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Ram ProMaster City Van Accessories

A wide range of commercial accessories can help you streamline your business and maximize your safety and efficiency. Customizing your RAM ProMaster City van with accessories from Advantage Outfitters, LLC can make a massive difference to your business's success. Commercial accessories can help you organize your van, improve your amount of storage and increase your productivity.

Read on for a comprehensive overview of the best products available to upfit your company's ProMaster City vans and make the most out of your mobile workspace.

Why Invest in Commercial Accessories for Your RAM ProMaster City Van?

Investing in commercial accessories to customize your RAM ProMaster City vans comes with numerous benefits. When you can organize your van's interior, you can have a much easier time approaching jobs and streamlining your work.

Increase Your Productivity and Revenue

Using commercial accessories in your van can help you significantly boost your business and your bottom line. When you maintain better organization for your van's supplies and equipment, you can get more work done within a shorter amount of time. Numerous commercial accessories can help you improve your productivity for your company and even help you obtain a larger return on your investment.

Boost the Accuracy of Your Inventory

Commercial van accessories and storage bins keep your work belongings in order and allow you to see your entire inventory of tools and supplies at a glance. You can access exactly what you need and in the right quantities without rummaging through your cargo area and retrieve the tools you need most often with less strain on your body. Van accessories also give you the ability to configure and retrieve your supplies with less strain.

Increase Your Level of Safety

ProMaster City vans offer exceptional quality for your business, and ProMaster City commercial van accessories can ensure better protection for your tools and supplies. By increasing the level of security within your cargo area, you also decrease the likelihood of your equipment being harmed in transit or damaging your vehicle.

Organizational and storage options can help you keep fragile items safe and prevent larger items from scratching or even denting the sides of your cargo area. Better organization, lighting, visibility and stability can also help you and your employees remain safer on the road and while working. Lockable storage solutions can prevent theft and protect your supplies and tools from avoidable damage.

How to Choose the Best Commercial Accessories for Your RAM ProMaster City Van

Advantage Outfitters' selection of RAM ProMaster City van accessories offers distinct benefits over other commercial accessories.

What's the Advantage?

Advantage Outfitters' Ranger Design shelving offers superior construction and durability. We offer the highest quality products that are built to last, and with an unmatched 10-year product warranty, our commercial van accessories can help your business for years to come. Our max capacity storage can hold more than 900 pounds, and even in a crash, our shelving units' high structural integrity can protect your equipment. The lightweight material used for Ranger Design products also reduces any added weight load to your van's cargo.

Whether you work in the electrical, plumbing, HVAC, construction or carpentry industries, Advantage Outfitters has the accessories you need to customize your van for any job. We ship items within two business days and, with a price match guarantee, we can assure you the best prices on van shelving packages and other accessories against our competitors. If you aren't completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return any product within 30 days for a complete product refund or exchange.

What Commercial Accessories Are Available for ProMaster City Vans?

You may want to consider several different ProMaster City commercial accessories for your work vehicle. Each can help support the tools and equipment you need to help your customers by increasing the space and the quality of your organization.

Drawers and Cabinets

You can use drawers and cabinets to store fasteners, hand tools, electrical equipment and even medical supplies. Drawer systems are essential for keeping smaller items stored safely in your van. Similar to shelving bins, drawers prevent items from sliding around during transportation. Additionally, drawers and cabinets can surround your tools and other items completely when closed. Some drawers even utilize a locking system that requires a key to open for extra protection.

There are many different sizes and styles of drawers to accommodate your van's equipment. Most commonly, people choose to equip their work vans with parts drawers. The ability to separate small parts into sectioned areas can make it far easier for you to find what you need quickly and help you keep better track of the materials you have on hand. Tool drawers are another effective organizational option for work vans to keep your tools accessible and neatly arranged to improve your business's efficiency.


Ladder Racks

Installing cargo and ladder racks onto the roof of your van can increase your storage space and allow you to attach large equipment to your roof. Ladder stops and straps make unloading supplies for jobs much more manageable and help you store more products through vertical storage space. In addition to keeping items on the top of your van secure, ladder racks also protect your roof from scrapes and dents.

Bottle and Paper Holders

When you need to find things easily, holders are some of the best options to keep your items organized and within easy reach. Paper holders can help you keep track of all your necessary paperwork. Paper holders' multiple slots make it simple for you to transport all of your essential papers intact and undamaged. You can also install bottle holders with restraints to keep liquid supplies secure while driving and easily accessible while working. Bottle holders are especially useful when you need to transport dangerous chemicals.

Grab Handles

Grab handles provide additional stability when entering or exiting your vehicle and are optimal for frequent entry or exits through the rear or side doors. Adding grab handles can reduce the risk of injury and driver fatigue by adding another contact point. They can prevent slips, trips and falls when climbing in or out of your van and even when loading and unloading equipment.

Utility Hooks

You can mount utility hooks on shelf end panels, partitions, cabinets, mountain rails and any other flat surface within your trade van. Hooks can help you optimize empty space and provide convenient storage and access for items such as tool belts, hard hats, shovels, pipe benders and electrical or extension cords. Due to their versatility, utility hooks allow you to stow a wide variety of supplies.


Adding lighting to your van can make it easier to see where you have stored your tools. Increased lighting in your van can also help you move around and organize supplies safely. If you choose to add interior lighting to your van, you'll want to ensure that your lighting can sufficiently illuminate the entirety of your vehicle's shelving and its center aisle. Improving visibility inside your work van can also be helpful when working at night.

Other Products Available for Your RAM ProMaster City Van

Advantage Outfitters offers a wide selection of other products that can help boost your productivity and improve the quality of your van's interior.


Partitions or dividers are fantastic options to make your cab quieter and safer. Partitions separate the cab from the cargo area, preventing the noise of rattling tools and other equipment from distracting the driver and keeping any loose parts out of the cab area. Our partitions are made to fit ProMaster City vans and are available in various configurations, such as with windows or doors, so you're sure to find one that suits your needs.

Floor Mats

Floor mats help keep your van clean and protect your floors from damage. You can keep your van in the best condition possible with our hard-wearing rubber mats. In addition to adding extra traction and grip to your ProMaster City's floor, our mats provide stability and durability in all weather conditions. Floor mats are also easy to install and clean due to their one-piece construction.

Shelving Units

Shelving is essential to keep things organized and secured within your van's cargo bay. Steel and aluminum van shelving are beneficial for all industries, and as every company's storage solutions may be different, you want a storage system that combines shelving to store all of your essentials. Advantage Outfitters makes it easy for you to find the ideal solution of specially designed shelving packages for your industry.

Shelving is also an excellent solution for storing or restraining items that could move during transit. Add bins that open at the top for easy access and open containers for storing items like power tools, paint cans, pipe fittings, and cables during transport. Fold-away shelves for delivery are also an ideal setup for maximizing your van space.

Upgrade Your RAM ProMaster City Van With Advantage Outfitters

Commercial van accessories offer multiple advantages to upgrade your ProMaster City and improve your work conditions. Advantage Outfitters can provide top-quality, customizable options when you need help organizing your work van's tools, paperwork, equipment and other valuable materials.

You can enjoy easy ordering of all of our products and fast shipping within 48 hours on a wide range of products to suit your van's interior. Advantage Outfitters can help you increase your employees' efficiency and satisfaction with improved comfort, safety and vehicle security.

Browse our stock of custom-fit products and contact us today for solutions to any of your commercial van outfitting needs.

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