Work Van Shelving Packages for Nissan NV

Nissan NV Van Shelving Packages


As a service contractor, your vehicle is like your mobile office, where you spend most of your time during the workweek. It’s a place where you need to perform your best and stay organized to support each of your clients. Because your van sits at the base of your work, the best thing you can do is outfit the existing space with shelves to boost your operations.

At Advantage Outfitters, LLC, we provide Nissan NV van shelving systems to take your business to the next level. Our solutions equip industry workers like electricians, plumbers, HVAC techs, painters, drywall experts and other service professionals. We are a van equipment supplier that transforms interior shelving for Nissan NV vehicles for enhanced organization and increased efficiency.

Why Invest in Shelving for Your Nissan NV Van?


Advancing your contractor work with a Nissan NV cab organizer is an investment that impacts your business’s productivity and long-term revenue, along with your organization, professionalism and equipment protection efforts. Nissan NV van shelving plans boost the functionality of your mobile workshop by allowing you to store all your products and materials.

Instead of your tools and equipment flying around the back of the vehicle, shelving solutions can form a systematic and structured solution to keep everything in line. It will cause less stress for you and your workers. Advantages of cab shelving include increased efficiency, protection, revenue, organization and professionalism benefits.

1. Efficiency

The efficiency of your work depends on how fast — and how well — you can complete various projects. Whether you’re installing electrical wires, pipes or AC units, you rely on quick access to your tools and equipment. With the support of shelving, you can find anything you need more quickly, helping to eliminate downtime.

Instead of searching for the necessary tools, you can complete your jobs more efficiently. Shelving creates a streamlined process so you can grab what you need and get to work.

2. Equipment and Van Protection

Investing in Nissan NV van shelving packages helps contain your equipment and tools without having them move around the back of your vehicle. Having insecure objects in your van is a safety concern as well as one of the fastest ways to damage your assets and vehicle.

With a place to store your equipment, you lessen the possibility of defacing your expensive tools. Shelving also keeps sharp and heavy equipment off the van’s floor, reducing any damage to the bed.

3. Increased Revenue

Like any smart business person, you’re always striving to complete more jobs in less time. When you operate on more efficiently because of practical shelving installations, you can complete more jobs and likely increase your revenue. You will spend less time searching for what you need and more time supporting your clients and living up to their expectations.

4. Organization

Organization is key to any successful business — especially when you have many different types of tools and parts.

You need to know where each gadget is for quick access as opposed to wasting your time searching in a pile of confusion. Shelving solutions keep tools off the floor and organized right where you need them. Shelves, drawers and brackets also provide more space in your van, so you can add extra equipment.

5. Professionalism

Investing in van shelving can enhance the entire look of your business. When you’re organized, clean and professional, it indicates to your customers that you care about your work and their needs. You can show off your van’s clean-cut look to potential and current clients, which will give them peace of mind that they’re partnering with a legitimate company.

A refined level of professionalism means you take your job seriously. Proper shelving solutions confirm that your company has everything prepared and ready to go to maintain your customers’ projects.

A mobile workstation equipped with all the necessary tools, gadgets, equipment and technology will revolutionize how you conduct business. Everything has a specific spot for a streamlined process that boosts every aspect of your operation.

What's Included in Nissan NV Van Shelving Packages?

The best shelving packages for Nissan NV vehicles depend on your precise requirements and applications. Some industry jobs may require more shelving and cabinets, while others may rely more on drawers and hooks.

Advantage Outfitters provides an inventory of shelving packages to accommodate the demands of various industries. We offer shelving options for high and low-roof vehicles. For our Nissan NV van models, you can select a package that matches your exact line of work. We offer steel and aluminum options.

Nissan NV steel van shelving has the following specifications:

  • Extruded aluminum shelves with composite bottoms
  • Galvanized steel end panels
  • Hardware and mounting brackets

Characteristics of our aluminum shelving packages include:

  • The capacity is 40 pounds per linear foot
  • Folding shelves to keep your aisles clear when not in use
  • Gas shock holds the shelf in either an up or down position — no latches or rattles
  • Hardware and mounting brackets included
  • Optional installation track kit available
  • Shelves are 20 inches deep

Both our steel and aluminum products ship disassembled.

Advantage Outfitters, LLC, offers industry shelving package options including base, general, plumbing/HVAC, electrician and delivery solutions.

1. Base and General Service Package

Our steel base package supports high roof Nissan NVs. The estimated assembly time is about 25 minutes, and installation estimates reach about 1 hour and 35 minutes. The driver’s side of the package includes a four-shelf shelving unit which is 62 inches tall and 84 inches long. The passenger's side has a similar four-shelf unit that is also 62 inches tall but 48 inches long.

The general service package is for high roof vehicles with an estimated assembly time of one hour and an installation time of one hour and 50 minutes. Like the base package, the general service package includes two four-shelf units which are 62 inches tall. The one for the driver's side is 84 inches long, and the one for the passenger's side is 48 inches long.

The driver's side also features two two-drawer cabinets that are 18.5 inches wide and 10.5 inches tall to fit on the shelves as well as 10 adjustable, 3-inch-tall rattle-free dividers and a fixed hook.

The passenger's side includes four 14-by-12-inch plastic bins and a swivel hook.

2. Plumbing/HVAC Shelving Package


Our steel, high-roof plumbing and HVAC shelving package features a four-shelf shelving unit on the driver's side that is 62 inches tall and 84 inches long. The driver's side also includes two 18.5-inch-by-10.5-inch cabinets with two drawers, a large gas bottle holder and a fixed hook.

The passenger's side features a 62-inch tall shelving unit with four shelves, but it's 48 inches long, as well as a locking cabinet that is 48 inches long and 11 inches high to fit on a shelf. It also includes a swivel hook and a refrigerant rack for bottles. The rack has four tiers and is 43 inches tall and 10.5 inches wide.

Additional accessories include seven 14-by-12-inch plastic bins and 10 adjustable, rattle-free dividers.

The predicted time to assemble the package is about 1 hour and 30 minutes with an installation time reaching 2 hours and 30 minutes.

3. Electrician Shelving Package

When you’re in need of racks for your electrical work, our high-roof, steel solutions have an estimated assembly time of 1 hour and 35 minutes, and the installation process should take about 2 hours. The Ranger Design electrician van shelving package equips the driver’s side with a 62-inch tall, 84-inch long shelving unit with four shelves, a wire reel holder and a fixed hook

The passenger's side features a similar four-shelf unit that is 62 inches tall and 48 inches long, as well as a swivel hook.

To help you organize all your small parts, the electrician package also includes one 18.5-by-10.5-inch cabinet with two drawers, one 18.5-by-10.5-inch cabinet with three drawers and two 11-inch tall locking cabinets, one that is 48 inches long and another that is 36 inches long. It also comes with 10 adjustable, rattle-free dividers and seven 14-by-12-inch plastic bins.

4. Delivery Van Shelving Package

The delivery van shelving package is our only aluminum option for Nissan NV vehicles with high roofs. We estimate it should take about 3 hours to assemble and 1 hour and 40 minutes to install. Included in the driver’s side is one 63-by-48-inch two-shelf unit and one 63-by-36-inch two-shelf unit. The passenger side includes one 63-by-48-inch two-shelf unit. All shelving units feature folding shelves with gas shocks to keep the shelf in place without latches or rattling.

Each shelving package correlates to the predominant needs of different industries. Examining what you require and matching your demands to our available packages will help you remain organized and on top of each project.

If you’re looking for more options, Advantage Outfitters offers customization shelving. While we have a vast selection of shelving packages that are carefully curated to produce high-quality products, we also deliver customization solutions that meet top-tier standards.

Our products can withstand the working environment of any service industry. If you need precise shelving that fits your particular Nissan NV space, we can help you develop a secure and durable custom-fit.

The way you use your van is different than another professional in the same line of work — which is why we offer shelving customization to tailor your storage needs. We understand you have your own systematic way of doing things, so we create designs that match your particular commercial van, application and requirements.

Shelving Material Options

Advantage Outfitters, LLC, provides steel and aluminum racks to outfit your Nissan NV. You can select the preferred material which will accommodate your business the best. Steel and aluminum both deliver exceptional durability and are great solutions depending on your exact requirements.

For example, steel is more heavy-duty with a heavier weight than aluminum. The material does well at resisting bends and abrasions.

Aluminum is more lightweight compared to steel to help increase fuel efficiency and reduce your fuel costs. The material is also easy to handle if you plan on moving your racks from one vehicle to the next. Aluminum is ideal if the cargo capacity of your commercial van is a contributing factor.

Both have protective coatings that shield the material from the elements, helping to avoid rust and corrosion.

All our packages are Ranger Design brand — efficient, innovative, safe and tough. Ranger Design shelving options are top-quality products that give you a high return on investment. The products can withstand excessive amounts of weight, whether you’re transporting tools and equipment or heavy-weight materials. The shelving fits into your hardworking van with a design for quiet rides. Vibration-free shelves create a peaceful and healthy work environment when on the road.

Ranger Design forms durable solutions with an industry-leading warranty and crash-tested van partitions. The partitions have maximum impact resistance while also maximizing your cargo space and allowing enough room for your seats.

How to Install Shelving in Nissan NV Van

Before you install your Nissan NV cargo van shelving, consider the assembly of the product first. Each of our packages includes an estimated assembly and installation time. Putting together the racks isn’t difficult, especially when you rely on the help of a professional.


Advantage Outfitters, LLC, has a shelving installation video for a Ford Transit vehicle, but the mounting process is similar for your Nissan NV. We also have installation guides online, along with a handbook on how to install wall liners.

Before choosing a rack solution for your vehicle, determine your van’s shelving maximum capacity. If you invest in a package that exceeds your weight capacity, it can affect several components, including the engine. 

When you’re ready to begin the installation process, start with the right tools:

  • 3/16, 5/16 and 3/8-inch drill bits
  • 3/8-inch lag driver and adapter
  • 7/16-inch and half-inch sockets
  • 9/16-inch wrench
  • Drill
  • Impact
  • Jacknut insertion tool
  • Marker

Refer to the following steps to install your shelving package into your Nissan NV:

  1. Lineup the shelving and use one lag to fasten each panel.
  2. Line up the top bracket, then mark and drill a 3/8-inch hole for the Jacknut.
  3. Use spacers on the drill bit to prevent damage.
  4. Setup and insert the Jacknut.
  5. Mount the bracket with half-inch to 20-inch bolts, washers and two 1-inch lags.
  6. Fasten the bracket with 5/16-inch bolts, washers and nuts.
  7. Mark the left hand and lower bracket.
  8. Check the clearance to the outside skin.
  9. Drill a 5/16-inch hole using a spacer on the drill bit.
  10. Mount the bracket with a 5/16-inch bolt, washer and nut, then tighten it with a half-inch socket.
  11. Line up both panels.
  12. Drill two 5/16-inch holes to fasten the bracket to the panel.
  13. Fasten the panel with two 5/16-inch bolts, washers and nuts, then tighten with half-inch socket.
  14. Tighten the remaining bolts.
  15. Fill the remaining holes in the floor with 1-inch lags.
  16. Ensure the bottom of the panel is straight.

If you find it challenging to install your racking solution, rely on the experts at Advantage Outfitters, or refer to our YouTube channel for additional help. Our goal is to make it an efficient and simple process, so you can get back to supporting your clients.

Nissan NV Shelving Ideas

Figuring out ways to use your shelves is an exciting process because your possibilities are endless. Shelving for the Nissan NV cargo van allows you to make the most of your available space, and shelving accessories help you organize even more efficiently.

  • Bin shelving: Bin racks help keep your tools stay in one place, making them ideal for larger equipment pieces like power tools.
  • Fold-away shelving: The storable shelving option gives you the best of both worlds. You can pull the racks out when you need extra storage or fold them away when you need further floor space. They are adjustable and lightweight.
  • Locking drawers: Locking drawers keep your equipment secure and deliver easy storage for small and large pieces. They glide in and out for safe storage and easy organization. You can even label them to help you remember where everything is.
  • Paintbrush racks: You can even create your own magnetized paintbrush rack to store brushes when you have extra space in the van.

As a mobile trade professional, you can equip your utility van with additional products to truly get the most out of your Nissan NV.

  • Ladder racks: Installing a ladder rack can create more room inside the van. It helps you store bulkier items on the outside of the vehicle, saving you time when loading and unloading. With the proper securing method, the rack can protect your equipment — meaning, less fussing inside when trying to get the ladder through the other tools and shelving.
  • Partitions:Partitions separate cargo areas from the front area of the van where you sit. They act as a divider to contain your equipment as the vehicle turns and shifts on the road, keeping your tools from interfering with your driving.
  • Rubber mats:Rugged mats safeguard your tools and van from damage. They deliver incredible protection to your cargo space by preserving the floors from fallen equipment and even chemical spills.
  • Wall liners:Wall liners protect the interior of your Nissan NV by taking the brunt of any possible damage to the van. The ceiling, wall and door panel liners also absorb sounds and can help maintain the vehicle’s resale value.

You can create different ways to store everything from your power tools and ladders down to the smaller nuts and bolts. When you install other components as well, you can transform your entire van into an operable, organized and mobile asset.

Why Buy Nissan NV Van Shelving Systems from Advantage Outfitters?

Advantage Outfitters, LLC, experts are here to support you when searching for ideal Nissan NV van shelving units. With our competitive prices and price-match guarantee, we craft a buying process that is simple and straightforward. Our racking packages are always in stock, too. When you place an order, you will receive fast shipping, easy ordering and technical assistance if necessary.

We also offer new specials each month and a 10-year warranty on our shelving packages. With our streamlined customer experience and satisfaction guarantee, Advantage Outfitters delivers top-quality solutions that benefit your company’s assets. We deliver value to help you gain a competitive advantage as a service contractor.

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