
  3. Contoured partition with a window: Fitting both Sprinter vans with high and low roofs, the Sprinter contoured partition with a window is made from aluminum and tempered glass, so it's lightweight yet durable. Its contoured design allows for seatback travel as well as maximum floor space, and it fits around headliner foam.
  4. Solid crew van partition with a window: Made for high roof models, this solid crew van partition with a window features a tempered glass window and a custom cut to install behind a sliding door. It is made from lightweight aluminum and fits around headliner foam blocks.
  5. Sliding door partition: Able to fit both Sprinter vans with low and high roofs, the Sprinter sliding door partition is made from aluminum and delivers a rattle-free ride. It features a tempered glass window and fits around headliner foam. The lockable sliding door does not intrude into the cargo area.
  6. Contoured composite partition: Sprinter contoured composite partitions fit Sprinter vans with low and high roofs. Their composite makeup is designed for noise dampening, maximum impact resistance, and thermal stability. Their tight fit regulates heating and cooling within the cab.
  7. Contoured composite partition with a window: The Sprinter contoured composite partitions with a window are made from impact-resistant composite materials that dampen sound and regulate temperatures. Its contoured shape allows maximum floor space in the cargo area and seatback travel in the cab.
  8. Steel straight partition: Sprinter steel straight partitions are designed for Sprinter vans of both high and low heights. Made from galvanized steel, these partitions allow a 5-inch setback for seat movement and fit around headliner foam blocks. They feature a mesh section for visibility into the cargo section and are one of our most popular models.
  9. Steel pass-through partition: Made from galvanized steel, Sprinter pass-through partitions provide economical protection. Since they come in two parts, they're also easy to install. They fit around headliner foam and have a 5-inch setback to allow for seat travel.
  10. Steel swing door partition: Designed for high and low roof Sprinter vans, the Sprinter steel swing door partitions are versatile and economical. Made from galvanized steel, they feature a mesh section for visibility into the back and a convenient latching door.

How to Install Partitions for a Sprinter

Installing a Sprinter straight partition, Sprinter bulkhead partition or any other type of Sprinter partition with a window is easier than you might believe. With the right tools, a little time and potentially an extra set of hands, you can quickly and securely install any Mercedes Sprinter partitions in your van. Before you begin, you'll need the following tools:

  • Impact driver
  • Drill
  • Drill bit, 5/16-inch
  • Lag driver, 3/8-inch
  • Socket, 1/2-inch
  • T25 star bit

Follow these five easy steps to install your Sprinter partitions.

  1. Remove the lower wall panel so the wing can fit behind it. Remove the T25 screws and tuck the wing behind it.
  2. Line up the back edge with the factory seam moving vertically up the truck. Fasten the wing from the top to the bottom.
  3. Repeat on the opposite side then reinstall wall liners on both sides.
  4. Put panels in place from bottom to middle to top.
  5. Push your panels in and screw bottom panels into the floor. Tighten all bolts and screws on the front and back.

If you'd like to watch one of our technicians explain and complete the installation of a 3015-DH Mid Position Partition in a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, check out our installation video.

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Other Sprinter Van Interior Equipment

Your Sprinter van is an essential resource for your business. Make sure it's effective and efficient at all times by outfitting it with the best accessories available. Advantage Outfitters is ready to provide you with Sprinter partitions as well as many other products for your Mercedes-Benz van. Our premium selection of interior and exterior products can help keep your van organized and prevent unnecessary safety hazards that threaten you, your passengers and your equipment. Browse our large inventory of Mercedes Sprinter supplies, including:

1. Shelving Packages

Our shelving packages for Sprinter vans are available for vans with 144-inch, 170-inch and 170 extended wheelbases. Constructed from either aluminum or steel, our shelving packages are designed for general use or for specific industries, including plumbing, HVAC, electrical and delivery vocations.

With a shelving package, you can organize your equipment in a professional manner, so you can approach the challenges of each job with confidence. The cargo area of your uncluttered van will be easy to move around in and retrieve your supplies from. 

2. Individual Shelving Units

If our shelving packages don't have precisely what you need, you can create a unique interior with individual shelving units. Available in both aluminum and steel options, we carry individual shelving units in sizes from 36 inches to 96 inches. We also offer fold-away shelving for added convenience.

Work van shelving systems make storing your supplies convenient, but you can order an individual unit if you want to start smaller. Using premium shelving, you will always have what you need on a job and the most important items in your cargo area will be organized and easy to access.

3. Floor Mats

Upgrade your Sprinter van with protective floor mats that optimize the safety and longevity of your van. Our Sprinter floor kits come in three material options: sills, rubber and composite. Floor mats protect your interior surfaces, and they enhance loading and unloading safety.

Non-slip floor mats are of particular value if your work requires you to transport large, heavy products or equipment. They also have additional benefits like protecting the cargo area of your van from moisture, dropped tools, equipment or parts sliding around, chemical spills and other potential hazards. They also reduce your risk of work-related accidents happening in your cargo area, including slips or falls.

4. Wall, Door and Ceiling Liners

If you're using floor mats, then consider protecting the surrounding elements of your Sprinter van as well. We carry various Sprinter van liners to protect your walls, doors and ceilings. Interior liners add to the insulation of your vehicle. If you transport tools or equipment with sharp edges, a liner can help prevent dings and scratches to your work van. 

Made from either 3/16-inch plastic, 5/16-inch insulated plastic or composite materials, our liners are protective solutions that also reduce noise. They are ideal for quieting your cargo area when you have to transport several tools or products that rattle around and distract you or your driver.

5. Ladder Racks

Make the outside of your van as handy as the inside with our ladder racks. We have several options, from roof rails, drop-down racks and conduit tubes to cargo bar racks, access ladders and interior ladder racks.

Ladder racks increase the overall amount of storage your work van has without changing the interior. This accessory is often used for transporting certain bulky items that are necessary for your line of work but may fit poorly or not fit in the cargo area at all.

6. Other Work Van Accessories

Looking for other accessories for your Sprinter van? Advantage Outfitters has you covered, whether you need window grills, seat covers, shelf dividers or anything in between. We also have additional smaller items for making your work set up the most comfortable space possible. Complete your upfit with items such as rear steps, grab handles, running boards and more.

Get the Sprinter Van Partitions You Need Fast and at the Best Price Today

Keep your van rolling as efficiently as possible with Mercedes Sprinter partitions from Advantage Outfitters. Our sprinter bulkhead partitions give you every advantage you need to stay safe, secure and ready to work. With several options available, including Sprinter safety partitions and Sprinter partitions with windows, you'll have no trouble finding the partition that meets your needs.

No matter what you need for your Sprinter van, the dedicated team at Advantage Outfitters is here to help! Our exceptional customer service, great value on products and extensive knowledge of how to best outfit a Sprinter van for diverse applications will ensure that you're completely satisfied with your van's new additions. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions about our Sprinter partitions and other accessories.

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