Floors & Rubber Mats for Nissan NV Vans


Nissan NV Floors & Mats

If you use Nissan NV vans to conduct business, you know how beat up your van's floor can get when you don't protect it. Keeping your vans free from damage is likely one of your top priorities since you want to project professionalism and retain the value of your van. Nissan NV cargo liners for your floor can protect your interior and also create a safer environment for your staff.

As you try to improve your vans, you should know how van flooring can benefit your van and the qualities you need to look for to get the best Nissan NV floor liner possible. It's also important to be aware of the top flooring options on the market.


Why Buy Van Flooring for Your Nissan NV Work Van?

There are many reasons to invest in Nissan NV cargo van flooring. Many companies turn to specialty floors to provide greater traction in their vans and protect their fleet from interior damage. Van flooring can also increase the safety of your staff and assist the loading and unloading process.

Check out the following benefits to using Nissan NV floor kits in your vans:

  • Increased traction: One of the top advantages of using Nissan NV anti-slip flooring is its ability to increase the traction of your van's bed. Workers will constantly be loading and unloading materials and equipment from the back of your van. You don't want your staff to slip while handling heavy material, as they could end up with injuries. Extra traction prevents this from happening. Besides providing traction to those walking on the flooring, the increased grip prevents items from shifting around during transportation.
  • Wear and tear resistance: Through the course of daily work, your van's floor is going to have materials dragged across it and equipment dropped. You'll likely be working with cargo and tools that can scratch or dent your van's floor. High-quality Nissan NV rubber floor mats protect your floor from dents and scratches. The flooring will retain its look no matter the materials stored on it and keep your van looking professional.
  • Enhanced safety during loading and unloading: When your staff load and unload equipment and materials from your van, it's important they have anti-slip flooring to keep them stable. Since loading and unloading can be a strenuous activity, injuries are more likely to happen, especially if a floor is slippery. The best Nissan NV floor mats will make sure they're built for maximum grip, even when people's boots or the floor are wet.
  • Interior surface protection: Damaged floors can end up harming your van's resale value. Buyers aren't going to invest money in a beat-up van to assist with their operations. Nissan NV composite van flooring is built to protect the interior of your van. With it, you can expect your van to be protected from scratches, dents and dangerous chemicals. As a result, your interior will be in top shape when you decide to sell your van, helping to improve its value.
  • Custom fits: Another great feature of Nissan NV cargo mats is they're custom-designed to perfectly match your Nissan NV floor. They won't need to be adjusted to fit your van's shape or size. Instead, they'll fit like a glove right over your floor, making it easy to install them and giving your van maximum protection. You can expect any Nissan NV flooring you purchase to fit the contours and unique features of your van, covering every part adequately.


What to Look for When Purchasing Flooring for Your Nissan NV

If Nissan NV van flooring sounds like something you want, you may feel lost when you're looking to purchase floor mats for your fleet. Top features like chemical resistance, durability and easy installation are crucial to the protection of your van in the long run. Understanding more about what makes flooring high-quality and why certain factors are so important is crucial to picking the best flooring options.

Here are some of the top features you might want to look for when you're examining the different flooring options on the market:

  • Easy to install: You don't want to delay your operations to install flooring. It can waste your team's time and keep you from fulfilling a potential client's needs. For these reasons, you should pick Nissan NV cargo floor liners that can be installed quickly without much difficulty. The best Nissan NV cargo liners will have simple instructions and the ability to be installed with ease.
  • Chemical resistance: Your vans may transport chemicals that can damage an unprotected floor. These chemicals could affect the appearance of the floor and possibly corrode the bed of the van. Top Nissan NV floor liners are resistant to chemicals, helping to protect your van's bed. Some Nissan NV mats won't provide this resistance, causing you to have to replace them frequently, so you should always check any flooring products for this feature.
  • Lightweight: You probably know the heavier your van gets, the more gas you'll use per mile. If you're concerned about getting the best mileage out of your van, look for lightweight Nissan NV mats. Over time, a heavier mat can cost you more money on gas costs. To save money, check to see if your Nissan NV commercial van floors are light but still highly durable.
  • Durability: Any products you choose should be built for the long-haul. There are going to be lots of heavy materials placed on top of the floor and many opportunities for it to get damaged. Nissan NV van floor mats should be able to handle tough conditions for a long time. You don't want to spend more money paying for replacement mats or holding on to mats that don't protect your van's flooring. As such, it's crucial you get durable cargo mats.
  • Trusted brands: When you choose Nissan NV fleet flooring, you should select companies that have a track record of producing high-quality Nissan NV composite floor liners. For instance, Nissan NV Legend Fleet flooring offers some of the best options on the market. Legend Fleet's StabiliGrip composite flooring is built with all of the top benefits featured in this list. By sticking with a trusted brand, you can be sure your Nissan NV cargo mats last for a long time and offers superior protection.

Nissan NV Flooring Options

Your Nissan NV flooring options should feature all of the top qualities listed above. Two popular options are Nissan NV StabiliGrip flooring and floor sills, as they give a great deal of protection for your van. Learn more about the best Nissan NV mats:

StabiliGrip Composite Floor

These Nissan NV rubber floor mats are manufactured by Legend Fleet Solutions and are some of the best in the industry. StabiliGrip Composite Floors are made with a 3/8-inch composite blend that incorporates a few different materials. This flooring has a rubberized top surface featuring a sandpaper texture for a greater grip.

There's a cushioning layer underneath the top layer made out of a TPO blend. TPO is a mixture of rubber, thermoplastic and proprietary materials. Below the cushioning layer, the StabiliGrip flooring also has a composite core featuring a fiber mesh. At the very bottom of the flooring, there's a final layer of TPO.

The many layers ensure the flooring provides enough protection and lasts a long time. The mix of the materials also makes this type of Nissan NV cargo floor liner dimensionally stable. This stability means temperature changes won't cause your flooring to contract or expand. Other flooring made out of plastic will have this problem, making StabiliGrip one of the best options available.

StabiliGrip is also a firm floor equivalent to a wood floor but has many extra benefits. Some of the advantages to the flooring include being rot-proof, safe for food handling, moisture resistant and chemical resistant. Additionally, it weighs 112 pounds, which is less than other competing floor mats, saving you gas costs.

It's very easy to install this kind of flooring since it's specially designed to fit the Nissan NV. The seams are joined with an aluminum H channel, with flooring notched on the top of the channel. This notching makes it so your channel is flush with the floor, leaving a smooth seam.

Side and Rear Floor Sills

When you select StabiliGrip flooring, we highly recommend you also purchase Nissan NV side floor sills and rear floor sills. They're constructed to protect flooring at the rear and side entrances to your cargo van. With all of the traffic going through these entrances, Nissan NV rear floor sills and side sills are designed to outfit these areas with extra protection.

Legend Fleet Nissan NV Floor Sills are some of the best products on the market. Since they come from Legend Fleet, you can expect them to provide superior protection and last a long time. They're made with durable, diamond-plated aluminum that's cut to the unique shape of your Nissan NV van. With such tough material, you can expect your high traffic areas to be protected from damage.

These rear and side sills feature checker plates for greater grip and wear prevention. They're especially helpful for times when you're loading with a forklift or when you're handling unusually heavy materials, as the grip can help your staff keep their footing.


Choosing the Right Flooring for Your Nissan NV

When you're looking for the best floor panels for your Nissan NV, it's likely the StabiliGrip floor is the ideal choice for your needs. With their specially designed construction and many benefits, they're a go-to choice for many companies looking to outfit their Nissan NV vans. Some of the top advantages to StabiliGrip flooring include:

  • Built to resist water and prevent slipping
  • Excellent traction, even when the floor or your staff's boots are wet
  • Prevention of shifting cargo while the van is in use
  • Safe for food handling
  • Easy installation of only two panels
  • No rotting or mold
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Long-lasting and lightweight
  • Reduction of road noise during transportation
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Simple cleaning

How to Install Flooring for a Nissan NV

Installing flooring should be easy. Legend Fleet knows this. Find out how easy it can be by reviewing these simple steps for installing StabiliGrip flooring:

  1. Gather your materials: You'll need a rubber mallet and a Star Key Set to remove or replace factory tie-downs. Besides your tools, you'll also need your new Nissan NV flooring kit available.
  2. Remove obstructions: If you have an older floor mat, remove it. You should also remove any tie-down rings or sills that could obstruct your ability to put down the floor.
  3. Place new panels: With the obstructions removed, you can now place your new panels. Start by placing the front panel down, making sure the correct side is facing up. On the rear of the first panel, simply tap the aluminum spline into the rear's dovetail. For the second panel, repeat the process, tapping it into place. Once installed, replace anything you previously removed.
  4. Installing stills: After you've installed your flooring, you can place your sills. All you have to do is use supplied screws to fasten the sills to the floor or use supplied push fasteners you connect into the van's factory holes.

Other Nissan NV Van Interior Equipment

Many other products are also available for your Nissan NV Van's interior. These products range from wall liners to shelving systems and can give your company various advantages. Take a look at some of the other Nissan NV equipment available:

  • Wall liners: Much like floor liners, Nissan NV wall liners protect your van's interior walls from scratches, dents and other forms of damage. They're designed for the interior of Nissan van and can be installed easily. They can also assist with sound deadening, especially if they're combined with floor liners, ceiling liners and door liners.
  • Shelving and bins:Shelving systems are popular additions to a van's interior since they make keeping your van organized much easier. You can store your tools and materials safe in these shelving systems and know exactly where to find a piece of equipment when you need it. They can be combined with bins and dividers that fit in the shelves for times when you need to store smaller materials.
  • Partitions: Sometimes, you want more separation between your cab and the back of your van. Without a partition, materials can slide up to the front of the van, potentially distracting the driver. Some partitions can even keep the cab quieter, delivering a more pleasant driving experience for staff. You can find many different steel and aluminum partitions in varying styles to meet the exact needs of your company.


Get the Van Liners You Need Fast and at the Best Price Today

At Advantage Outfitters, we're proud to carry only the best brands and van liners available to customers. We offer a price a match guarantee to give you the fairest prices, and we make sure our products are shipped quickly across the United States. If you have other vans, we have several flooring options compatible with them. For example, you can find floor mats for MetrisSprinter and ProMaster vans, among others.

Browse our Nissan NV legend fleet flooring and sills to outfit your van with greater protection and safety features. You can also check out our other Nissan NV products that can protect the rest of your van's interior and provide extra storage options. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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