Work Van Shelving Packages for Nissan NV

Nissan NV Shelving Packages

Teams in all industries depend on Nissan NV cargo vans for hauling supplies. When you're driving out to a job site, it helps to have the right interior shelving solutions for a trouble-free experience.

Put your best foot forward with plumbing, HVAC or electrical work using Nissan NV shelving packages available through Advantage Outfitters, LLC.

Pick a Nissan NV Shelving Package for Your Industry

We tailor our shelving packages to meet a variety of needs. A Nissan NV becomes a mobile office for your business, so you'll find shelving packages that stand up to the demands of your industry.

Protect your cargo van, keep a professional look and leave a designated spot for tools with direct-fit shelving. The items included in our shelving packages vary based on your line of work. Each package will come with shelving produced with aluminum or steel materials.

Base and General Service Packages for Nissan NV

Use the steel base package to outfit a high-roof Nissan NV model. Integrate a four-shelf shelving unit measuring 62 inches tall by 84 inches long for the driver's side of your van. The base package also comes with a shelf shelving unit identical in height to the driver's side unit but only 48 inches in length. Install the extruded aluminum shelves featuring composite bottoms in under two hours.

The general service package available from Advantage Outfitters provides you with two separate four-shelf units at 62 inches tall. You'll get two two-door cabinets (18.5 inches wide by 10.5 inches tall) on the driver's side unit. Extras including 10 adjustable dividers and a fixed hook also come with the general service package. There will be plastic bins and a swivel hook for the passenger side of your Nissan NV.

Nissan NV Plumbing and HVAC Shelving Package

Add a shelving package to your Nissan NV that takes roughly 2.5 hours to install. The plumbing and HVAC shelving package by Ranger Design provides a 62-inch by 84-inch shelving unit, 14-inch by 12-inch plastic bins, two two-drawer cabinets, a gas bottle holder and a fixed hook for the driver's side.

The passenger's side unit includes a four-shelf shelving unit, rattle-free dividers, a four-tier refrigerant bottle rack, a locking cabinet and one swivel hook.

Electrical Shelving Package for Nissan NV

Choose the electrical shelving package from our site to receive a 62-inch by 84-inch four-shelving unit and a passenger's side 62-inch by 48-inch shelving unit. The driver's side shelving unit also arrives with:

  • Plastic bins
  • Locking cabinets
  • Two-drawer cabinet
  • Three-drawer cabinet
  • Wire reel holder
  • Fixed hook

The passenger-side shelving unit sets you up for success with rattle-free dividers and a swivel hook.

Ask for a Quote From Advantage Outfitters

Unsure which of our Nissan NV shelving packages would work best for you? Remember Advantage Outfitters is glad to answer questions and provide pricing quotes when you reach out online.

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